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  1. Well, I was considering coming, although the upcharge for mazes and the reviews so far haven’t filled me with excitement 😆 I mean some have been positive, mostly about Survival Games, but I wasn’t sure it was enough for me to justify paying. And if I still came but didn’t do the mazes/only did Survival Games, I’d be hanging around on my own for a while unless anyone else wasn’t doing them. If only they still had single rider…👀 But just now I thought “Hmm, there’s lots of train strikes at the moment, I wonder if they’re striking this Saturday?” Yeeeeah…I’m gonna have to give this one a miss 😂 No other trains after that, and 15 hours 55 minutes is a bit steep (”Steep?! It’s effing vertical!”) 😄 Shame as it would’ve been nice to see you guys again, and I don’t have any other plans for any Halloween attractions yet!
  2. DEFINITELY up for meets again - haven’t been to any parks since 2019! I finally felt ready to go back this year (and I was actually excited to go to Thorpe 😂), but haven’t had any luck so far. I broke my wrist and needed surgery in March - being wheeled down to theatre is the nearest thing to a rollercoaster I’ve experienced 😆 And then, as of May, I’ve had nobody to go with 😫
  3. Got an email about this two weeks ago and kept forgetting to post here - Tulleys now have a drive-in cinema 😄 https://tulleysdriveincinema.co.uk Great idea!
  4. Seeing as there won’t be any meets for a while, I think TPM should have social distancing parties/virtual get-togethers on something like Skype or Zoom 😄 Or even just a big group chat? ☺️
  5. Indeed, I’m sure this was part of my contract when I worked there. It was inevitable during Fright Nights that you’d do more than that working 5 days a week!
  6. I have amusing images in my head of rides being sparsely batched, ie 8 people on Rush in total, one on each end of the row, waving at each other as they swing past 😂 Oh and could you imagine Hex...(I’ve actually ridden that in a small group, with nobody else...was actually pretty creepy, just us on our own in the Octogan 😱 But also the best ride I’ve had on it with nobody else talking and ruining it!) In all seriousness, I really don’t see how the parks will still be open by the weekend.
  7. Mer

    2020 Season

    Agreed that the staff really need to do their bit properly! I see so many posts in the FB group about staff not signing the card at all, and also not enforcing the plus 3 rule. The honest RAP holders are having to do their job for them. Some have also witnessed guest services issuing passes even when people haven’t had the correct evidence! This is the kind of crap needs to be sorted out. When I worked at Thorpe back in 2007 - 2008, I saw other staff members not bothering to fill out the cards and not sticking to the plus 3 rule. It’s been going on for far too long. EDIT: The 2 year thing actually came into place last year (so those who registered in 2019 are on the system for 2 years, whereas previously it was just 1 year). It is NOT new for 2020.
  8. Ah that KMG Afterburner control panel - sadly Vortex’s ain’t as exciting as that Literally has: start key slot, start button, cycle stop, E-Stop, shunt trip (the big black one like Rush has, which basically cuts ALL power, alas it was very rarely used), and restraints switch. The most fun you could have with it was the PA system/sound buttons I used to like starting and stopped the boarding announcement...”Vortex is an intense ride.” “Vortex is an intense ride.” “Vortex is an intense ride.”
  9. Me and Stuntman will be there - meant to say this about a week or so ago 😆
  10. LOOOOOOL. During half term week? Huh??!! @Glitch - dammit I wanna watch Airplane! now 😂
  11. Alpen Hotel is not returning this year 😭😭😭💔 I’m still tempted to do the charity event though, wanted to do it for years 😁
  12. So how does this splitting up in Creek Freak Massacre work? Is it like Cabin In The Woods, where they’d split you off into smaller groups, or do they individually pick people/send them off on their own?
  13. Mer

    2019 Season

    It was definitely at Thorpe (not sure if it was at Chessie as well) - the amount of times I had to endure that as a ride host 😆🙉
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