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  1. Doesn’t the fact that the closed season has been extended and this is still nowhere near finished show what a waste of a time this is year on year...?
  2. Spoke too soon. All UK Theme Park shut. Kung-Flu.
  3. Legoland and Chessington. Thorpe Park still have not commented
  4. Everyone would have walked off normally 😂
  5. Sure Merlin are loving it. Another excuse for falling profits.
  6. Got to love how easy it is to get a RAP. Saves money on buying fast rack.
  7. MarkC

    Thorpe Park 2020

    It’s just VR on The Swarm. Relax guys.
  8. I’m sure there will be iPads or other ways to pay.
  9. I believe there is a maximum age to ride this. Adults can accompany children.
  10. no need to be racist. he may be black but doesn’t mean he smokes pot...
  11. MarkC


    Got my ban removed where I have to request to post on the forum. Best day evrrrrrr
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