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  1. Haven’t been to Chessie yet this year (even though I’ve wanted to!) 😭 Some people moan about it/aren’t bothered about going because “It’s always busy” but I always manage to have fun there 😁 I don’t get that with Thorpe, instead I just feel let down. Yes, I have a MAP and can go whenever, yes, I’ve done the rides hundreds of times. That’s not the point. The lack of fun/relaxing, less busy attractions like Logger’s and CCR is a problem IMO. I’m not just being sentimental, it’s something the park needs.
  2. And here I am thinking, “If only I lived nearer” and that it would be cool to meet Wardley in person, rather than see his face in a video 🙃 And I want that pin! 😜
  3. Mer

    2019 Season

    On the subject of RAP - whilst the idea of someone needing to have a blue badge/DLA/PIP sounds like a good idea, it could also be unfair, mainly because of the reforms to the benefits system. I personally know people who have lost their benefits when moving from DLA to PIP. There are many who simply don’t apply for PIP because they’re so put off by the process/the though of probably being turned down anyway. With regards to blue badges and the new criteria, from having a look it would still only cover those with more severe difficulties.
  4. Aah, that’s taken me back to the days of the original London Dungeons, and how hot it was in there even without a heatwave! 🥵
  5. I’m just hoping they bring back a corn field maze ??? The one I did on my first ever visit in 2013 (Woodshock) was hands down the best maze I’ve done at Tulleys. Jump scares and all that do nothing for me. It’s all about the suspense, the unknown...walking through a pitch black ticks those boxes ?
  6. Stick Slammer onto the boat. Now the boat has an up-cycled, giant paddle ??
  7. Mer

    Logger's Leap

    I wanna know if they’re doing a pin badge for it, especially as they’re now doing retro pins anyway! ??
  8. Oh blimey, don’t give them ideas ?
  9. Not gonna lie - the main feeling I get when looking at it is an intense urge to spend hours jumping/climbing etc on the thing ? So did people here honestly think a temporary inflatable, at a Merlin park, would be themed? ? Also @Stuntman707 your reply makes nooo sense ?
  10. Mer

    2019 Season

    Earlier on, the new Thorpe advert played twice in half an hour. I honestly felt so embarrassed when it was on! ?
  11. Ooh ooh - can we go to Creams after? ?
  12. Mer

    TPM Discord

    Awesome ? It says the link has expired though ? Nothing comes up when I search either.
  13. We need the chat room back!!!! So much banter in that place ? Plus it was somewhere for members to get to know each other outside of just posting and before attending their first meet ?
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