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  1. Went to fun nights. It was fun not scary. My first interaction with the crows was them filming a ticktok over at Amity high, fun, not scary, might take the kid next time.
  2. Did you go in the maze last year? It was literally just fumes, from the moment you walked in to exit. Perhaps complain to the park if you have an issue with the mazes not opening due to ventilation problems.
  3. https://parksscaresandglitter.blog/2020/10/19/yesterday-at-thorpe-park/ By far the best response I have seen, and I guess these vloggers, who probably took that pic are immune from the rule of 6. Either way if I saw the park as busy as that within that area I would probably just move on and avoid the area and perhaps find a quieter more chilled area. Or in the case of most of these Vloggers, I would just call it quits and head back next week on a quieter day rather than complaining on twitter in seek of vlogger credibility and an invite to next years press event.
  4. It's a real shame. Capacities are set so the online booking system can't be 'oversold' as such. However you would have thought lessons would have be learnt by previous years. Perhaps police are required to patrol the entrances to Monks for example if that were the case.
  5. Have a new coaster coming in 2023.
  6. Yet Luna cinema can run films with a start time of 9.45pm, makes no sense.
  7. From looking at the videos here's my takeaways, I will probably go at some point this weekend. The event looks really good in terms of scarezones and entertainment, I think Thorpe will continue the maze payment model from now on as theoretically queues should be lower whilst there is still enough entertainment on park so that you know you are at Fright nights rather than just being at a park with mazes generating less complaints of log queues for average attractions. My only issue is what is the point of having as enthusiasts and Thorpe alike call it a 'VIP& Press Night
  8. Think I'm going to take some time off this forum. Just seems like a place full of negativity. Trying to keep to a positive mindset currently.
  9. Perhaps its just park of a longer term project like what as been done with the dome / megastore. It has to be stripped at some point, perhaps it could of waited til the off season but personally it has no impact to my day so I don't care and look forward to the redevelopment.
  10. Remember the park is still on skeleton staff, office job side. Besides I would be confident in saying with potential capacity numbers you won't be waiting very long for rides at all.
  11. The Creators of the Crystal Maze Experience are launching a new attraction for 2021, based on Judge Dredd. Concept art here: https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/attractions/crystal-maze-creators-launch-judge-dredd-live-game-a4484161.html Website here: https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/attractions/crystal-maze-creators-launch-judge-dredd-live-game-a4484161.html Looks very immersive.. @JoshC. - Please move if better suited to a different thread.
  12. Looks cool, one of these would be good at LLW. Just ashame it lacks a water splash.
  13. Indeed, any kid would appreciate this and wouldn't say, I can see a shed, that spoils it for me.... I think enthusiasts have a silly opinion of everything has to be Disney standard or else its just rubbish even if it's a quality attraction. It really does spoil the day for me when people going on the ride for the 3000th time like to point out the black wall or un-themed roof when I just want to be immersed in what the ride already gives.
  14. Merlin attractions are good to go with certification from the tourist board! I assume Blackpool will follow in the next few days if there operations are u to scratch. I believe some Merlin Midways are now set to open on the 4th, Manchester for example. The London attractions, Merlin's money maker are awaiting for London and tourism to reopen and will be the last of the UK's attractions to open. Also its the thought that counts....................
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