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  1. http://www.scaretouruk.com/news---thorpe-park-2013.html seems we maybe getting a sort of back story too the whole park?
  2. rollerross11


    Currently have a Major obsession for Ella O'Connor aka Lorde, A 16 year old New Zealand singer-songwriter. Her song Royals has recently become a major hit in the states getting to number 4 and her song Tennis Court was featured on the Wimbledon's Women's Finals. I think she has a great career ahead of her and this is only the beginning. Her debut Album Pure Heroine is out in the states 30th of September and here October 28th. Royals Tennis Court Also Haim's New Single 'The Wire' has to be one of the most hilarious videos of this year.
  3. Happy birthday Kelly Durnan

  4. rollerross11


    did anyone else watch Mayday, Good series but such a disappointing ending
  5. rollerross11


    Sky and Natalia Kills are amazing, Sky is one of those artists that hasn't found her genre/style yet. I mean the Ghost EP is like 2 different artists which is good and I like the fact her style is so different, Cant wait for the debut album to drop later this year. One of my favourite Sky songs is Seventeen, her older stuff is so good. Natalia's album comes out so soon as well 'Trouble', can't wait for it too drop as well. Current obsession is Haim, there getting pretty big. Its a sister act from California; there's Danielle, Este and Alana Haim, each play different instruments and all sing. They have a rock,R&B, 80s/90s vibe. I saw them last year live and there amazing. Going to see them again this year to their sold out gig in London. Falling and Forever are my favourites. Another artists I've become obsessed with last year are; Nina Nesbitt, the female scottish singer songwriter. Who I again saw last year and seeing on tuesday, Charli XCX who's a kind of dark pop artist with debut album True Romance out in April and Bastille which have become hugely successful this year with Pompeii and debut album Bad Blood.
  6. Ok well I went today, all I can say is busy! One thing I will say is... SOLD OUT? Hmmmm I dont think so my friend, who didn't pre book but had a tescos clubcard voucher went in fine, they didn't seem to care as the people next to us were buying normal up front gate tickets. Didn't get there till 2:00pm we only wanted to go for a short time and it was freezing so we left at like 6pm But still got to do Asylum and The Passing plus a few Flats. The Passing
  7. Sinister Well what can I say, Probably the scariest film I have seen in a while, the idea behind it is terrifying and it just keeps you on the edge of you're seat the whole time. It really is like the best/scariest parts of Paranormal Activity and Insidious have brought been brought together (made by the same producers of both), The film has many twists and a predictable but jumpy ending. Dont want to give to much away but its worth a watch. 8/10 House At The End Of The Street: Now this film was again a great film but I found it delved into so many genres, romantic, teen , Thriller that it was less of a Horror than I expected. The film however has so many twists that you cannot truly understand who's is who until the very end. Literally takes a complete reverse into who you think is the killer/sister too something completely different. Similar to the twist in Psycho, great thriller but not a great Horror. Also Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress in this film and does a great job unlike some movie actress's in horror genre, my recommendation is too go in without any pre conceptions. 7.5/10
  8. rollerross11


    Marina needs more credit for how amazing of an artist she is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C89O5NhWDsI and her new single HTBAH is so catchy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3hmQvVN3eY&feature=related
  9. Well I went to the Park yesterday, for the Athletics. Wow the arena is amazing just the atmosphere was incredible, we won 1 gold but still it was every athlete you kind of supported. Especially in the F11/12 womens Long Jump, similarly to Benin the whole crowd going silent to help them run up down the runway to the pit was incredible. I really hope that after these games theres no Atlanta style changes like knocking down half the stadium and ripping up the whole track,the worst about that games they did that before the Paralympics finished. The venue has such potential to be useful for so many events it would be ashamed to see it be altered.
  10. Agreed defiantly better than Google Wallet, not restricted to the limited NFC connectivity plus I always use my iPhone for BA flights and Starbucks card so if its easier to get to the better. Hello redesign.
  11. Sorry To Double Post but.... Welcome, Welcome to the 74th Annual Hunger Games. The rise of the mocking jay has begun.
  12. A wide Angle Shot. Wide angle birds eye view. The game makers are not happy, They're sending the fire balls upon us watch out for the burning tree. Flight of the MockingJay coming May 1st.
  13. rollerross11

    Lady GaGa

    got my tickets today
  14. rollerross11

    Lady GaGa

    I'm looking forward to losing £77 :/ not a fan of the fact its at twickenham.
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