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  1. MarkC


    There’s a really good American drama on any news channel right now.
  2. I’ve heard the same thing! Mr Gul Lible messaged me the other day. Forbidden Tomb is returning!
  3. MarkC


    @Matt Creek make my day and do a piano cover of: https://open.spotify.com/track/3hWfKBt3n7j1xqIy6LA5ve?si=2zdaU3iqST-8nHnXDgvK6w
  4. Think your name ideas are awful. Nothing wrong with what they’re called now.
  5. With the nature of the allegations, retweeting and sharing the allegations can cause distress to others who have previously experienced sexual abuse. On your point of ‘empty gestures’, I have personally spoken and offered my support to survivors. With allegations coming out like we are witnessing, it’s important that we all work together to raise awareness and give our support to those who have been effected. As well as this it also should be remembered that those who have had allegations made against them as this can have a serious impact on their mental health despite the
  6. Statement on behalf of myself and the rest of Attraction Central:
  7. Feel free to search Theme Park Worldwide on Twitter.
  8. Theme Park Worldwide have been getting a lot of attention in the last couple of days after accusations of sexual harassment was aimed at the channel. They are now getting investigated by the police.
  9. MarkC

    Alton Audio

    This makes Jack Silkstones recreation look good.
  10. Think you are completely wrong on that one.
  11. Also worth noting, none of the staff have been invited back for training. Does seem like they’re leaving it till the last minute
  12. So if I make a point that there is no diversity in the forum, your first instinct is to attack me directly. Shame to see a platform where you cannot voice your opinion on something as a relevant topic without being targeted directly.
  13. God, it’s almost like it was an inside joke, and something discussed, with the owner of the site too. Don’t see why you are pulling the race card quite frankly. Furthermore, I do not see the need for a moderation team to bring up disciplinary matter that were dealt with in private, back up into the public domain. Seems like the power is getting to your head.
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