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    Glitch reacted to EC! for a blog entry, Europa Park Part 4 (FINALLY)   
    Sorry about being so lazy not to finish this and this won't I guess be the best installment ever but bear with because this is the last part in my trip report to Europa park!
    Because the queue had died down, I decided to go on Euro-Mir again, unsuprisingly by myself as none of my family liked it apart from me

    Such a good ride tbh!!! Like I said before it is very intense for what it is and by this point only had a 5min queue!


    We were almost about to go straight to Silver Star when I had not ridden Atlantica Supersplash. These intrigued me as this seems to be quite a marmite ride, some love it, some find it utterly boring, So with only a 15 minute queue, me and my dad decided to adventure on to this very well themed ride!

    Look at those shaky camera skills go!

    I have to say I was in the first category, I actually really liked the ride sure it was never going to set my pants on fire like Wodan or Blue fire but it was a heck of a lot of fun! I like the backwards bit and my favourite part was the nice little bunny hop before the splash and it is extremely well themed, it would out quite alot of Thorpe park to shame with that theming This might surprise you but I give this an EC! RATING:8/10 I just totally prefer it to Poseidon which is rough as hell, plus it got me more wet and reminded me of a quirky version of Hydro/Drenched.

    Que dodgy selfie to show how Atlantica left my one side completely dry and the other completely soaked:P

    I really wanted to take a video (which I forgot to do at Silver Star ) So this was like last minute, sorry it is abit crap but it proves I was there

    More pics of the Awesome Fjord Rafting!

    If anybody goes to Europa this year or in 2014, I highly recommend this little counter next to Euro-Mir/Food Loop , the pasta is absolutely sublime and the sauce the best I have ever tasted from a counter like that. Its really worth your while checking it out! my only little niggle was that the bowl was abit small but it was gorgeous none the less.
    EC! FOOD RATING: 9.5/10

    Walking back to the entrance of the Park we see THE GLOBE THEATRE!!

    Matterhorn: another incredibly well themed ride!

    We were going to do this but then we realised it some how had a bigger queue then Silver Star so we went to that instead

    Best queue for a big ride we have had all day!

    Getting quite excited now!

    Inside Queueline/Exhibition!

    I wont say anymore then its a Merc F1 car otherwise I will turn into a complete nerd!

    We are getting there!

    My sis looks so amused

    EEK! almost time!

    Well this ride was just awesome! Funny little story for you, you know the Specsavers ad with the old people at backpool Pleasure beach who accidently get on Infusion to the fright of their life?...... Well this happened to my gramps. He thought he was going on Euro-sat, even though the Silver Star signs were BLATANTLY obvious, he was completely oblivious to this until we got on the train and left the train..... his first words were "SH*T I'm ON THE WRONG RIDE!!" at this point me, dad and my sister just burst out laughing! the worst thing was he was on the out side seat so he could see straight down which made him scream a few words that shouldn't be said around the dining table after that point all we could hear after that point was a very high pitch scream come from him for the rest of this ride OMG I was weak after that, this ride was so good but I was totally distracted by my gramps shear terror look on his face. This ride was awesome made better by our little debarcle, it was a shame it finished so quick, because the airtime was out of this world! Such a good ride EC! RATING:9.5/10


    At this point I had to say a sad good bye to Europa It certainly is the best theme park I have been to Since Disney Florida, I loved it, and I am SO going again soon!

    Bye Blue Fire!

    Bye WODAN!!

    Bye Europa! See you again soon!
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