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  1. Were you involved in the creation of Chessington's new area Wild Aisa?How far were you involved in SAW: The Ride? What are your opinions on the ride?What was your re-action when rides like Duel and Bubbleworks were re-themed?
  2. Incase anyone is intrested Really Rollercoaster Forums is currently running an 'Ask Your Questions To..' with Drayton Manor, this should help you get an aswer straight from the park's management team!
  3. Hi, I'm Joe and from Dorset. I don't think I'll be very popular on here as I'm not the biggest Thorpe Park fanboy, infact I hate the palce besides the rides. Never the less, I still think I'll enjoy being on here, people may also know me from Towers Times/Reallly Rollercoaster/Towers Nerd and what not.
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