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  1. to be fair I remember they planned to make 13 originally 😬
  2. I've seen serious posts suggesting worse so you never know huh ?
  3. you'd need new supports which would defeat the whole reason it got a minimal support structure you'd probably need the radius to be wider to fit the train on the inside of the track I'm pretty certain it couldn't physically happen without tearing down most of the track and changing the launch power etc at which point they might as well start a new coaster from scratch
  4. Is the walking dead even that popular anymore? I hope they've installed some kind of tunnel on the stop sections at least, or else I can't imagine how making them scary will work if they're all still out in the open
  5. They keep making cuts due to decreased visitor numbers but surely this is just going to help decrease them further? I don't understand their logic
  6. I think the train goes through the structure more than once from different directions already so that can explain the 2 sides
  7. I hope not, why would they do that when they have Saw alive (an original all year maze) sitting unopened after a new SAW film has come out
  8. holtjammy16


    I've assumed it's because no one posts the sw8 updates here so everyone follows it on other forums
  9. Maybe because it might've cost alot more and took longer to take them apart carefully enough to sell on
  10. Loggers leap in 2002/3 I think first 'big' ride was Inferno around 2009ish
  11. All we know relating to the theme is that there's a big wicker looking statue and the rumoured name being Wickerman? We literally have no idea that the theme wont fit in.. Isn't the name rumour because they trademarked 'Wickerman' or something? Didn't they also do that with 'The Marmeliser'? Also I think lightning rod's launch issues was because they used some alternative upcoming company's technology instead of a trusted and proven one
  12. Pretty sure we can be like 100% sure it will have nothing to do with the film..
  13. If you sit right at the back it does have a few (only slightly but still pretty fun)
  14. To be fair it's probs the most hidden in the park, in the now most likely least visited in the park but still that's no excuse.. Odd how they've added 2 kids rides right next door and not done anything with loggers as it's right in their path
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