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Official TPM Alton Towers Trip



Once upon a time a couple of months ago, TPM ventured to the outer whelms of the Northern Hemisphere to an alien species where people's speak a different accent in a land named Alton Towers. There was much excitement and amazement that these Maniacs were for the first time ever having an official overnight stay. So what adventures and situations will we see unfold in the upcoming 5 part adventure? It's 10th episode you know ;)

On Arrival TPM came across this huge mansion - where it was decided they will spend the night :ph34r:


To celebrate Peaj gets the 'soft' drinks :drinks: out for Mer & TopsyTurvy15 to get the weekend going


Suddenly celebrations stopped :help: when DaddysLittlePrincess, James & Co, Mer & TopsyTurvy15 are held hostage by a zombie


This zombie :diablo: put TPM all at gun point until they were all strapped into a Ripsaw


Han30 & Myk brace their heads for cover as the terrifying water :unsure: comes to soak all of TPM


They somehow manage to escape :yahoo: and Mr. Fish, Han30 & James & Co. decide to ride into the Sky to look for safer turf


Luke_A, Peaj, Styles & Hacksaw are extremely glad :good: they can start to relax after that morning ordeal


Suddenly the group came across a magic mushroom :huh: so they decided to ride it


TopsyTurvy15, Styles, Peaj & Alpengeist then get high B) on the magic of the spinning mushroom


As our group was so large - a big achievement for going to a land far far away :D - the 2nd half of the group had their turn


Everything seems like at the moment it will all end on a 'happy ever after' note. But No :angry2: that would be too simple. In the next chapter you will see that one member in particular needs to be marmalised but who? Who gets upset for eating in the cold? Is there another member trying to set up an evil plan and strip IanNem of his evil persuasive powers? Well if you come back tomorrow this fairy tale adventure will continue.

You want a Part 2 I hear you say, well as a genie once told me - Your wish is my command ;) ? We last left you with the maniacs getting high on Spinning Mushrooms. But after getting so high will the moods go over the moon or will they drop to the inner earths crust?

EC! Welcomes you back and after the spinning mushroom he's just smouldering B)


But then so would you if you knew your next adventure will be on THE SMILER. Fantastic :wub: photo Stretchy took I have to say


J.S217 Looks like he needs to be Marmalized :crazy: We can't have these advocates standing in the queue with that type of face


Luke_A was very pleased with The Smiler - It is Gerstlauer after all :closedeyes: Liam_T is also quite smug about it as well at his First TPM Meet


After being marmalized. There was only one thing that could be done next - Eating some lovely greasy :pardon: chicken


Due to space Mr. Fish, EC!, Alpengeist (who is not afraid to show his displeasure :angry2: being shoved outside), Stretchy & Han30 have a chit chat in the cold.


Bloody Nora - Look who's showed up! Smidget, Iannem & Marc come and join the party :yahoo:


Before we go any further into this fairytale - just one more look at this gorgeous :air_kiss: tangled mess


As the waterpark was on the horizon the group split into 2. J.S217 leads the way by going into the woods, he just better not go alone.... :ohmy:


As Myk seems to be plotting something by phoning ahead to his fellow demons :diablo: in the Dark Forest to capture whoever goes there


At this point the story must drive and brake hard on this cliffhanger of an ending. It's just unbearable to have to wait for Part 3 to see what Myk has plotted. But to add even more things into the mix. For those who stayed in Park, what did they have to go through to try and survive Myk's schemes? What is the leaning tower of Burger? Who will be stripping off for the pleasure of some of the readers on the board? Yes I hear you want to know now, but you'll just have to wait until next time....Now where did I put that Babybel! <_<

Your back already to see Part 3 of the 5 Part northern fairytale! You must be mad :crazy: thinking I will just give you another dose of your trip fix. Lucky for you I'm in a good mood and will continue this story for you now.

Plus Alpengeist is really happy to have you back here, it's brought him to tears :( Then again he may still be upset about being shoved outside


Alpengeist soon cheers up though when he arrives at the warm Caribbean :good: with TopsyTurvy15 & Styles


Whilst the lads enjoy the Waterpark, Smidget who forgot her swim gear, looks longingly out the window, wishing to be swimming with those gorgeous hunks :wub:


Meanwhile back at the Towers, Myk tries to hide himself whilst he captures the group in the woods. Hacksaw, Mr. Fish, Han30 & EC! are scared :o


Back in the tropical Caribbean, Topsyturvy15, Styles, Liam_T, Peaj, DaddysLittlePrincess, James & Co & Alpengeist show their hunkiness to the world B)


Enough of that already and get some clothes on I tell ya! However Styles & Alpengeist have a bit TOO much fun with the Blow Dryers :mellow:


Back in the Towers, the group decide to try and defeat Myk, however Stretchy turned on Han30 :help: & Han30 turned on Mr. Fish allowing Myk to escape!


Back at the Caribbean, everyone got their umbrellas out as it started to rain quite heavily :huh: , before making their way to dinner


The Rain brought them to eat at the Titanic (Pub :drinks:) and I commend these Northern Creatures for creating the tastiest lovely towering Burgers


Time to finish off this Part with a nice small group photo of minions :D enjoying food


I will have to stop you there! If I continue there will be nothing else to put into the last 2 parts of this Northern journey. But I will reveal 3 clues of what to expect. What antics will happen at the hotel on the first official overnight stay? What will the Maniacs see when the lights go on? Who is trying to take on MattyMoo's title of holding the most bags? You'll just have to find out when Part 4 is released on a forum board near you ;)

So we last left you with a happy well fed group after a thrilling 1st day of going to that foreign country of Northern people :P However we still have a sleepover and ANOTHER day of antics to get through. My head is spinning with all this excitement. So what will have in this penultimate part 4 of 5!

Darkadder312 is asleep and this muppet welcomes you back by having some mischievous :diablo: fun


Topsyturvy15 & Peaj fight to the death, for their right to the bed :lazy: (Peaj eventually wins)


However DaddysLittlePrincess & Mer are unsure :mellow: of what to make of the events that were unfolding that night


The next morning the maniacs woke up by dropping into Oblivion :o


Peaj & Styles found it the best way to wake up in the morning :blush:


After the Maniacs were alert, Hex took a scary turn :wacko: and decided to also wake up allowing us to see the Towers with the lights on


But then this could be just a figment of the imagination :blink: as Alpengeist couldn't resist another fix of that magical spinning mushroom.


Even Mer needed her daily fix. Who needs marmalisation :crazy: when you have a spinning magical mushroom


Unfortunately Stretchy couldn't get his fix and was dumped with all the bags - Where's MattyMoo :pardon: when you need him?


All these mushrooms started affecting part of the group's eyesight who then needed glasses B) However they complained things popped out at them


But their is still a chance that this fairytale could have a happy tired ending but you won't find out today. No you won't :angry: . You'll find that out at some point in time. You will also find out some answers to these questions. What happens when you send some Maniacs to battle? Who is Styles new friend? What is the Official Group Photo for this Fairytale? Toodle Pip Y'all....

Now the time is near, the time has come, the final curtain :hi:......well for this fairytale adventure it is anyway. Admit it, some of you were singing that first bit in your head before you moved on with this paragraph. In true traditional fairytale style towards the end their will be the action packed finale where it looks like our heroes may not live happily ever after. We have already had 1 day covered but all good things must come to an end as Part 5 concludes.

Stretchy welcomes you back but is worried :unsure: that the end is nigh due to the oncoming battle...


The battle of the galleons where 6 Brave Maniacs go to war :crazy: on the mighty pirate boats


Just look at the rage :aggressive: and concentration coming from Styles, Alpengeist & Peaj


TopsyTurvy15, DaddysLittlePrincess, James & Co, Alpengeist, Peaj & Styles eventually make a truce :closedeyes: after getting soaked


Before turning on Mer :diablo: to ensure she got her own personal moisturiser


As things started to settle, Nemesis struck and caused chaos :o to the surrounding area


However Styles made a friend :ninja: with one of the army commando's who protect the public from the Nemesis


Who helped Mer, Styles, TopsyTurvy15 & Peaj to freedom and lived happily ever after. The others did not survive :help:


After all that excitement and fighting for survival, TopsyTurvy15 passed out :lazy: with exhaustion on the way home


Finally here it is, the one and only Official Group Photo :friends:for this trip


Thank you for all those who attended and from what I can tell from people's responses since is one of the best meets that we have had this year. These meets would not be possible if it wasn't for all those who attend to make it as magical :wub: as it can get sometimes. The thing I loved about this trip was even though it was much further away than what we were used to the number who attended was still large which and this trip confirmed that longer distant trips will work in the future, so time for some experimentation in 2014. Now this is done it's time soon to head to the spooky happenings of the Fright Night Meet.


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