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  1. There’s a good 25 minutes where evil takes over; spooky rock and roll songs play and big Bob Jones is possessed. It’s all about the story though; it all depends what time you get there. But - there are horrors in there.
  2. Glad you like Colossus' audio - thanks! There should be audio playing for Rush and Nemesis Inferno - but there simply wasn't enough time to do everything; we will build on it, I am sure. Don't know why or where you heard the director - can you let me know? WWTP is a complete re-write... that's all I have to say about that. What didn't work?
  3. http://www.stickysisters.co.uk Appears to be an outside brand! Exciting! Chicken Wings and spicy sauces!
  4. Merlin offer a way better deal than the Disney annual passes. We're very lucky to get the 20% discount on everything (alcohol, food, gifts) and everyone in the party can gain from it if only one person in the group has the pass. Over at Disney only the pass holder is allowed to make use of the 10% (or sometimes 5%) discount.
  5. Yeah - the other day when I went on - we had a bit of the holding sequence and it provided one of the best jump scares of the attraction! Great stuff and a really clever idea.
  6. Nice to know Amanda wanted a garden of tranquility in the final "pans" and that they're "extited"!!
  7. The creative lead from MMM has told me it will deliver on time by March 18th. Keep Calm and Carry On.
  8. Can someone tell me which direction the boat is going? Is it going toward the arch? I presume it is - as you've got to be able to read the text
  9. It's in now. Think it's everywhere bar the tavern and sw8 area.
  10. Here's a little clip of my new audio for Mutiny!
  11. you've got 60 computers in a tube train, in a metal shed. of course heat can make it troublesome; the processors don't work well when heated up
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