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  1. ...or, for all we know, giving it the same godawful paintjob as Timber and Lumber. ("Old Town! Making our guests want to gouge their eyes out since 2017!!")
  2. Search up "Western Sign - Wall Sign 16". PROCLAMATION: "Afternoon citizens! I got some news for y'all. Now, most of you by now may have become mighty familiar with our new fangled-minin' transportation, Bandit 1885 (ain't she a beauty, hehe *clears throat*). Well today it seems our long-servin' mechanical provider 'Clev . R . Cogs' has recently set up (or should I say...geared up) a little closer to our establishment...and settled in real close to the tracks! Now, while this ain't no reason to worry, we've made sure they don't cause no obstruction to your journey! Just don't go losin' ya heads, if ya'll know what I mean..." You heard right. Bandit 1885 now has a decent headchopper!
  3. So they want a dark ride to be brighter inside eh?? Well little do they know this is where guest feedback ruins the ride I guess... "Do you want to see animatronic parts, metal walls and the ceiling?? Because that's how you see animatronic parts, metal walls and the ceiling!"
  4. Update looks great! ...but no water rides in a summer update?
  6. So far I have no experience from the restaurants there but ride-wise I suggest working your way around the park. Start with Furius Baco for this reason. Or, if you're that paranoid about queues then it'll probably be best to just get Shambhala out the way.
  7. Well to be honest I second Mermite on her point and you've just crossed the line. (notice how I didn't use "tbh" there? )
  8. The voice of everyone's favourite cheese-loving inventor, Peter Sallis, has died aged 96. Absolutely gutted.
  9. I just find it surprising yet amazing how independent parks can be capable of creating such brilliant theming and effects. I'm pointing all ten fingers at Efteling and Phantasialand here. Baron 1898 has theming Merlin have NEVER touched the quality of.
  10. Last not that long ago prior to ArtfulRaceHorse going. Seriously though, just because one effect hasn't worked on the one ocassion, it doesn't mean people can turn their backs and say "Oh well that wasn't going to last long anyway".
  11. It was working when I went less than a week ago. So there's no need to moan about the fact it "barely lasted long".
  12. Put me as a maybe for this. And I think I'll just be coming for the day. It all just depends on when I'm working.
  13. Teen logic. That's all I can say.