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  1. Park Music

    I personally find it cringey when an entire forum goes off their heads about the slightest grammar error...so let's not go down that route, shall we?
  2. Say Something About The Person Above You

    Don't know you that well. Looking at your profile pic I'll just say you like bikes. Oh THAT'S why this thread has resurfaced!
  3. Music

    It seems Vant have announced a split! While this is only a temporary hiatus, they'll be leaving us with a mini album. Top lads.
  4. Update on Octopus garden rides post leaving Thorpe Park!

    Swinging Seashells (the ferris wheel) was moved to Weymouth Sealife. Doubt it's there anymore though as they closed their rides section this year.
  5. Fires at Thorpe Park?

    I believe there was also one in SAW Alive back in 2011...possibly due to a careless smoker or faulty wiring at the time.
  6. Youtube Videos

    Of all the SFM sh*t I've seen this has to be the best one. Crying
  7. Planet Coaster

    B&M time! Say hello to Humunga, ladies and gentlemen...
  8. TPM Christmas Meet Planning

    Haven't really been a fan of WW personally but I'll happily follow the crowd if that's the majority vote.
  9. I unfortunately now won't be attending as I have family plans.
  10. Stealth

    ...and meanwhile I think I've lost count of my Inferno rides. 12 years fly, eh?
  11. General Discussion

    So the Bubbleworks was a "half-baked" concept you say? Tell me more! Would you care to admit to us that apparently CatCF and Nemesis Sub-Terra were world-class dark rides?
  12. General Discussion

    What surprises me most about the Dragon Falls retheme is how they've put aside any potential of keeping the Mystic East theme through any ideas made and just brought in yet ANOTHER "African safari" theme. Besides that it does look really good though. Also I suppose like with Transylvania it's wise enough to kill off a dying area...especially when Chessington decide this park ain't big enough for two oriental themes so kept Wild Asia.
  13. I'm a maybe for now. Depends when I'm working.
  14. Park Music

    Random thought but every time I hear the main melody from the entrance music, I can't help that IMAscore had a little inspiration from another project of theirs. Does sound very similar (Nothing wrong with it though. Seriously this is my favourite track from IMA)
  15. Vampire

    Agreed. Compared to when Chessington weren't afraid to use movie-style sets, facades and special effects, it's now quite apparent that the first consideration they take with every "refurbishment" is where their nearest B&Q is...