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  1. Well I'll be a hairless monkey's left toe. The Smiler will actually look less brown this year.
  2. If they're going to bring the queue round the side of the building where the metal shed is visible then the least they can do is install some sort of facade. I'd be happy with just a 2D forest background really. Anything that can cover up a metal building. It'll never happen though. This is Chessington.
  3. Excuse the double post but can we all just take a minute to appreciate the effort that's gone into this??? Never have I seen a coaster station be recreated so brilliantly It's not all sunshine and rainbows though. The track does need a little smoothing out in places...but apart from that, for a recreation this is spot on!
  4. Platform 15 only left me extremely confused the one time I did it so I'll definitely be expecting an improvement this year.
  5. Oh yes of course. How could I forget that rumours regarding theme parks usually have origins with around the stability of a 2-wheeled car? I do beg your pardon, my memory's been quite out the window lately...
  6. IMAscore redoing the park's music would be a fantastic move. I mean Colossus and Inferno alone have both had fantastic soundtrack since opening...but IMAscore is something I can't say no to.
  7. realise if this actually happens we'll have to chase you down brandishing pitchforks for giving them ideas, right?
  8. All well and good until you find out the ticket prices have skyrocketed. You know, Disney being Disney...
  9. This idea might be irrelevant but you could mention how Nemesis is seen as an alien creature, with the station being the creature itself, the track being the tentacles, the supports as the steel which is pinning down the creature...and the trains being the creature's reproductive organs (!).
  10. After The Smiler and Ghost Train, I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  11. Has a crippling Disney obsession.
  12. Crafts theme parks apparently. Play Planet Coaster by any chance? I'm useless...but not for long and always will be if I'm honest.
  13. Thorpe just hasn't had any places of "escapism" from the rest of the park ever since the farm closed. It's funny how Towers have the Gardens, Chessington have the lawn outside Burnt Stub Manor (and HAD the other lawn which Pandamonium now occupies) and Legoland I guess have Miniland, the closest Thorpe have to any places of tranquility is Sunken Gardens...which of course since 2006 has had Stealth parked right next to it! The main thing a few members of my family agree on is that Thorpe of course generates a lot of noise nowadays and there's just nowhere you can get away from it. Personally I see their point. As a kid, the farm always felt completely isolated from the rest of the park. And the train ride there was the best bit if I'm honest! But although I really can't see the farm returning anytime soon, they can at least provide something similar for a little escapism. But the question is what could replace it? It has to be something that would attract guests to an area of that distance and back in the day, an interactive farm was of course the idea of family friendly acitivity away from the park. Whereas nowadays there aren't a lot of options left, especially with the park's current audience.
  14. 2016: Everyone owns an Xbox One and or a PS4. Thorpe however give us an experience featuring hideously unstable PS2 graphics. I know, I'm still scratching my head over this today.