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  1. The only songs I can really think of are Jessie J's Laserlight, which you may of misheard as moonlight or starlight) or Domino.
  2. Might as well take this to ask if anybody could provide me a playlist of the music featured during HHP 2008?
  3. Oh I thought it was joke...
  4. A working link please :DEDIT: False alarm, that was just my internet connection
  5. Does anyone have the entrance music?
  6. Should be fine by then. Although, no one will know which rides will be closed for specific events/days during the season.
  7. My ride count from yesterday: Saw - 2Colossus - 3Nemesis Inferno - 3Rush - 2Samurai - 1Vortex - 1X:/ No Way Out - 1
  8. So that means that Stealth, Saw, Slammer, Logger's Leap, Colossus, Rush and Quantum were down today? That probably means that issue has been resolved.
  9. Ouch I actually wonder why Logger's Leap and Rumba Rapids are closed.
  10. Didn't it open in the afternoon yesterday? When I was on Nemesis Inferno I saw boats going round and I saw the staff making guests to form a queue outside the entrance.
  11. Yesterday I was quite annoyed with some of the staff, especially on Vortex, Rush and Samurai! They seem to be having silly conversations in the middle of loading times which even added more time to the waiting times. They really need to keep focus and try to decrease the waiting time for that ride, instead of increasing! However, at least they were happy (ashame that most of the guests weren't).I must say though, the politeness of the staff yesterday were exellent, even the cleaners. But, I didn't like the attitude of a group of staff were a woman had asked nicely when some of the rides will r
  12. From what I've heard, it will be closed for a few days.
  13. Moving away from that closure expeculation, could anyone explain how the station queue works (not the loading area)? There are two rows. I understand why there are two rows on the stairs (to seperate the main queue with the fastrack), but why in the station? The both queues got mixed together anyway. Maybe the fastrack queue is actually meant to lead all the way into the station, but got stopped half way up the stairs.I hope I haven't answered my own question...
  14. What are you implying? That it may do the opposite tomorrow?
  15. Ashley W


    Is it me or has Rush's duration increased?
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