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  1. Look forward to it. Well done to Nick for creating something for the enthusiasts community to look forward too in these uncertain times.
  2. Glitch


    The Florida Project For any Disney fan I would recommend: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-florida-project/on-demand/69116-001 Free to watch on 4OD, the Touching drama about a six-year-old girl's adventures living in a motel near Walt Disney World, while the girl's single mother struggles to make ends meet. A real issue for Disney Florida, which the tourist may not see on their vacation to Florida.
  3. Mainly Twitter enthusiasts love drama there. So the 'Merlin banning vloggers from vlogging' was a rumor started from someone who had "official Merlin sources" stating that Merlin would stop vlogging within weeks as a result of the TPWW incident. Merlin then invited Shaun to multiple media events and everyone has been free to vlog their hearts out ever since. The person a few months later deleted Twitter, due to their being too much drama on the platform. Returns a few weeks later........ The Blackpool one happened last off season I believe where a source 'leaked' that V
  4. Yes it's his work but is it right for taking the GF along for the ride too, working in retail which I assume has lots of contact with others..... Also just delve through the old videos and you shall find, convicted pedophiles and some very creepy call outs / sexual innuendos for women within the community. Now it seems as he has blocked the whole of Theme Park Twitter and will just continue to do his own thing, which is fine, I'm blocked personally for asking a simple question. I guess we will need a new Rob Alvey eventually. On the no win situation th
  5. Just a casual rhetoric jab at Shaun, his channel needs to be gone and its a shame that its still around. I would visit if in the area for work purposes obviously.
  6. Won't be heading here anytime soon, can't call yourself Covid secure whilst allowing those from Tier 3 in. Remember to stay safe people.
  7. Yes prices went up but themed experiences and attractions don't come cheap? Hopefully this will push more money into the pipelines and release extra Capex from Merlin for the attractions. I think most people have misunderstood how much value the Annual pass used to bring at the very low pricepoints when an AP for just one of the other non Merlin parks was within £30 of sale price. At the new prices I still think that value is there, when say if the Swarm for example was the only ride in the location of TP and they charged £10-£20 as a oneshot, like the rollercoaster on the Veg
  8. That's not Imoscore or Nick Hutson,... might be expensive for Merlin, perhaps they can offer up the manor as a retirement home.
  9. lly does make me cringe how many people come to the local area just to get a glimpse of Nemesis inferno, fine if your in the local area and can walk there but if your driving I think you should reevaluate where you do your daily exercise.
  10. Lets cut Amity High playing a UK Indie disco playlist where is the realism?
  11. Head out to nagoya and get the legoland credit. Its a shipping port town. Also this thread clearly says 2020 plans not 2021 mate.
  12. In my opinion Fright nights needs a rebrand. Seeing to many posts on that MAP group about how their kids were scared and how to put up a cross to not be interacted with. For me seeing families / kids running around is a complete atmosphere killer as how the hell can this be scary. I think theres only one way to do it, and I don't see it happening. Close the park at 4 and have an event going from 5 til 11, 13+ only and no ways of preventing a scare.
  13. Went to fun nights. It was fun not scary. My first interaction with the crows was them filming a ticktok over at Amity high, fun, not scary, might take the kid next time.
  14. Did you go in the maze last year? It was literally just fumes, from the moment you walked in to exit. Perhaps complain to the park if you have an issue with the mazes not opening due to ventilation problems.
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