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    SheiKra, Duelling Dragons, AIR, Nemeis, RITA: Queen Of Speed, Montu, Kraken, Oblivion, Rush And Stealth
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  1. My top 10 rides were:1.Name: SheiKraOpened: 2005Max. Speed: 70 MPHMax. Height: 200FTFeatures: Holding Brake, Dive Loop, Second Drop And a Water Final.2.Name: NemesisOpened: 1994Max. Speed: 50 MPHMax. Height: 40FTFeatures: 2 Corkscrews, Zero G Roll, Verticle Loop, In a Giant Pit, Blood Waterfalls Under The Track And Heavily Themed.3.Name: KrakenOpened: 2000Max. Speed: 60 MPHMax. Height: 144FTFeatures: 2 Vericle Loops, Cobra, Zero G Roll, Corkscrew And Heavily Themed.4.Name: MontuOpened: 1996Max. Speed: 60 MPHMax. Height: 150FTFeatures: The one-of-a-kind Batwing inversion, the only Inverted coaster with more than 6 inversions - it contains 7, 2 Verticle Loops, Dive Loop, Corkscrew, Zero G Roll And Heavily Themed To Egypt
  2. slammer had no break downs (that I saw!) and the longest we qued was 15 mins for rush at 10 to 12 PM and Nemesis Inferno was going mostly empty apart from the front and couple of other rowws were filled it also took 3 and 1/2 minutes for the front and it was the best experience on it ever! oh I 4 go it was only rumba and loggers! sorry joe
  3. I went to Thorpe Park on Monday 23rd of April, it was really good!Rush was working with 2 swings, noise level of the grey tanks reduced and 3 full swings!X:/ No Way Out New Themeing is great!Flying Fish id having bushes palnted around it but that means it was shut all day with stealth! and water rides apart from tidal wave were shut tooride Count:Depth Charge x1nemesis inferno x1(frot row!)Rush x1zodiac x1quantum x1vortex x1Colossus x1samurai x1slammer x1
  4. This Park Has Orlando's Tallest Twister RollerCoaster, Which Is Orlando's ONLY B&M Floorless Coaster, It Is Calles 'KRAKEN'.
  5. My Thorpe Park:2007) Flying Fish Returns With A faster Speed (35 MPH) With 2 Circuits Around The Track, 2 Swings On Rush & 3 Full Height Swings & Noise Level Reduced Out Of The Huge Air Pressure Tanks2008) Logger's Leap Refurbish (this does not mean a SPONSER!! if there was a sponser the dark tunnel would be yellow with ruber ducks on it if Imperial Leather came & destroyed it!) A GENRAL TIDY UP2009) The Worlds Most Intense B&M Floorless RollerCoaster. 5 Inversions, an Immelman, Zero G Roll, A Giant Loop & 2 Corksrews. This Ride Would Get You With In Inchs Of The Ground & Flying Over Trees And Swirving Into UnderGround Tunnels(like Alton Tower's AIR). A New Coat Of Paint On Colossus. Complete ride effects refurb. Tidal effects return, Rumba shower, Medusa water feature on Colossus, Loop geysers on Nemesis Inferno, smoke effects on Stealth. Bushes and Trees planted around Flying Fish As Well As Water Falls.2010) Nemesis Inferno's Volcano Finished, A Second Detonator Tower (Same Height 115FT) & A New Film in Pirates 4D. The Rumba Rapids Is Changed Back To: Thunder River With Calyspo Themeing. Zodiac Is Repainted To Its Original Colours.2011) Neptunes Bech Is Completly Removed With Depth Charge & The New Area Will Be Called: Treasure Island Or Pirates Cove. This New Park Land/Zone/Area Will Have A Treasure Hunting Thing (Like At Chessington Next To Dargon Falls). Themeing & Story Lines Will Be Finished On Most Of The Lost Ciy Ride, They Will Also Have A Moto; E.G. Samurai, The Mighty Warrior And So On.2012) Junior Coaster With A Minimum Height Restriction of 0.9 Meters Tall Is Added To Pirates Cove Or Treasure Island. The RollerCoaster Will Be 45Ft Tall.Can't Be Bothered To Type ANything Else!!!
  6. In other news: Get your last rides on Loggers people :)well how do you know that loggers leap is going to be removed?
  7. I went to TP today (10th feb. 07) and it was rubbish but they are building a new roller coaster and the staff would not tell me anything,I would have to wait and see but it will go underground like Oblivion at Alton Towers. The view of Canada Creek Was extrodenary, Slammer was in pieces and so was The Rockey Express, And Samurai had not pods and the park had fenced off from the Colossus Entrance to the fence by Colossus's Loop. Calypso Quay was silent apart from Pizza Hut where we all had lunch. Thorpe Park had drawn a line from Colossus to Stealth, all rides past Stealth And Colossus were Shut due to weather conditions which was not true because I asked a staff memeber why half of them were not open and the relpy was in the closed season they take appart all of the rides and paint them and make sure they're ok, which was not true because Colossus was all rusty like Tidle Wave. Canada Creek was fenced off because the machines were filling in the lake by Samurai and the path had machines on it in Canada Creek. But The Ranger County was in action with Mr. Monkey's Bananah Ride And Chief Ranger's Carousel But Miss Hippo's Fungle Safari was shut. Rush was in terrible condition, part of the Q-line fence was destroyed and the nets over the Q-line and the other net on the other side by Zodiac were in bad condition they were split or they had come off the brown supports. Stealth wasn't any different but the staff memers said it was not 0-80MPH in 1.1 seconds its 0-80MPH in 1.9 seconds and they havn't even changed any of the adverts in the park or at they race car tyre entrance of Stealth. The Stunts Arena still had the halloween horror maze 'Se7en' Fire Torches up and inside the Arena was the grey/silver tempory fencing but the white tent had gone. Hellgate was all there with the entrance tunnel to enter the maze. From the Colossus Q I saw the Freak Show 3D Information sign and in the Stunts Arena the Se7en Infromation sign was still stuck on the wall. The Park still had the adverts by Rush for 'Fright Nights' 2006. I asked one of the staff members why Colossus only had one train working and the reply was they were still repairing the train, but I thought they had 3 trains. Stealth only had 1 train running to, and they haven't changed the border on the on-ride photos from 2.3 seconds to 1.9 seconds.ADMIN COMMENT: Please use paragraphs in future. Post edited.
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