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  1. Kerfuffle

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    Amity Beach (5) Angry Birds 4D Experience (5) Colossus (5) Depth Charge (5) Detonator: Bomb's Away (5) Flying Fish (5) King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5) Lumber Jump (4) Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5) Nemesis Inferno (6) Quantum (5) Rocky Express (5) Rumba Rapids (5) Rush (5) Samurai (6) Saw - The Ride (5) Stealth (6) Storm in a Teacup (5) Storm Surge (2) The Swarm (5) The Walking Dead - The Ride (4) Tidal Wave (5) Timber Tug Boat (6) Vortex (5) Wet Wet Wet (5) Timber Tug + Storm Surge - Ahh, nothing says banter more than Timber Tug going for the win.
  2. Kerfuffle

    Park Count - 2018

    Thorpe: x1 Legoland: x1 Liseberg: x2 ...I need to get outside more...
  3. Kerfuffle


    I'm sure The Smiler looked great from the concept art too. Until opening day.
  4. Kerfuffle


    The difference is that back then the park was owned by Lego who were clearly able to provide a large enough budget. Merlin however...
  5. Kerfuffle


    ...and so, yet another reincarnation of Merlin's infamous staple attraction, "Shed: The Ride" makes its grand appearance...
  6. Kerfuffle

    TPM Christmas Meet 2018

    A visual representation of me attending the meet after being unable to attend meets all year due to work, college, poor mental health (insert other burdens) etc. etc. etc.: (This means I'm a straight yes by the way)
  7. Kerfuffle


    It's just sad to know that Chessington apparently take no notice of the animation...yet still decide a couple years ago that it's the HAIR that needs an "upgrade". So now the organist not only doesn't move much (if not at all) but also appears to belong in the Georgian era, while not being remotely intimidating by any means.
  8. Kerfuffle

    Video Game Music

    Just leaving this here...
  9. Kerfuffle

    Logger's Leap

    This just gave me a flashback to 2015's WC16 discussions...
  10. Kerfuffle


    With that time of year right around the corner, it's worth noting Liseberg seems to be getting some new scare mazes this Halloween: Hotel Gasten will be getting a makeover into 'Smittharden Gasten'. Two new mazes, named 'The Attic' and 'The Experiment' Given I was quite impressed by Hotel Gasten in June, the revamp definitely sounds interesting!
  11. According to ScareTOUR, Thorpe have recently confirmed one of their classic mazes may be returning alongside The Walking Dead this year. Okay so if Big Top goes then fair enough I'll kick off but what if Asylum's replacing it?
  12. Kerfuffle


    There's certainly an addicting side to Thirteen to be totally honest, last time I went I was just marathoning it (thank goodness for the single rider line).
  13. Kerfuffle

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    I'll be a maybe for now, it just depends if I have another job by then.
  14. Kerfuffle

    Disneyland Paris

    This was uploaded a while back but this is some very interesting footage from a talk by Disney Imagineering on the Phantom Manor revamp...and by the looks of things it's been confirmed that the original dialogue by Vincent Price is going to be incorporated after all! It's also very interesting to hear that the true identity of the Phantom could be made more clear following the revamp.