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  1. 2018 General Discussion

    It was, and I loved it I thought it actually made it much better and more realistic! Also the staircase leading up to the station in Saw was almost pitch black (at one point we struggled to see where we were going!), but again this made it better as it fitted in with the theme Shame they can’t do that more often!
  2. 2018 General Discussion

    Yeah, I don’t think Quantum will be open anytime soon On a different note - I hope The Swarm’s effects will be back on soon! At the moment, the area feels a bit incomplete without them, especially after how well they were working last year.
  3. Thorpe Park Merchandise

    Yay, new pins I like that they’re doing pins for the flat/dark rides at Merlin parks now. Hopefully we’ll see Rush and Detty pins soon?
  4. This was my thinking too (and yes it does appear to always do the same movement)! Plus I just didn’t think that Thorpe would actually pay someone to do that when they could just use an animatronic Kudos to them if they actually do
  5. What? Confused... Also @MattyMoo - yep, I have that same issue with not having time to adjust the headsets! However, I did notice that the staff on Saturday were helping adjust headsets once they were on, which was good
  6. So, here’s my experience of DBGT yesterday: First VR section: Well my headset was beyond broken; aside from the video being really faint/dark (could just about make out the train windows and seats, then it got worse and I pretty much saw nothing)...when I looked down, I saw a “Now Playing” bar with the play button, etc Live action section: Either there weren’t any actors during our go, or there were, but they weren’t obvious/clearly visible (it wasn’t just me, others noticed this too). So that interrupted the flow of the experience for me, as I left the scene wondering what was going on and where the actors were. However, I do understand why they’ve had to change it/can’t fix the train, so hopefully this will reduce the number of shutdowns. Second VR section: This is easily the best part of the attraction! It’s had more stuff added which works really well, and I did actually jump a little at one of the new parts! And my headset worked perfectly! The only other issue I had was that none of the actors touched me during the VR scenes. Not only did this take something away from the experience, but after the issues during the first VR and then the confusion/anti-climax of the new live action scene, it just added to the inconsistency and confusion. The animatronic getting stuck in the shop was just brilliant Also I’ve never had the floor move before (guess it depends where you stand?) so that was a nice surprise. Overall, I am glad they vastly improved the ride last year and added more stuff to the second VR this year. But I’m getting fed up of VR headset roulette and just the general inconsistency this attraction has.
  7. Seems like quite a few of us were there! Was feeling a bit delicate after a lot of alcohol the night before and it was bloody freezing I think we only spent about 2 hours there before we had to go home to defrost The staff in general seemed cheery despite the weather, in particular the staff on Tomb were good fun Although I didn’t appreciate the miserable looking guy at Hocus Pocus closing the door as we approached and making us freeze outside for no reason (I mean there’s no way it would’ve been full or the people inside would’ve been waiting long, if at all)! Still, it was nice to actually go to Chessie on a completely dead day, rather than having to constantly meander around kids and endless buggies Was weird/quite eerie walking around a silent Transylvania (I’ll always call it that)! Here’s some snowy tigery rocky photos: New, extremely lifelike theming outside Vampire... Also, do you think I was given enough of these? Sorted.
  8. Tomb Blaster

    Oh wow I love how the mummies at the end just don’t move, but then the last one does!
  9. Rant

    I imagine it was because of this eight-vehicle collision, which included a 500 litre fuel spillage https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/m23-crash-closure-remain-place-14295986 Thankfully the M23 is back open now!
  10. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Track is complete
  11. Feedback of the Forums

    I beg to differ I now have a bathroom advert at the bottom for “Commercial sanitary ware” *Heads to App Store to search for ad blocker*
  12. Rant

    The "smart casual" dress code. UGH. The most ambiguous, frustrating piece of crap to ever exist!
  13. TPM Awards 2017 - The Results!

    Aww thanks guys Gotta love the two Martins though
  14. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    ^ Agreed Plus Tussauds has a few new additions this year, so it's worth doing more than Shrek/SeaLife are.