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  1. I actually think you are kind of jealous that single rider joe can go on single rider and chats up the staff

    you suck

  2. heya there, I think I saw you at thorpe park the other day. the girl I was with said you were really fit and should be a model! If I was a girl I'd fancy you too! You seem like such an amazing guy and I wish I could be like you =]!!!!!!

  3. a *suprise* I'm sure those picsolve girls would be interested to know more about ;)

  4. my surprise is huge ;) ahaha

  5. Phyciodes


    too many girls look far older than they are these days, its honestly unsafe to chat up anyone!
  6. Phyciodes


    the awkward moment you find out she's only 13...
  7. Phyciodes


    since when can you like comments on these forums? liking comments, tpm chat? honestly getting more and more like fb every day!
  8. Lol it ain't that bad, more of an extravagent, eye spectacle than anything to be taken too seriously
  9. Phyciodes


    I see this site still exists...
  10. Can someone confirm this for me please- I can get into Alton an hour before the openeing time with an AP right?
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6UQI7rJbR0A video I filmed last year and put together recently
  12. The names oright, most people thought the name saw was crap when it was first released as well lol. But the ride looks brilliant and I'm happy that its gonna be a thrill ride.
  13. Just got back from a great day at thorpe! Park was aboloutely dead! All rides open apart from depth charge and loggers leap. Everything walk on all day.Ride Count-Saw-8Stealth-6Nemesis-4Colossus-2Rush-4Slammer-1Vortex-2Tidal Wave-1Detonator-3Samurai-2So yeah excellent day!
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