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    I am a sergeant in the Air Training corps - and i love rollercoasters!!!

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    Thorpe Park
  1. stuiesk

    Thorpe Park Staff

    I love that laugh he does as the saw train leaves the stationAlso, that guy wearing the beanie hat scares the queue line in saw, I love it when they play along!
  2. stuiesk

    SAW: The Ride

    Yeh, I knew that, which is why I asked the ride host to seat me on the second train to see what happens. The mouth just moves, doesn't match what it says though, just up and down like a puppet
  3. stuiesk

    SAW: The Ride

    yeh, I was glad that it opened again earlier.Something which I had never noticed before was that if you're on the second train you stop next to the doll and he speaks to you for a bit. Learn something new everyday!
  4. stuiesk

    SAW: The Ride

    I think it's a pretty rubbish place for the camera, because you have to move you head to look at the camera, so it doesn't get your true expression!