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  1. Kerfuffle

    2019 Season

    Where it's coming from is my time working there, more specifically my final season in 2018. I'll explain with a true story: Imagine working with people who are expected to be "friendly and nice" towards guests, so they do so on that end...but behind the scenes, some simply don't care about you or your mental health issues...while one in particular thinks it's funny to screw you over and quite honestly just mentally destroy you. And now imagine you're explaining your situation to others in hopes of them understanding how it's making you feel, and they reply with "Oh 'this person'? She's lovely! She's very caring and I'm sure she didn't mean it etc.". And what's more is that even after I left (and seemingly escaped), I was made aware of a bullying incident where a lot of staff from my area were generally being really horrible about others, especially the kind-hearted ones. And surprisingly, these also included people I'd previously thought were really nice! It's not nice when you're the only one who knows the truth about someone through experience and everyone else thinks differently, it's selfish. And that's why I'm writing this post, not to be controversial, but simply to point out that following a lot of trauma I was put through, the last thing I need to hear is of the same select people who made my last season there miserable getting recognised for being something they're not.
  2. Kerfuffle

    2019 Season

    Because nothing screams "thrilling day out" more than dogsh*te operations, rude staff and total lack of care!! I've had bigger thrills on a broken swing set...
  3. Join the club (only difference being I haven't been to Towers this year - let alone ANY M£rlin attraction) Seriously though it's great to have you back Paige!
  4. Been a brilliant year for me park-wise. Plenty of new parks and only one familiar (yet brilliant) one. And the best thing? Not a M£rlin park in sight. Blackpool Pleasure Beach: x1 Kolmarden: x1 Liseberg: x4 Efteling: x2 Phantasialand: x2 Toverland x1 Highlight for me this year was undoubtedly Efteling as not only was it my first solo trip abroad (which, for one thing, gave me plenty of me-time after an awful week) but it was a weekend shared with the amazing Planet Coaster community which not only made my first couple of times at Efteling really memorable, but also finally turned tables on my mental health for the better. While it doesn't quite have the same lineup Liseberg offers, it's still a beautifully themed and kept park with some incredible dark rides.
  5. Seems Amanda Thompson herself has put the rumours to rest.
  6. It's really easy to compare Thorpe with Efteling here for instance. Efteling has that beautiful entrance, along with its music playing right down the pathway leading down to it. I remember feeling so welcomed when I went back in July, which is why just listening to its entrance music never fails to cause goosebumps. Not to mention there's plenty of space to move around. At Thorpe however, you're literally FORCED through security whether you have bags or not (which, additionally, makes the entrance a lot more cramped) and generally it's just a really uncomfortable experience for a place that's claimed to be "happy and light hearted".
  7. Who wants to bet the building will be used for a dark ride? ...putting 2p on it because of course it'll NEVER happen.
  8. Despite the choice of names, Hangover while hungover is not advisable.
  9. I'll be there, Spoons onwards though. Not in a Dungeons mood this year.
  10. One rumour about next year never fails to make me cringe really. Enthusiasts who actually think Thorpe are getting an RMC next year:
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