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  1. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    What are these cards? Not heard of them before Sorry being nosey! And @MattyMoo - didn't you go on preview night last time? Was it still busy/did you get all the haunts done?
  2. Colossus

    Honestly, I don't find Colossus painful or even that rough If anything it doesn't seem as bad as it used to be! Sure, the restraints can feel a bit heavy on your legs by the end, and I'd say it "vibrates" a lot But that's why you need to keep your head forward, otherwise it can be uncomfortable. In fact, I think it's my favourite coaster at the park
  3. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    I actually like that the actors don't touch you and think it's far more effective I met someone a few years ago who was an actor at Shocktober Fest - can't remember word for word what he said, and if it was just his opinion or the opinion of Tulleys - but he basically said that the problem with actors touching you is that it breaks that feeling of suspense/apprehension that they're going to touch you. I wasn't sure I agreed at first, but having been to Tulleys since, I definitely do agree! I see their mazes as far more theatrical and immersive, and you can't appreciate that if you're being grabbed and stroked! I much prefer a proper experience, where the maze is well-themed, has a story/at least makes some kind of sense, lasts long enough, and where the actors can focus on their role instead of groping and jump scares I don't normally find horror things in general that scary and I can get bored quite quickly (with anything), but at Tulleys, I had so much fun and felt quite scared and apprehensive at times! Plus, no offence to any actors in mazes where they do touch you as they're just doing their job...but I sometimes find it quite annoying and invasive Aah I definitely need to go back this year! Do they still have the dancing nuns at the end of the hayride?
  4. Thank you to Ryan and everyone for a fun meet Didn't get many pics but I've got some random stills from my videos Oh and Stealth in the rain was just...
  5. Just booked my ticket Really can't wait for this!
  6. Thorpe press night

    I've become increasingly puzzled at who Thorpe decides to invite for these events! I mean, I've noticed that it seems that anyone who owns a fansite or whatever gets invited to press events these days Along with "famous YouTubers" and Z-list celebs. I'm sure it used to be literally just the press (news reporters etc) and actual, famous celebrities!
  7. Park Operations

    Aaah I remember the good ol' power cuts when I worked there Fun times, especially on Vortex, where you'd have to just sit and wait for it to lose momentum before getting people off If I remember correctly, some of the park is powered by a generator in Chertsey, and the rest from one in the park? Hence why only some rides are affected.
  8. Do they make this noise when they log off?
  9. That fist punch after he hits the kid square in the face with water
  10. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Will the auditions be held in X? Hurr hurr.
  11. Yeah I was there today, the amount of times I saw it go down on the app was ridiculous Didn't even attempt going on!
  12. Just seen this on Facebook Also, I see our old friend RideAddict/Monkey Nut is still hating on forums...this time it's SouthParks
  13. Fright Nights 2017

    I've only been once (2013) and am bloody determined to go this year, hopefully on preview night as it will be cheaper and quieter! My question is...do they still have a maze that is out in a cornfield? I know they change the mazes every so often but I'm hoping they still use it! That was flippin' creepy wondering around a pitch black, silent field Oh and to stay on topic...Thorpe, woo, etc.
  14. Thanks again to Ryan and Paige for this great meet I was lucky to be able to go in the end, and I'm glad I could as it was a much-needed break for me I've done a l'il trip report: https://forum.maniahub.com/blogs/entry/848-towers-meet-2017/ We need the photos and videos of Battle Galleons on here
  15. Towers Meet 2017

    As always, it was good to see everyone again and be back at Towers I can't believe the gorgeous weather we had for the whole weekend - I've never had that oop north before! Saturday This was a very chilled day, owing to the hot hot weather Started off with Smiler and Oblivion, before going on Hex Was really impressed by the TLC! The audio in the cinema is nice and loud, perhaps *slightly* too loud BUT it's better than being too quiet, especially when you have people talking over it (I always watch it properly every time). I've said this before, but I still always think of that electricBill YouTube video and expect it to say "Fifteenth Earl of S***e" The Octagon looks sooo good now I loved the dry ice rolling down the steps on the right-hand side! Also it was fun going on someone who's never been on before (Paige)! We then had a lovely walk around the Towers, going up on the roof too. It never fails to amaze me how nice the Towers are and the beautiful views you get from the top After lunch we did Nemesis which, of course, was as great as ever and looks gooooood. We then chilled with some drinks at the Coffee Lounge, caught some sun...then headed to Duel to find it was broken (No staff member out the front but the doors were locked shut). So some of us finished off with Th13teen, where the indoor section was nice and cool! Played some Extraordinary Golf afterwards which was good fun as always, and it's nice to see it's been spruced up. Sunday Another beautiful day! Some of the fountains aren't quite lined up...snotty-nosed frog alert! Started off with some ERT on Nemesis (twice in a row, obvs) then got GalacticAir out the way while the area was still quiet Me, Mike, Peaj and Matt happened to get front row, which was just as well as we rode it without VR! I think that's the most I've enjoyed it as "Air" Next up was Duel I was pleased to see that the lighting changes last year (which made several scenes too bright) have been put back to how they were, or at least improved as it seems nice and dark again It was good to bump into Stretchy afterwards, who joined us on a refreshing ride on Congo. There was quite a delay whilst queueing due to someone jumping in the water (apparently they weren't on the ride but climbed over a fence) Despite the lack of waterfalls, it's still just as "rapidy" so we still got pretty wet, and Ryan got the brunt of the "KFC Mega Wave" in our boat After RMT and lunch we went to Intamin Forest, which was all broken Unfortunately Rita reopened so we jumped on that while the queue was short. Rough as hell but at least it didn't destroy my back this time! Then we did Hex again, went inside the chapel afterwards...even came across some Sanctuary theming Spinball was down so we did X Sector...everything looks so nice with sunshine and blue skies! Then it was time...for Battle Galleons! How could we not in such a heatwave?! In the end, it was just me, Peaj and Matt (Mike chickened out ), with some others at the guns around the ride. Was nice to have a cool down...but then, as we were near the station, the ride came to a stop. Right in front of some water guns Turns out someone in the station had got their hair caught in the handle (ouch!) so first aid had to come and help. I'm not sure how long we were actually stuck there, possibly about 15-20 minutes? Peaj and Matt were in the firing line so got drenched - I was actually disappointed out that nobody aimed at me (twas absolutely boiling being sat in direct sunlight) Or maybe the gun just couldn't turn round far enough Was the most entertaining ride I've had on Battle Galleons though! And that was the end of the meet! Some of us chilled in the Splash Landings bar while waiting for the inevitable queue of cars to die down. Newly painted theming is looking good! It was also Marc's birthday on the Saturday, so we surprised him with a card and cake! So I'll end this report with a photo of said surprised Marc: Thanks for reading! (Oh and if anyone's wondering if I will ever write that Europa trip report from the meet last year...I'm getting there )