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  1. Funny how when people go on holiday and it's 40+ degrees, they boast about how lovely and hot it is where they are. Never hear them complaining.
  2. Am I the only White person that finds it isn't actually that hot?
  3. This is why they shouldn't open the whole park, like you seem to think would be a great idea. Rides don't like cold. It's a zoo day, bubbleworks was open, it's a bonus for you.
  4. NickD


    So Ajax throw away a 2-0 lead at home and loose on Penalties. Booked flights and the Hilton hotel for a conbined £280. Know 200 others going anyway, furthest I've gone to watch a match on TV.
  5. I made a post some time back. Enthusiasts are never happy. They look to try and find the negatives otherwise they have nothing to talk about.
  6. Can start with getting the grammar right. Is there a known issue with removing parts of quotes, this seems to be what is causing some confusion.
  7. It wasn't like that though. I used to go with my family, as did my friends. Go on the beach, have a swim and that, ride a couple of rides.
  8. Qualified engineers work on the rides. I'm sure they are being maintained correctly, don't worry. As I have said in the AP Holder Day topic. The park has reached capacity twice in how many years of the zoo-only days. The guests may be happier, but the park wouldn't be when their overall running costs outweigh the total income.
  9. NickD

    Annual Pass Day?

    Maintanence, Staffing. Might even be an agreement with local residents that the park cannot open to a certain capacity in the winter months? Also, 2 days out of how many have they reached capacity? My assumption is that it won't happen again as the weather worsens. The park opens in less than a month anyway, pointless rushing to get things open, it would be more beneficial to work on tidying the rides up and training the staff ready for when the actual park opens. The park wouldn't be too popular if they rushed into opening certain attractions and their reliability is poor come March.
  10. Target Audience is pretty self explanitory. It is what the organisation will market towards. Doesn't mean other people will not visit. I just think that years on focusing on attracting the 16-24 age group may have come back to haunt them as this age group are the one with a higher percentage out of work and a lower percentage with finances to spend on trips.
  11. NickD


    I do contract work, earning a fair bit of money. It is boring, I can be without work for a fair bit at a time, I recieve no holiday pay, I often have to move around the country. But as I said, the money is pretty ridiculous. Am I happy in what I do? No. The money doesn't seem to make me happy at work as I spend it on pretty much nothing, I've saved 10k over the last year so that should help a bit towards the future. The question is, would it be worth taking a Full Time job which you feel you would enjoy. I'm tempted to. I'm out of work again in a few weeks and am looking for something more enjoyable. After all, you spend 5/7 days each week of your life at work, if you don't enjoy it at all, then maybe you should look for a change? Really not too sure what to do.
  12. Just a thought but do you think that maybe along with the price of visiting the park that maybe people have stopped visiting because, well, they've already been there and done it? It seems that the park have lost alot of the impact on their guests that makes them want to come back again. I visited last year to go on Swarm, said I would go back but never did, wasn't tempted too either in the end. The staff didn't leave an excellent impression when I visited either (A key factor on ensuring guests return again). I'm not too sure on what age Thorpe's target market are now, but I'm going to have a pop and say 14-20. Now the reason I'm giving that age is because I don't know a single person who went last year (Minus some of you lot). If this is indeed the age that Thorpe are marketing towards then the question has to be asked as to where on earth people of that age group can get the sort of money together to spend on a day out at Thorpe Park. Whilst Chessington, Legoland and Alton Towers continue to attract families (Families will often recieve a discount when booking together, plus parents often have finance to spend on a day out) Thorpe Park seems to be struggling due to it's target audience being less able to splash a large amount of money on a day out.
  13. Incredibly boring rides in my opinion. Discussion on it is nearly as bad as the infamous second drop tower for detonator.
  14. Crash Pad is better than nothing and will serve a purpose. I cannot see it being successful whatsoever depending on the price. It could go very well or could go horribly wrong. Only time will tell.
  15. Announcements are used to speed up the loading / off loading process. The dispatch announcement would be used for H&S reasons.
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