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Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Celia Mae


Sup nerds,

So today I had my first visit to a seaside amusement park, with my charity taking a bunch of our disabled Young People.

We went to Funland Hayling Island just outside Portsmouth, a cute little place right on the beach a lot bigger than it appears from the outside, with actually some decent stuff.

First came a twister, pretty much what it says on the tin but it was on a pretty good setting.

Then there was the Klondlike rollercoaster that was really good surprisingly, if a little cramped inside the cars. It even had an inversion and one of the steepest drops of a 1.2m limit coaster I've ever seen.

Next we went on this little log flume, meandered about between some bushes for a bit (yawn) and then did one large drop that got you soaked wherever you sat in the boat (as two of the kids found out when they tried to sit behind me thinking I would take the worst of the water for them... Mwahahahahaha!) The only problem, other than the fact it was a little boring at the start) was that it was ridiculously shallow, so bad our boat scraped along the bottom all the way round and actually stopped at one point. I had to use the walls of the tunnels and sides of the trough to push us along.

We then went on another flat, I can't remember the name of it but you see them everywhere, think it's made by Huss but probably isn't. Anyway, you sit in a long row of seats all next to each other, and swing around in sideways circles. Anyway, it was being manually controlled by the guy in the booth, who kept making us think it was going to stop, before starting us spinning again much to the enjoyment of the young people.

It really makes you see the advantages of little parks like that, we only had just over an hour but hardly queued, walked straight on to pretty much all of the rides bar the log flume (it was a really hot day!) Each ride accepted tokens at the start from all the young people (or unlimited ride wristbands) and obviously they knew us or had been told or something as they knew I was looking after my group of young people and let me on free. But due to them being manually controlled you got really good value for money for your tokens thanks to the non-existent queues!

The only slight annoyances were we weren't allowed long so barely scratched the surface of all the rides there, I might try and go back at some point during July, and this young ride op who counted three too many of us onto the twister due to three young siblings who all wanted their own booth rather than sharing with their brother/sister.

Ah well, I'll head back at some point and try out the rest, I'll probably get a wrist band next time...

See ya!


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