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  2. Hmm we would all like to take over a theme park like Thorpe, but we would have to be Billionaires to folk out the cash! And please don't tell me that the gas ball for Tidal Wave don't work anymore, that was my favourite part of the ride cause it made everyone jump when it went off!
  3. How much pottential do you think there is with these 3 nu islands proposed in the lake areas?
  4. Here's an interesting question, what does everyone think Thorpe Park will be like in 10 years time, barering in mind how far Thorpe has come in the last 5 years since the opening of Colossus, do you think we'll have many more coasters and thrill rides to look forward to in the next decade?? And do you think Thorpe Park will be much larger in area than it is now with newly themed areas & gardens?
  5. I suppose Drayton insn't bad when you consider it's run by a family business so you can't expect them to get the same kinda funding that a major leisure company like Tussaud's would get!
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