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  1. Kerfuffle


    At the end of the day, that last thing is all you can do as an individual. Yes, I'm a hater of most enthusiast groups myself for the same reason (if not a few more) and if they wanna d*ck around acting more like different groups of 5 year olds, that's their business. Leave them to it.
  2. Kerfuffle

    New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    Well it beats Tomb Blaster's shed tbh.
  3. Kerfuffle


    Clearly some people need to realise that's where Helix get's it's thrill factor from - the amount of vulnerability experienced in the seats during the ride. According to some recent feedback though, the seatbelts don't seem to have any effect on the airtime or whatever anyway Panic over for now hopefully!
  4. Kerfuffle

    Video Game Music

    Hardest choice ever - picking out one track from the whole game Seriously tho it was between this and N-Brio from the first game
  5. Kerfuffle


    ...which is exactly why the Fifth Dimension failed in its first season at Chessington. To cut a long story short, you could say some people wanted to be reassured they weren't queueing for the toilet...
  6. Kerfuffle


    Couldn't quite believe what I heard earlier but it's true. One of many artists I didn't listen to often but still had a lot of respect for. Tonight we've lost another icon in music. R.I.P Avicii
  7. Kerfuffle


    ...and that's why you do NOT go to town with UV lighting, kids!
  8. Kerfuffle

    Planet Coaster

    Back in December I completed my most complex attraction to date - 'Mysteria: The Legend of The Manor' is a trackless motion platform dark ride themed around the chilling legacy of Batzville Manor and the disturbing secrets hidden within...complete with a complex backstory for which I could be here all night going through it. Over the past few months however, extra details have gone into the ride, mostly on the exterior - inside however has seen some extra "lodgers", from a skeleton pianist to a couple of ghouls locked in a game of chess for what seems an eternity. Before and after shots of the entrance facade. Spot the differences! ...and today I installed a ride with a simple, easy to understand theme. The theme of 'Galloper Express' speaks for itself, as you take on an out-of-control stagecoach ride through the canyon all while a wild gunfight rages around you. Hold onto your hats!
  9. Kerfuffle


    Name's rubbish though. Try saying that one 5 times fast...
  10. Kerfuffle

    General Discussion

    That footage of the Vampire station...
  11. Kerfuffle


    Happy to say for the past week I've been learning both guitar and bass.
  12. Kerfuffle

    Feedback of the Forums

    Just my general opinion and I don't mean to be fussy...but am I the only one who misses the original chatroom? Chatbox is great where it is though (or "Shoutbox" depending on how long you've been here), it just doesn't get a lot of conversation for obvious reasons - unlike the chatroom, there just isn't that sense of privacy.
  13. Kerfuffle

    The Smiler

    Can't help but to think Thirteen having storage boxes will slow down loading time quite a bit considering how fast it typically runs...
  14. Kerfuffle

    Tomb Blaster

    The amount of UV lighting in there is actually overkill. What's that Chessie? You need a new name for the ride? "Purple Tomb". There. Done. Thank me later chaps, I'm off to the pub...
  15. Kerfuffle

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    It's always prior to opening and when they add finishing touches when a new ride looks so gorgeous! So excited to try this! ...Life is hard when you're a southerner with limited transportation though.