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  1. Wouldn't it be funny if Merlin ID'ed the person behind the account a gave them a lifetime ban, now that would be fun. They could just say they don't want their custom or provides a threat to other customers....
  2. The merch design this year is horribly camp.....
  3. Why does John Burton get so much credit / praise for everything. Yes he has creative direction but surely he's spread over so many projects at this point that there's teams of great people doing all the work but not getting any credit? Is he the next John Wardley, seems like he's trying to fill those boots?
  4. Does anyone feel sorry for the construction workers working on the project, must be annoying having voyeurs walking around trying to get the latest updates.......
  5. I love how the park are running a competition to be the first rider, however I highly doubt the winner will be the first, I'd bet all the enthusiast press days will be first and Silkstone will already have ridden 100 times
  6. Blue light day this weekend has been cancelled.
  7. Its quite exclusive but everything gets leaked anyway so I wouldn't bother.
  8. Big day for those of us who invested in Dobble in the early days!!!
  9. I would expect so, the old finance director didn't see rollercoasters such as Wickerman as a bad investment. Now all the old thinking is gone it seems as if its only a positive way going forward.
  10. Thorpe park hates tall people with a passion.
  11. Paulton's have Peppa Pig that's all they need.
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