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  1. As far as I am aware TPW are no longer invited to press nights.
  2. I will report this to health and safety on your behalf so this maze gets closed down. Had something similar. Hopefully will hear a reply so that Platform 15 does not return this year.
  3. Wouldn't mind a Brave it Alone on that one.
  4. Don't believe what other people are saying. From what I have heard big top is returning where Bouncezilla is and WD will be where sanctum was two years ago. And even better news for yourself, Platform 15 has been extended this year. There will be an interval in the tunnel where they are using some of the old Experiment 10 shipping containers and you will travel inside them. I have confirmed this with your favourite person JACK SILKSTONE VIP and he is putting a video out tonight which will confirm this!
  5. Come on now people, who misread hottest male for most likely to be banned?
  6. MarkC

    Logger's Leap

    Slightly worrying you thought that was a bloke....
  7. MarkC

    Logger's Leap

    1) You have no idea what you’re talking about. Try only writing a sentence next time instead of a essay so it means I have to scroll less to avoid the utter garbage you write. 2) A 2020 coaster is not happening. 3) You are right about one thing, the social media manager is Jordan. But she’s far from a man. If you had a problem with your Apple product would you go straight to the CEO? No because there’s plenty of people under them that are doing all the work. Jordan wouldn’t be replying to every comment and putting up every post, that’s what a team is for. 4) Once again please stop these massive essays. It doesn’t make you look clever, it just makes you look like a moron when the fundamentals are wrong.
  8. Just getting a bit boring now, you can change your username but it doesn’t change the person ?
  9. Absolutely rammed and full of disgusting queue line smokers tonight! This is what designated areas are for.
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