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  1. Glitch

    TPM Guildford Meet Feb 19

    Sounds good.
  2. Glitch

    The Small Parks Thread

    It would be good if they could also invest in some queue lines for the busy days on park.
  3. Glitch


    Ah, a backstage blog..... Sounds familiar.
  4. Glitch

    2019 Season

    Most important Wild Mouse's 60th
  5. Glitch

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    Statistically, prove me wrong here @JoshC., there is enough time to play the game again this closed season.
  6. Glitch

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Can I insult this? If this was Merlin you would be all on the offensive attach?
  7. Glitch

    TPM Awards 2018 - The Winners

    Good results all around. Congratulations to the losers.
  8. Glitch


    This year may surprise you the Creek.... however, remind me when an annual pass for £50-£60 for a whole year was bad value and upped prices??? How much does Blackpool's cost?
  9. Glitch


    Yet people won't moan about these, even if they cost £250+ a night..
  10. Glitch

    Top 10's

    Went out to visit my sister, she hasn't been stabbed yet or put in jail despite being British and out there for four years. Rollercoasters were a bonus despite being too tall for many of them. Also saw no crime, no pickpocketers, and even no litter. Strange too that they have every British store you can think of M&s Waitrose, Costa, Hard rock, Starbucks, KFC you name it they have it.
  11. Glitch

    Top 10's

    Daily mail readers :/. I guess Dubai will just be my gem to explore.
  12. Glitch


    That's what happens though when you go to the restaurant expecting dry hot dogs and chicken nuggets.
  13. Glitch

    TPM Awards 2018

    Last plee to vote Coaster.
  14. Glitch

    Top 10's

    Media propaganda, don't do anything stupid you won't be put in jail. No crime, Waitrose, Costa, M&S, KFC, Pizza &Pasta, it's all very Westernised now. World-class public transport systems and taxi's cheaper than an oyster fayre. I wouldn't be put off going to Dubai with the worry of breaking a rule. Maybe you might be put into jail for investigating the country's security systems otherwise I wouldn't worry at all.
  15. Glitch

    Top 10's

    No Dubai on the Worldwide list. You are missing a bit part of the global theme park world.