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  1. Don't mind me, just gonna leave this here...
  2. I know it's not from the official Saw soundtrack, I was just wondering whether they produced the music specifically for the ride.
  3. I assume SAW won't be affected as the music on that was provided by Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures? I could be wrong though, if IMAscore can change SAW's music then it'll be interesting to see what they can pull off.
  4. News just in, it's also Thirteen hinted here. It probably is the Big Six Challenge making a comeback. (Alton Towers on Facebook)
  5. Maybe it couldn't...bear to see the ride's fate. (I'm so sorry...)
  6. You don't say.
  7. ...or actually put some time, money and effort into it and restore it to its former glory.
  8. Well if the racket played in Duplo Valley is counted, I second his opinion!
  9. Hex

    I get the impression the writer of the blog ran out of ideas at this point.
  10. I know there are other threads lurking about for Planet Coaster discussions but not for posting what people have built. Planet Coaster is a gem when it comes to building scenic environments so I'm sure people would want to see what others have done. I'll start with mine. I can already tell building this flipping theme park of mine is gonna be a lengthy process as the entrance plaza took me days to build! Like with Disneyland and Alton Towers, I wanted my guests to be greeted by a grand centerpiece way off in the distance, so I resorted to building a medieval fortress sat on top of a hill smack in the middle of the park. I achieved quite a bit of illusion with this by building it at a precise scale that makes it appear huge from a distance. I took this screenshot upon completion of the entrance plaza (named Crown Street) and set the time to 5:30pm for the effect of the photo EDIT: I'll most likely take another screenshot sometime as I added more details to Crown Street today, such as shops and stuff.
  11. Non-Spanish-speaking TPM members trying to communicate with PA staff like
  12. One can hope it'll cruise by as slow as El Diablo
  13. "You want to be my lover?? Earn it!! SEDUCE ME!!!"
  14. I can now confirm my attendance.