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  1. I adore Brighton and Brighton pier! however the rides do work out quite expensive, and the little coaster? very jerky, well I dare say it is quite old now! was down there back in april, don't like the look of the booster rides though.
  2. Sorry if there is already a Pleasurewood hill's topic, I couldn't find one.So who has been here and what is your opinion of the theme park?I went once years and years ago and may be going again next month.Do the queues get as big as Thorpe park and Alton towers?Anyone been on Wipeout? it looks quite fun!
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    At the moment I am liking Empire of the sun and Little dragon.
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    I adore Heros, I just wish it was on for longer!Is anyone here a fan of Shameless? Peep show? Doctor who?well they are some of my favorites. Not really into soaps they start to bore me after a while.
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    I have 2 cats Lionel and Elijah.
  6. I find Stealth restraints safe and comfortable along with Nemesis inferno.I think the reason I have never done Rush or Slammer yet is the look of the rides restraints. However I am sure it heightens the thrill!
  7. Hi, againI somehow manage to miss this topic here!Well I love rides and roller coasters and often do a trip to Thorpe park every year. This year we went last week (Easter holidays) and it was so busy! We usually go at the end of March. As it was so busy I am trying to plan another trip in about 3 weeks. Trying not to get too excited!
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