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  1. It's not just about creativity, it's easy to advertise. The Lionsgate years were on whole Fright Nights busiest ever seasons. People know the brand and want to experience it. Easy marketing right there. It's all about getting a good mix of IP and in house in my eyes. Once you've used IPs to it's hard to go back as people expect the next current thing. If they didn't have any IPs at Fright Nights now a lot of people may see that as being cheap and lazy no matter how intricate They are cos that's how the public would see it. Getting a big name is a big thing and the names for this year could indeed be very very big.
  2. As expected, the website has been changed setting the listed dates as the open ones.
  3. I think that is an error on the site. If you weren't going to open something at peak times then you'd save even more money and close it all together. Peak times are when they have more staff available as well. Also, IAC usually closes early September for FN so I feel those dates are actually more likely to be the open dates. And if budgets are cut, the park has to make choices and take them from somewhere. Odds are more actors being used in Ghost Train but no budget alteration to help this so something gets cut. It's annoying but a fundamental issue with Merlin.
  4. By the looks of where the rockin tug is going and the fence going up on the train station, the blair witch entrance wouldn't be there anymore anyway! And with Platforms queue in Loggers space I don't see a big issue arising!
  5. I'm surprised Saw Alive isn't still on the site, unless with no more Lionsgate they're just gonna keep that one quiet as to not confuse any possible new IPs as Saw ain't going. As for the scare zones. Blair Witch was originally deemed one of them, so it's replacement may be deemed the same. I wonder if the new IPs will be big things like those at Universal's Horror Nights.
  6. They've been doing it for years, so why weren't they able to do their maintenance in time then? It shouldn't matter what time of year the park opens, but whenever they do they should be fully prepared for the crowds. Using the "it isn't main season yet" isn't an argument. If they can't get the maintenance done in a shorter period they shouldn't rush to open. And as they're open every weekend now till November that to me is their season.
  7. Stealth is just waiting on a part to be delivered, no need to be cryptic
  8. You mean you aren't doing alternate days at Thorpe and chessie this year for the finale scene of Gruffalo as well? Disappointed.
  9. I'm more intrigued what would replace Cabin. Would they keep the use of multiple rooms for multiple different scenes? Assuming lionsgate is out, Saw Alive would stay as that's part of the Saw ride contract which isn't going anywhere and Alive is consistently decent. I've heard a few rumours of what might be coming and I just hope Thorpe don't mess it up cos the potential is huge!
  10. It is indeed the last year on the contract. Who knows what they're going to do with it. But we can presume 2018 will be another low year so maybe Loggers will reopen and we'll get a new maze. YAY.
  11. There's been rumours going round from a bottle of Heinz Ketchup (my go to sauce) that IMAscore are making more tracks for the park including redoing Colossus and Infernos music with plans too release a CD of them all on park. But I haven't heard any updates on that for a few months so I don't know if that's still a thing. But they did redo Heide Parks music so it's possible.
  12. Yes Tower of Terror is a legend and amazing, but there is nothing to say this won't be a great attraction. The only thing that's going to stop it is people constantly reminiscing. I think the tower is going to look really cool and intimidating, the story could be great and end of the it's a glorified drop tower. Yes it's a shame to see Terror go but at least wait for some reviews of this new version before hating on it. Business is business, synergy is the way forward and so are IP's sadly.
  13. So the 10-4 days they're saving even more money than they were as 10:30-4:30 days with the staggered opening, and in the summer we have 10-6 openings. Still not great but considering that's all Thorpe and Chessington are doing this year we can just moan at Merlin for that. Being Towers management must be a horrid job these days, a shoe string budget and complaints left right and centre. Constant decision reversals, no steps forwards and a million back. To make money you have to invest money. Please realise this Merlin.
  14. I'll be surprised if they get any new footage of Derren as he has distanced himself from this as much as possible it seems.
  15. Still a long time till March 18th, lots can go wrong and I've heard from a few people that 18th is a push. The creative lead could still be in PR mode talking to you too because of your podcasts and what not.