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  1. Kerfuffle

    Disneyland Paris

    This was uploaded a while back but this is some very interesting footage from a talk by Disney Imagineering on the Phantom Manor revamp...and by the looks of things it's been confirmed that the original dialogue by Vincent Price is going to be incorporated after all! It's also very interesting to hear that the true identity of the Phantom could be made more clear following the revamp.
  2. Kerfuffle

    Park Music

    From my own memory this wasn't just played in Amity Cove. I believe this was played PARK-WIDE because I definitely remember it playing in Canada Creek and in the queue for the Flying Fish. Yeah I know I still remember what the park was like when I was 6...
  3. Kerfuffle

    Youtube Videos

    It's moments like this that've made the Yogscast so special and now this guy's gone and animated this series of events in particular.
  4. Kerfuffle

    SAW: The Ride

    I heard it was because the supporting structure sank into the ground slightly after that particular bit of track was installed. Would make sense if it was true, given the land had been filled in on the lake a few months before.
  5. Someone seemed to have given it a clean when I went over the weekend - save for a couple of faint marks which are barely noticeable.
  6. Kerfuffle

    2018 General Discussion

    Kids these days... 😑
  7. Kerfuffle

    2018 General Discussion

    Give it a year or so. They'll be bringing in Fortnite soon enough for the same reason...
  8. Kerfuffle

    Logger's Leap

    *lack of work/attention/consideration (etc. etc. etc.) altogether. Think we'll just end the suggestions there. Anyway, it's quite obvious Loggers has had this coming really. Ever since its closure, it's just been sat there rotting away as if it was just meant to be forgotten. Sure it's an old ride, and if the news of its removal is true, then good. At the end of the day it means something new is taking its place in the near future...which is hopefully another, more up to date water ride. Shame Merlin have the tendency to leave any rides to rot that are at least a decade old though...hence Colossus not getting the repaint it deserves...
  9. Kerfuffle

    Random Picture Thread.

  10. Kerfuffle

    Disneyland Paris

    With the ongoing refurbishment of Phantom Manor continuing in the background, a new photo booth has been installed outside, with the supposed theme of the ghostly inhabitants of the Manor "escaping" into Thunder Mesa.
  11. Kerfuffle


    No offence but I'm quite certain that enthusiasts on this site pointing and laughing at simple spelling errors or indeed typos is nothing new...
  12. Kerfuffle


    Always loved this track yet it's taken me until now to start learning it on bass...
  13. Kerfuffle

    Disneyland Paris

    Hopefully this means the actual context of the story won't be changing but it's rather made a little easier to understand through the experience inside the building (considering the complexity of it, given it has a written version). Hopefully the Vincent Price voiceover will be incorporated but who knows. Music deserves some love too, whether the score remains the same just with updated sound systems or the whole thing is remastered, hopefully it'll remain in its current glory...or better!
  14. Kerfuffle


    It's the last picture that really gets me. The contrast between track colour, station and surrounding scenery is utterly incredible
  15. Kerfuffle


    It excites me to see how quickly this is going up! While I'll be going in exactly a month, those who wanna bank on it being open in that time frame...good luck.