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  1. Efteling Summer Festival

    I have intention of writing a bumper Halloween blog post with all the scare events I'm visiting. But to do this I should really catch up. So from a good 3 months ago, here is Efteling and their 13 hour day celebrating summer nights or something. We were staying in the very nice Loonscheland Hotel. Our room was suitable for up to 5 people, not sure how comfy that would have been but for the 3 of us it was fine. Very nice bathroom, comfy beds. All good. We had a view of the service yard. Fresh breakfast each morning was great though with breads etc. Climbing frames and goats made it even more fun! 1st July. First day of the festival and Symbolica opening. We used our ERT to wait for it to open Pardoes (?) happy to get a ride about him And the hoards arrive! We made the first batch of guests (should I brag about this?) and it's a very nice attraction. Fun for everyone. Enough of this. Let's start the party! Commencing at 6pm, there was a parade Which was basically of all the entertainment that'd be on offer that night So each land had an offering and a timetable of different events. There was so much going on it was fab And a marching band. Think there was one near the front too So Ravelijn land had sword fighting And other stuff. Was like a mini Warwick castle We then went and got some food from this pop up stand area, was nice. And then these guys got involved, with an amazing repertoire of music they were much entertainment. As can be seen, Josh has a video Carnival had a random sing-a-long session. The area by the rapids had these dancers and Flamenco The Swiss (?) area by Bob had this guy, Steinbok. He was very popular, a comedic singing act. Had like a cult following it seemed. Was a very nice atmosphere though The best in my eyes were the street performers in Arabian Nights land. This guy not giving ice cream (it was free if you could grab it from him) Some magic act. And I think I might have been roped into buying an authentic rug? Flying Dutchman had one of those not moving people who then does move. And then it started to get dark! Steinbok still holding a crowd! And then the beautiful fountains. They had 3 shows on that night, Aquanara as normal, symphony 1 and symphony 2 which were different music configurations from the attractions around the park! We ended up seeing both symphony's and had an amazing night. Possibly one of the best theme park events I've attended. All included in your ticket price It must have now been 11:20 but the park were in no rush to kick us out. So much so they had all the acts from throughout the park at the exit area saying bye to everyone, taking photos etc The entrance is annoyingly large and doesn't fit in my photo. Next time, Liseberg and the city of Gothenburg!
  2. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    I think Tulley's was a bit stale this year. With nothing new this year and only minor tweaks it felt very samey. Yes Hellements has new things but that's just fixing an issue they've had for years. Coven apparently had new scenes but it almost felt shorter, Chopshop is still the same. Very marmite maze, it's either gonna make you love it or go eh. The clown maze had some changes once again but none of it felt overly new. Colony and Cellar weren't touched which is good as they're solid consistent mazes which is good for an event to have. The street theatre this year didn't seem as large as previous years or as entertaining. It just felt like they could have done more. They have 8 attractions, push the boat out with one, try something new. Might take a year or 2 off from Tulley's now unless they have a big shakeup. Like they say, you can only have so much of a good thing.
  3. Fright Nights 2017

    When shall we meet for our annual Stealth culling?
  4. TPM Christmas Meet Planning

    Can it be earlier in December eg not the busiest weekend for Christmas in London?
  5. Rumba Rapids

    Rumba is an old ride, it's a game of either putting into into winter early or it comes out of winter late for next season. It needs work, the park know that but don't have the budget or time to do it over the set closed season. So it's either close it now when it wouldn't have queues even if it took off a small load from the FN crowds or lose it during Easter when the weather can be really nice and it can be busy with families. Neither is great but it's the lesser of the 2 available evils. Or they could just do the bare minimum on it and it'll be unreliable again all year. Short term pain for long term gain. Rush is annoying and no one wanted it to end the way it has for the season. But that again is out of Thorpe's hands, they'd been trying to get it re open with lots of work going on over late August. Other than that, IAC has always closed at this time of year, Loggers can't be included as for what it's worth, the ride isn't part of Thorpe anymore. And Slammer is gone too. SBNO stuff ain't great but that's how machinery works. Sometimes it costs more than it's worth to fix something. None of this is trying to excuse Thorpe, but Thorpe aren't to blame for it all either.
  6. Colossus

    If they were that fussed then they'd change the wheels based on the season. But I'm not trying to dig at Blackpool here, just stating you can't dig Colossus either as it's not in Thorpe's hands.
  7. Colossus

    Yeah but Blackpool has a silly excuse in my eyes. Having 3 trains but they all have a different set of weather wheels on when they could just change the proxy sensors and run the faster trains, or do what Thorpe and others do and change the wheels on both trains as the seasons change. Notice Swarm has fresh wheels again as they'll be the colder running wheels till the end of season. A broken train that Intamin take so long to fix is out of Thorpe's hands. Not an excuse, but the reason.
  8. Scarefest

    If the new maze is up to the quality levels of recent stuff then I wouldn't say it's a quiet year. And TotT is having a slight layout change it seems so not all the same. They're definitely still growing Scarefest and I'd rather 4 mazes with just 1 average one than 3 mazes. Especially as Terror is better than some of the stuff Thorpe is capable of producing.
  9. Movie Park Germany

    Welcome to Movie Park! A place I had very little expectation or care for and honestly had it not been for the Mack, we wouldn't have gone. This meant we had a fab day We started with Star Trek as there were loads of school kids arriving. We thought it was by the entrance. The coaster is, the attraction plaza and queue is not. The ride itself is very average, decent for the park but not a great product example. The music was cool though and the transfer table. And if you like Star Trek the preshows etc were probably fab! Does look nice around the entrance plaza though. And we got a reride as they messed up the pre show batching so the station was empty. Near the entrance is their immersive tunnel though. The queue line was fab, the ride very average. But yeah the queue line is stunning. Pretty queue Also by the entrance is Bermuda Triangle, the parks wtf boat splash dark ride thing. We were all so confused but happy. We really wanted a reride but got spited due to weird closing times of rides The less you know about this ride the better so I'm leaving it at that The parks nice main street style street Woop top spin. Yeah this was awful. Like terrible. Platform 15 bad. Nicely themed I guess? It's a struggle to say anything positive. Especially for a 5 euro upcharge! Now we enter the "left" side of the park. Complete with; A rundown style pier A not awful SLC but literally smelt like dung. A woodie that is neither good or bad. It isn't like fun, and it also isn't torture. It doesn't feel like any type of woodie basically. And a rotating standing tilting uncomfy drop tower. Yeah. So we'll leave this area now There was this simulator with John Cleese! That was kinda quirky but very rough So we went to Nickland which features a rapids in its own area. The rapids area starts at the rides entrance and ends at the rides exit. Good job guys It is however very well themed and had some decent rapid sections Nickland was atrocious. Filled with standard rides with minimal theming We also got spited by (not this one) a Jimmy Neutron 'themed' suspended vekoma flyer family thing. You can get wet by Dora though so there you go lads But we'll end on a few highs! The parks stunt show was fab. One of my faves out there was a very good show. I was very happy! And then the true gem of the park This ride is so simple as a coaster. It is just a Gerstlauer bobsled but the whole experience is fab. It's punchy, well themed, good effects and some great music. Again, the less said about it the better but yeah and the queue moved really well! you can have a photo of the car And to end our day we went into the shop MUG. Next time we go to Efteling for the Symbolica opening weekend and their summer festival thing! And then maybe, just maybe we make it Liseberg before I get too busy again
  10. Plopsaland/Coo: 200 Achieved

    Purely for time saving purposes and the fact I've done a Plopsaland blog two years running I'm combining it with Plopsa Coo! Woo! After being spited by Heidi last year, and Bat and Rox Flyer on both visits, would this year be any better? For Heidi, yes! Cred 199. This great little coaster is fast, twisty and has good pops of air. In a lovely themed little area it is perfect for the park Lovely little area And this, the most random carousel ever Uncomfy, slow and has a minimum height restriction. The star flyer was also open! Now all we needed was The Bat to be open and finally, after 3 years we'd have completed the park And to our amazement it was open! Thus meaning, my 200th cred is The Bat; Left track. Yay much fun. They also ruined their amazing slide by giving it new mats that have higher friction, such disappointment. After a night near Leige where the hotel people were ironing in the café bit of the hotel, we ventured into the hills of Belgium PlopsaCoo! A stunning park With a chairlift up this hill to a watchtower thing. And the views at the top are amazing. On the right is the parks toboggan ride, but more on that later! Just the hills of Belgium! Has me even more hyped to go to Spa De Francorchamps next month! New for 2015 is the still new DinoSplash! A slide complex featuring the green one which is bog standard slide, orange one where you can pick a soundtrack and has lights and the blue wall air time hill slide thing. Much fun! Then one of the 2 creds, Halvar An odd vekoma single seater style ride that was actually pretty good fun! The park also has a hedge maze that was also an escape room with doors and codes throughout. Very confusing and not helped by the language barrier at the start. They randomly have spider monkey's too. Cos yeah. There was a free mini golf course where the lady doesn't trust you enough to have a ball each so you have to share in your group. Oh and there's only 17 holes in use as one of them just doesn't have a hole for the ball. Another star flyer but smaller and also operational. What joy! A free go kart track which was a good layout, decent number of laps just always had a long queue. And one random single seater car that was so much faster. We had fun commentating the races prior to ours! Then there's this. Vicky. Arguably the thing that made this park noticed a bit more by enthusiasts. It's just disappointment the ride in my eyes. Never held enough speed, didn't spin, just very lacklustre. And a horrid slow moving queue full of school kids (yes they are there permanently I asked and that's totally what they said) The facing in meant the cars do look very nice but the ride experience is lost. Now due to the weather of keep raining on and off we were going to be spited by the one thing I was excited for. They kept sweeping the track trying to dry it but nope. Then finally, without 2 hours to go the weather held up and boom! It opened The huge toboggan with a backwards lift! There were two tracks, both seemed to just like race until about 1/3 of the way down where the left one just vanishes off and gains endless speed. We did the ride twice and I only did the left as it was certainly the better track (Josh and Jack did both and they'll vouch for it). So much fun, so fast, such a gem in a gorgeous park. So Plopsa Coo. If you're nearby go, it's only £20 and a visually lovely park with a few quirks, don't go out of your way though. Our evening was spent in Cologne going to the Hard Rock and a bit of meandering in the city We went to Phantasialand the next day. However to save time and as Josh will no doubt do a Phantasialand one and yeah I've done one the last 2 years, the next report will be Movie Park!
  11. Walt Disney World Resort

    Avatar? What's that? You honestly wouldn't know Disney had built an Avatar land, no one cares as expected. Star Wars has expansion pads built in for a 3rd ride at both sites with Florida's able to grow more around Muppets 4D. Great Movie Ride was nothing special from my memory, just really slow. But to have another ride closed at that park is just brilliant. And still no new name announced. I know they take a while to build stuff, but to rename a park? Come on guys. Woo at Tron although it is just so they can close Space Mountain and fully refurb it, Ratatouille is an easy fix and very loose Guardians ride announcement. Yay. From what I've heard Universal and Disney had chats about the contract and came to some agreement that suits both parties (I.e Universal getting a new Marvel ride too, anyone remember the Iron Man flying suit concept thing?) I'm impressed Disney announced so much stuff, especially as a lot of it isn't opening till 2021 but hey, Iger wants to leave on a power high (if he ever actually leaves).
  12. Bagatelle: The Road to 200!

    It's been a while since I've done a trip report but here we go. Another road trip which for me meant I would hit 200 creds! WOO. Where do we start? A French park with an inverted Vekoma boomerang cos why not. We left Dover on a meh British weather Saturday arriving in Dunkirk the Sunday morning. Before heading to the park we went into Calais for a meander as this is where we were staying. Apparently asking for a pain au chocolat is difficult even though it's how we both say it. Language barriers are great. Calais had this And this. Cos culture is nice Much nicer than the first thing you essentially see at the park. Bagatelle was an odd park. I don't know if I liked it or not. They had two coasters made by a company no one knows off cos they basically only made these two coasters. A bright orange torture device (that wasn't awful) A one adult per boat log flume which shows you the border around the park with local basketball courts. A pirate themed area aka a pirate boat, orange ferris wheel and a chain with a no entry sticker on to stop you leaving the park border. An actually okay rapids with moments of decent theming. An Autopia type ride but with a really good layout. Best ride here. A brand new air race with themed surrounding buildings on lovely fresh tarmac A normal sized log flume with stupidly fast lift One of these but allowing adults to ride And the 2nd of the 2 random coaster manufactures coasters. They also have; a monorail which leaves the park and shows you goats, a spinning wild mouse which was horrific, a single seater tea cups ride for kids, an awful simulator and I'm sure some more awful stuff. Didn't take many photos as the park entertained me so much I ended up watching the F1. So definitely visit. This put me on 198 creds. Yay. We did however have a nice evening in Calais I had alcohol There was this This stunning building And we played a few games of pool at the hotel with you guessed it... Alcohol. Woop. I will try and do the rest of the trip when I get time but it might take a while
  13. Universal Studios Florida

    The volcano itself is stunning and once fully settled the landscaping will too. But they've rushed to the finish line. Parts of the park round by Turkey Lake Road are still being built as they bumped opening up by a week to get the Memorial Day weekend crowds this weekend. TapuTapu has on the whole worked well with only a few glitches (not bad for its first real use with a park nearing capacity on the first day). The ride queues are odd. So the slides right by the entrance got 200 minute waits earlier, now you can't tap another ride whilst waiting for one but you can ride one if it's in a 'Ride Now' stage as in it's just walk on. And because of the flow of people in a theme park, you aren't just limited to the wave pool and rivers after tapping that first ride as so many people are tapped on that ride that the others don't get busy. And this just moves around the park. And the pools aren't crowded so that's not a concern. The only issue they seem to be having is queues on the stairs of rides being quite large once its your turn to ride, probably not helped by express pass going straight on. Who knows, but for first day it doesn't seem awful other than the visisble construction. And a 5 acre expansion is planned and may start in a few weeks, which with the current predictions for gate figures, probably will.
  14. Legoland on a bank holiday weekend with the opening of a new ride... sure, should be a laugh ?