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Agressive Bingo in Windsor

Celia Mae


I just realised I hadn't written a blog from the TPM LEGOLAND Meet! :o Should have been a quite important one too seeing as I haven't been before...

First impressions of LEGOLAND, it was alright! Obviously designed with little children in mind but it was a fun day all the same. Though I will admit that I fear I'm too much of a thrill seeker and it definitely needs a few more serious coasters...

Still loving the meets though :D

Lego Bingo... Got very competitive. Got a list of 20-ish questions from Peaj the night before and sent my answers back, and on the morning we were sent a list of the questions and people's answers. Then you have to work out who gave which answer. But some answers apply to more than one person, and some people apply to more than one answer. Ugh. Talking to people.

I'm vaguely ashamed to admit that I came second... Alpengeist killed my winning streak :( But we were the only two to actually complete the list. He just got it faster than me.

So SCB, you'd better be grateful I gave you my prize.

To the park then, Dragon was quite good, probably the fastest coaster I've been on with only a lap bar (Yeah, REALLY shows how travelled I am that...) and lots of the other rides were quite good. LOVED the Lego theming. Like, really, it was fab :wub: Now I understand why the LEGOLAND brand works so well for Merlin. I would love to work on a project like that, building things like that. Miniland was amazing, I could have just wandered around for hours.

This is all really increasing my belief that Scruffy Dog could be my dream job...! :o

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