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  1. How are the public finding it though? Is it a ride it once and that's it type thing. It has been walk on from about 3 everyday this week and while you could argue that's because it's being reliable, well so are the B&M's and Saw on these days and they have queues all day. Purely because reriding roller coasters is fun. You ride Ghost Train, yeah it gets you once, but that's it. It doesn't change, and it isn't thrilling enough to warrant you wanting to go again. The ending catches you off guard once and that's it. It's another investment where they haven't thought long term. It's expensive to staff and I highly doubt it's going to hold up popularity wise over time. The ride still does nothing and you are sitting still watching a screen most of the time, it's not even like a motion simulator. Yes it's better than last year, but it is not built around the demographic Thorpe get or even want to get. I see it like a midway they've cut in half and plonked in the middle of an amusement park.
  2. Regarding lifts, I'll be able to confirm soon spaces I'll have for this trip. As for from the hotel to towers, there is usually a spare seat or 2 lying around for that journey.
  3. Oh yeah, I have to put up with you at Liseberg. Woo. Also going to Bagatelle, Plopsa Coo and Movie Park as new parks alongside Plopsaland, Phantasialand and Efteling including the opening day of Symbolica (more luck than anything as it's been booked for a while!) More interestingly for me, I'm finally going to see an F1 race in person at the stunning Spa circuit in Belgium in August
  4. There is no such thing as a bad B&M. A 'bad' B&M is simply bland or lacking. It will still be more enjoyable than 90% of other coasters. B&M, yeah. Without them, Thorpe wouldn't have any working rides
  5. And it's going in that dead corner of the park where the old clyesdale barns used to be back when it was Anheiser Busch, yes! Hopefully with this, and Blackstone being out and a new Chinese firm taking their stake we might finally see some improvements to gate figures! Look forward to what these new features are, it's a competitive market the rapids one in Orlando, competing with Popeye is quite something!
  6. Do you mean 20th May? Cos my last exam is the 23rd and I'm pretty sure that ain't a Sunday... but yeah, I should be around that weekend as I only have one exam left by that point. Maybe from me!
  7. The sign out front of it actually says Easter, not the Easter holidays, so as long as it's open by Sunday they're correct!
  8. It misses us, that's why! It's awaiting our return
  9. Their naming department is incredible. First Big One cos you know, it's big and now Icon. Amanda said; "Icon is going to be one of the most talked about, iconic rollercoasters of the future. The name speaks for itself as it will be one of the most iconic rides on the planet." I mean, there's only like a fair few of these Mack rides already out there and Helix looks better in my eyes as a layout and positioning (haven't ridden it yet so allowed to judge them the same way) but I'm sure it'll be a good ride and something different for the UK. The logo is very Asian, kinda like Ninja samurai, don't get why as I doubt it'll have any theming but hey ho. Icon, a name that I think would work better with a The in front.
  10. Mer's keen to get the double win after winning spooning challenge on,maybe I'll bring my reigning champion flag... 😜
  11. The Inferno one is new, along with the Colossus cobra roll one
  12. The problem with Thorpe is days like this happen far too regularly. Okay rarely to this level of bad and calling capacity when the park is on less the 10k people, but the underlying issues never go away. Towers may have bad operating hours and ride closures, but they can operate their park near flawlessly. If you look back at Towers when it was busy, they never had fastrack issues, reliability issues or anything major. Thorpe has it regularly. Fastrack is always an issue and never resolved, engineering is stretched often meaning minimal capacity or late openings in the morning. All parks have the odd bad day, but at Thorpe it is a major recurring issue that needs to be sorted. Why does it run so differently and poorly to other Merlin parks? That's what they need to be asking. As for Stealth, its catch car related issues. 2 trains offers more issues and nearly the same throughput as one atm due to these issues so it makes more sense to run just the one as it's less likely to break it.
  13. I'll be amazed if they've hit capacity! Especially on a Sunday. I think they're just busy and have panicked as only Inferno is open out of the big 5 at time of writing.
  14. I believe that's so they can work on the electrics under the boat easier. It isn't testing as the barrier is up on the side, that if testing the ride would have smashed down. It's just wedged like that.
  15. If so it's probably this new contraption they're working on in Holland. The idea being the train is facing sideways, it'll then leave the station and twist into the flying position and in doing so also spin so it isn't going sideways.