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  1. Yo dude, I see your from reading,I'm live in slough, I also have a job there,,how you planning on getting there>? Whens you Company induction?x
  2. Hello,Anyone going thorpe park company introduction on Monday 16th Feb at 9pm?x
  3. Well..Got My Job at Thorpe Park.Got 3 training days now like food and hygine etc.So year 2009 Ryan Murray Will Be there/1
  4. went on the 22nd with my mate.He yesterday gota email saying he was unsuccessful, Badtimes.But yet I have heard nothing.
  5. Alright.They said it could be up to three weeks,Lets just wait and see. x
  6. Ok,So had my assement today,went well I think, It was F&B, Anyone else awaiting confimation of a placement?Ry-Boi!
  7. Hey,

    how did you assessment go? Hope everything went FANTASTICALLY!

  8. hahaha,na the thing is I bleive most people will turn up wearing hoodies and that .looking casual..and I want to look clean smart casual and then my sense of humor starts and we should get a job offer :L
  9. Prob a stupid questions..But what should I wear..I'm feeling shirt and tie but brother feeling smart casual clothes?
  10. Hahaha, Yeah I work at Reading Football Ground..It soo good.. Yeah its hetic..its like ahahhaha! Machines all ways bnreak at half time Cheers mate for the tips..Just dont wnat to muck it up :(I think people awaiting a reply..will prob get it friday after tomo's assements.Ry-Boi
  11. I'm really bubbly and that..loved taking part..have u had one before?
  12. Got my interview tommorow for F&Bcurrently work in f&b at a football stadium hopefully that boost me up a tad.Any tips? x
  13. Gee 45 minutues is a bit late tbb..Did they say anythign about it too you? x
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