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  1. Very strange. I would expect it to be one of the worst of the Dungeons brand considering that it is not standalone. However, going into an attraction with the mindset of looking for every blackwall possible, rather than where the show lights want you to focus, to slate the attraction is not the mindset of a regular guest rather one just looking to find every negative in an attraction they don't want to like from the outset. All reviews I have seen from day guests have been quite positive so far. The attraction itself is not needless, it adds to the Alton Towers RESORT portfolio, of things for hotel guests to do whilst enjoying their short break, also have you considered that extra ticketing revenue could be used to develop future projects?
  2. Glitch


    On monster houses warehouse are we considering it from a kid perspective maybe the warehouse is not as viewable from their line of sight?
  3. I have no problem with it. At the end of the day it's a preview day, perhaps this year they have taken the option of renting the park out for a day instead.
  4. People do work in other parts of the business. Not every cleaner or back office staff is a trained ride operator.
  5. I think Discord would be a good option.
  6. Is it not too early to judge? Let's all wait till we've experienced the attraction first rather than going off the design before the official park opening.
  7. So much negativity on these forums nowadays it's just getting stale boring and old.
  8. Yet you still go to Merlin attractions more than once a month on average. Seems strange don't see you hopping over to Disney every other week
  9. Yet £50 for a LAP, I think you will find overall the price went down.
  10. Didn't you also predict that I'm a celeb building would be SBNO this season ?
  11. Yep. Spot on, just think of Towers local residents and these future lot won't be bribed by free tickets. TBF Thorpe is quite loud, if the winds heading in the correct direction, I can hear the screams of joy!
  12. Glitch

    Paultons Park

    Looks straight out of RCT 3 Campaign......
  13. How could they knock off 13 like this.
  14. I wonder if that would make Coaster finally come to a TPM meet lol.
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