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  1. Ah, the classic "wordy excuse to spew my obsessions onto things that have nothing to do with them" I'm famous for. Seriously, I feel like this was written in 2017. Toonami UK had Christian Stevenson TOM, who not alot even knew, and Trapped in Hyperspace only being a game on their site for a few months adds to that. Though I do love DCAU Brainiac.
  2. I see how I write like a 5th grader. I've stopped writing entirely because of that.
  3. Hi, I'm Danny, 19-year-old non-binary (AFAB) and American. Have never been to Thorpe, but it seems like a good place. I love X:/ No Way Out because of its computer horror motif, and it reminds me of an obscure character from Toonami (a Cartoon Network block that aired in the US) named Swayzak, who I have created an MCU level of lore surrounding. Home park is Six Flags Great Adventure, which is heaven for this DC nerd. I always wanted to go to Alton Towers as a kid because of Sonic Spinball. But now the theming's gone, so...
  4. Here's a short drabble I did about the 2007 revamp of X:/ No Way Out. Enjoy! Abraxas. You have been chosen. The green, Martian-akin entity heard the sound of a voice like heaven, beckoning his name. His yellow eyes flared, pointed upwards. "Hm? Chosen? For what?" Your infection of the Thorpe Park Power Supply was a success. We are recruiting you. "Really. You're recruiting me, huh? Again, for what?" You have been chosen to join the Swarm. A swarm of aliens who WILL destroy Earth. "Sorry, but I work alone. Though, now you've got me interested. How, exactly, will they destroy Earth?" Thru the use of hypersonic frequencies and fine-tuned lasers. Our weapons are masterly handcrafted by the finest forgers. "Peh. Penetrating into computers and controlling their hard drives is a much better way to bring about chaos. I'm passing up this offer, thanks." Oh but Abraxas, if you refuse, then we WILL find you. Hunt you. Stalk you. And ultimately, destroy you. "Well, look who's talking. You ****ers won't stand a chance against me. And I doubt the world can't handle you." We'll see about that. The voice had grown angrier thru out the ordeal, to the point where now, it had decided to quit talking to Abraxas. Abraxas paused for a moment to ponder the truth about the Swarm. "The Swarm... they're going to destroy Earth... if they do, then there'll be no systems round for me to invade! What's it gonna be... Earth... or me?!" Abraxas had no choice. He had to stop what was going to stop his fun. Even if it meant saving all humanity.
  5. This is because Cartoon Network stupidly refused to give Toonami merchandise and treated it nothing more than a block on their channel, even though it had personality hosting and launched some of the greatest anime shows in the US. Toonami is only getting merchandise now, when Swayzak is universally hated by even his creator. TOM 2 and Swayzak seemed to be the most toyetic characters in the lineup. Mattel could've gotten on that sh*t instantly and made a whole Toonami toyline, but CN only focused on properties that were actually SHOWS and not 1 minute interstitials in between acquired programming. And because of that, the UK doesn't know Toonami. Hell, they don't even know Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, which is WAY popular than Toonami ever was, because it was an ACTUAL SHOW. Anyway, I've decided to make a Thorpe Park Rangers series using the computer horror revamp of X:/ as a basis for the storyline; the villain is a sentient computer virus named Abraxas who is based on Swayzak and DCAU Brainiac. There are other characters based on Thorpe rides, too. (And please don't mistake this as trolling; I've gotten my behavior on lots of other websites mistaken for trolling before, when in reality I'm just a divergently-thinking young adult.)
  6. I think the zombies chasing everyone out is effing hilarious, but I wish King Ezekiel was in it. (His actor in the show is also the voice actor of Cyborg, my favorite DC superhero.) I have an idea for X:/ No Way Out in a potential Thorpe Park Rangers comic series, utilizing the computer horror motif from the 2007 update, where the computer virus is the main villain (almost like Brainiac and Swayzak had a baby.) His voice will be modeled after the voice in the original queue that says "There is no way out..."
  7. Hi, I'm X:/ No Way Out, it's just that Facebook is being stupid and throws an error at me when I try to sign it. That being said, I KNOW the computer horror idea wasn't inspired by Swayzak, but I still wanted the computer virus to be sentient because I LOVE that concept (only Toonami, Scooby-Doo, a board game from the '90s, and ReBoot did it best.) What I'm doing is creating a Thorpe Park Rangers series (probs a comic, tho an animated series would be nice) that features X:/ No Way Out as a major attraction, using the computer horror theme from the 2007 version. Basically, Abraxas (the virus' name) emerges through mysterious causes. Some say it was a brilliant hacker getting revenge on the genetic testing lab he used to work at. Others say it was a meteor striking discarded computer components in a junkyard. Whatever the case, Abraxas is out for blood, and he infects the Thorpe Park Power Supply, making a coaster recently opened to guests go backwards. The computer is trying all it can to resist Abraxas; it tries to restart numerous times, but Abraxas' control over the system is perfect, as he is a dangerous virus that can only be taken down by a large force. The Thorpe Park Rangers are able to defeat Abraxas then, but years later, he re-emerges, hellbent on revenge and taking over Britain. Only the Thorpe Park Rangers and their allies can stop him. There's even an episode inspired by the Superman TAS episode with the Legion of Super-Heroes, where Abraxas goes back in time to kill the Thorpe Park Rangers, and the Future Alliance (composed of forthcoming rides for the park) have to go back and save the Rangers.
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