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  1. If it is only the one that they've got then it's 2 mazes with that one new IP
  2. Key word is plans for multiple IPs. There are two plans, one for if they get both the IPs they're going for, one for just the one IP. They're not linked/owned or whatever by the same company unlike the Lionsgate set. It is much more like Universal's Horror Nights in the concept of having multiple IPs from different brands, as we'll still have Saw too so could potentially have 3 well known horror franchises on park.
  3. It didn't open on preview days but can you blame them, opening it is hassle! It's on the map so it's intended to run this season. Slammer just keeps us on our toes. And timber tug boat ride isn't on the website yet so you know, maybe they're merging the two rides into one awesome experience!
  4. I believe they are considering selling CD's, heck they do for Heide Park and that had this IMAScore treatment a year or two back.
  5. Swarm could do with one in my eyes. I've never minded the current one but that whole island just always feels so quiet and atmosphere lacking, not helped by its seclusion! Some for the flat rides too so Lost City isn't all the same track. With Inferno and Colossus they could make a twist on the old tracks, keeping the well known bits. Rumba's new music, is that ImaScore? Just don't touch WWTP thanks.
  6. It's got a new chain and gearbox so that might be causing some issues. I believe it's stopping where the chain usually speeds up so could be something with that.
  7. Kong actually has really good guest satisfaction scores, as does Frozen, the only issue with Kong being the timing as it feels really quick. No one has an issue with screens at Islands as it's only the third ride there to utilise screens. Fast and Furious hasn't been tweaked to change theride experience, instead it's a mechanical change so it won't be trackless unlike Kong, an issue that caused most of Kongs downtime. The hype is fine for this yes but not showing the content just ruins that. They could be jumping at nothing, stooges, or even jumping at the lastyear video. The bit where the guy is looking down saying get offme could very well be the creepy girl from the first segment last year.
  8. Old Town seems on the map to be trying to follow the original saw mill type theme before we got the Saw IP. Shame none of the theming exists in real life. I hope the donut place is like the new donut shop they have at Chessington!
  9. Looks great! The whole fa├žade of this TLC is worth it just for this! The comparison is depressing though at how bad they let it get.
  10. For a Baron your grammar is pretty naff I think another thing to remember as well is you are jeopardising that persons job as they all sign strict media contracts and people have been fired before for forum posting.
  11. SW8

    Does second language Italian mean anything? Is Gardaland still getting their dark ride next year? If so this would fit that better surely!
  12. How much input does Ferrari have with this land? For a company with such rich heritage in racing and cars they could have come up with such a great name. Something Italian or fancy relating to one of their models, history etc. Instead it sounds like they put little thought into it or much of the land, sorry, park.
  13. Could the table be for 18:15? Just cos it's free parking after 6
  14. It's not just about creativity, it's easy to advertise. The Lionsgate years were on whole Fright Nights busiest ever seasons. People know the brand and want to experience it. Easy marketing right there. It's all about getting a good mix of IP and in house in my eyes. Once you've used IPs to it's hard to go back as people expect the next current thing. If they didn't have any IPs at Fright Nights now a lot of people may see that as being cheap and lazy no matter how intricate They are cos that's how the public would see it. Getting a big name is a big thing and the names for this year could indeed be very very big.
  15. As expected, the website has been changed setting the listed dates as the open ones.