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  1. Vampire

    Agreed. Compared to when Chessington weren't afraid to use movie-style sets, facades and special effects, it's now quite apparent that the first consideration they take with every "refurbishment" is where their nearest B&Q is...
  2. Vampire

    The way Chessington are going with removing stuff from the station, it'll be no organist eventually...
  3. Vampire

    Yeah, 2010 was a great year I guess...
  4. Fright Nights 2017

    Am I the only one who cringes over the whole "abandoned" thing? Like isn't the cabin meant to be abandoned in the film anyway?
  5. Music

    While I'm still digging through in search of some further decent music I came across this gem.
  6. Headphone recommendations

    Wireless really does make your life easier. I have a Sony pair (no idea what the model's called) which comes with the odd volume buttons and slider with which to skip and pause/play tracks. They're noise-cancelling and are bloody good sound quality too. Can easily be paired with a Bluetooth-equipped device. Really does make everything a lot better when you've had a wired pair for a while, meaning you have to constantly take your phone out of your pocket to change tracks.
  7. Planet Coaster

    This hunk o' iron's been busy, busy, busy...in the middle of Egypt apparently! Here, take a gander. Anyway onto the real star of the show. A behemoth of a coaster which handles throughput well, interacts with scenery and terrain and most importantly tells a story...and yes it's a huge inspiration off Taron in case you haven't worked out already. Horus (below) tells a rather sophisticated story; In the Egyptian desert not far from civilization, early archaeologists spent days digging in the burning sun...until a mere few grains of sand gave way and revealed an ancient tomb buried under mountains of sand and rock for centuries. This is no ordinary tomb however. It in fact holds a rather troubling history; Thousands of years ago, a ferocious battle raged between Horus, god of sky and justice, and Oziris, god of the damned. The fray abruptly ended however when a mysterious artifact, known to many as the Eye of Horus, was brought into the chaos by the pharaoh Rameses, locked away in an ancient tomb. This legendary emerald has the power...and beauty to keep the two gods apart and civil...as long as it remained untouched, undisturbed...and very well hidden away. Over the centuries, this legendary tale will become entombed within the burning Egyptian sands...until today - the day the tomb was uncovered once again. And within it...the legendary Eye of Horus itself. Tourism was a rapidly growing industry within the Forbidden Dunes so within months after the tomb's rediscovery, people were flocking in vast numbers to venture inside this harrowing realm. Using specially designed transit, tourists would dive deeper into the depths of the unknown...and unknown indeed, to all, is a glowing shrine locked away...and it's chilling purpose. With great curiosity comes great exploration - could a battle of a thousand years be about to resurface?
  8. Music

  9. Park Music

    Managed to hear it playing inside the building from outside the Colossus shop the other day...so "very" is probably an underestimate.
  10. Random Picture Thread.

  11. Next Roller Coaster

    Blows the "Lez Cougan" idea out the window then.
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    ...and hopefully will see the return of the smell of piss.
  13. Logger's Leap

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they're now saying it's "permanently" closed just to stop people asking if it's opening...
  14. TPM! Discord!

    We used to have a Slack server...until people grew bored of the lack of participants and bailed. Also, as Discord's designed for gaming...if we ain't talking gaming then I don't wanna talk.
  15. Logger's Leap

    ...or, for all we know, giving it the same godawful paintjob as Timber and Lumber. ("Old Town! Making our guests want to gouge their eyes out since 2017!!")