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  1. ahh wow! Corr I bet it has changed! I'm guessing there were no Major rides?

  2. YES LETS!! Oh no, I will go and have a look :D I really hope to go the for halloween this year!!

  3. I haven't been on here in AGES! HEY PEOPLE!

  4. I'm good thanks, corr I can't remember, I was really really young and we didnt get on anything haha! It was a surprise trip, but now I'm there every year ;) what about you?

  5. I just love her, she is so kind to her fans and actually cares about them, not just their money! Yeah I watched her on that too! She was amazing and soso funny :L

  6. She certainly is amazing! Did you see her on the Paul O'Grady show? WOW. :)

    I just love her, she is so kind to her fans and actually cares about them, not just their money! Yeah I watched her on that too! She was amazing and soso funny :L

  7. Hahaa, Lady gaga is an AMAZING woman!! Yeah it was shot really well, but looked like a much smaller project than her other music videos :L Yeah I saw them, I thought the same to, but I was wrong ;)

  8. Ahh right :L I thought that is what most probably happens :LL

    What did you think of the music video?

  9. Like 1hr 30mins to 2hrs :/ Its quite depressing! And there are not any good ones closer :/ They wasn't working when I was there, we tried to use them though ;) Oh were they :S They wasn't when I was there haha!! I do like the ride though :L

    When they turn Rumba Rapids off, does all the water run into the lake? :S

  10. Haha, you will be fine! :D Mines been great thanks, got soaked from the rain but went to the pier and shizz! What about your day?

    Haha ikr! They like accepted my instantly, but yeah :/

    You got any plans for going to any theme parks soon?

  11. Haa, your secret is safe with me! ;) How are you?

  12. Ahh right, I think that is all I'll ever be unless I move to Stains :L Yeah it was good, I think Thorpe have over advertised it though :/ its not as big, fast and exciting as they make out, but I still love it :D Hahaa I didn't actually get that wet :/ but when I went on it, there was no water shooting out from anything :/ What did you think of it?

  13. Ahh that sounds amazing! You doing any work there this year?

    oh btw, the reason your comments disappear when you post them is because I have to accept them first. I just have it on that so I can reply to the comments and not forget about them ;)

  14. Yeah it came through :D ahh that is still as amazing!!!!! I LOVED the asylum, the chainsaw bit scared the living day lights out of me!

  15. I love not having to be at class till late!

  16. LOL at the cottage cheese thing, I didnt put that ;)

  17. AHHH THAT IS LIKE ANOTHER DREAM! What mazes did you act in there? :D Its really strange thinking that you have probably scared the cottage cheese tastes very nice out of me LOL!

  18. The chain saw at thorpe parks "asylum" maze in Halloween scared the CRAP out of me!!!
  19. See I love the atmosphere at Thorpe Park, the whole park is smoked out, creepy sound tracks are played around the park, loads of horror mazes and I just love it! But I do really want to go to the Scarefest at Alton, never been there before because its such a journey but I'm planning to go this year depending on what people are doing haha! I really loved Thorpe's halloween events a few years ago when it was less popular, you didnt even have to get off stealth, they just keep making it go round, unless you wanted to get off But really want to the Alton some time!
  20. AHH I REALLY WANT TO WORK THERE! and I really want to do announcements to! EURGH WHY DO I LIVE 2 HOURS AWAY! I wouldn't mind your journey compared to mine haha! Did you do the halloween events?

  21. Yeah I suppose, you get the whole feeling and the atmosphere around the area! But I suppose I mostly go to Thorpe Park in Halloween so the Saw Island is a complete different experience! and thank you, I'm new to all this
  22. Omg, that is like my dream job! ;) Is it as good as people think it will be? and did you get bored? :D

  23. Haha I know right, its like a friendship already made! Well hello Richard, my name is Thomas, but you can call me Tom. But not Tommy, I hate that. Omg we have like the same addictions! Except I'm not a major fan of Gaga but I do like her music :D But I've met Katy Perry :D How are you :D

  24. Haha I don't have a clue who you are either but HEY! :D HOW ARE YOU?

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