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  1. Rant

    Can I illustrate a rant in one picture? Because this sums up my life with a few people at the mo and it just baffles me how people can think this is fair...
  2. Great Ride Documentaries

    So much nostalgia in 45 minutes
  3. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    It is fair when they get excited about an attraction with "world's first" plastered all over it.
  4. Duel!

    At least the Duel ones have sound effects! The fact Tomb Blaster's don't is what makes going through it so awkward nowadays...
  5. Duel!

    Whoever's in charge of lighting seems to like the colour purple a little too much... Why not paint the whole bloody thing purple if it's apparently such a big deal?
  6. Duel!

    Can't help but to be slightly concerned for the music really. I mean while they could just be covering up most of the production, to me this just looks like one man, a keyboard and nothing more. I'm not surprised it isn't IMAscore seeing it isn't a huge project but we can only wait a little longer.
  7. New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    Well you know, considering previous marketing strategies don't fool anyone anymore...
  8. Feedback of the Forums

    Okay so just noticed the site now displays adverts. If it was intentional then fair play, however I feel some need to be filtered out...things like this are awful to look at... Don't worry I'm never fooled by this crap. It's just there are kids here you know
  9. 2018 General Discussion

    Still haven't heard from Towers regarding preview dates and that's all I'm interested in for now.
  10. Youtube Videos

    Just leaving this here...
  11. Youtube Videos

    Seeing RCT3 again after playing Planet Coaster for a year...
  12. Random Picture Thread.

  13. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    "So Dave, how long before Alton Towers' latest "world's first" feature burns their new ride to the ground?"
  14. Disneyland Paris

    So as of yesterday, Phantom Manor is the latest attraction to be closed for refurbishment and is set to reopen in September. Does anyone happen to know what's being done to it?