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  1. I wonder if it would be ever logistically possible to offer the best of both worlds. Offer a behind the scenes tour of the ride, whilst fixing it up for the year.
  2. I guess I might as well attend #GetGlitchOnOlympia2019
  3. New ring tone confirmed.
  4. Glitch

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I think next year will take a curve ball nobody expects.
  5. I believe capacity is around 6,000 a night, a nice level to control lines and flow of park guests meaning most have a high level of satisfaction on leaving.
  6. NEVER DOUBLE POST AGAIN. I have moderator friends and I will not be scared to tell on you and get you banned once and for all.
  7. However it could potentially start a coaster-war between the two parks which would be fun!
  8. Yes I believe this is the case. It's operating around trained staffs schedules.
  9. The Halloween even t is getting some average reviews. @Coasterhave you been?
  10. Wonder if they have been having issues with customers not getting around all attractions.
  11. Glitch


    Is Pirate falls broken?
  12. Went today, medium crowd levels, but still loads of time to get through all the attractions. Bought tickets at November black Friday sale for £25 each, offering excellent value, I almost think the VIP would be a bit overkill, I feel that once is enough on all 10 attractions. Twisted Clowns - Was excellent and a good way to start the evening loved the bungee and the varying levels / floors. The Chop Shop - Meh, Creek Freak wins for me. Wastlelands - Wins it for me a great maze overall and better than Creek Freak in my opinion, the show was also visually stunning, I wouldn't be surprised to see Glastonbury / Boomtown style festivals copy this style of stage in the near future. Wreckoning- Ok, pirate theme was cool, but it went on for a long time with little actors to fill the areas. Coven - Loved the white room, may be getting my mazes muddled up here! Circus of Horrors- Excellent, Thorpe need something like this back to replace the cinema. Creepy Cottage - Was a nice attraction. The Cellar - This just blurs with the other attractions can't remember too much. Hayride- Queue was about an hour looking at it in the muddy looking queue line, so bought fasttrack for £5, well worth it straight onto the attraction, was very good feel sorry for the actors who must be getting bruised legs from the lack of space onboard, but overall the set design was excellent. VIXI - Longest queue of the night at 20mins but I enjoyed the experience, yes it may be seen as weak but the isolation factor was quite cool, I am hoping that next year they retheme and rename Vulcan Peak as a troll to Thorpe. Overall Tulley's seems to be a well oiled shipped, that knows its operations and how to run them smoothly, the ticketing system works well and is something which I would like Thorpe to introduce for RAP on busy nights, whilst overall with the £25 +£5 fasttrack works out to £3 per attraction which seems like excellent value and has left a smile on my face, as well as I would assume the majority of other guests even on a peak night. Would I recommend? - Yes.
  13. Adventure island is also very different to Thorpe in the fact that it is in a resort style town, with tourists and footfall, who see the park and think oh why don't we spend a few hours there, whereas at TP you don't exactly get that same sort of walk up footfall being in the middle of two not very touristy towns and 40 mins out of London.
  14. Thanks for pointing out your review, I personally nearly missed it! Glad you had a good day despite some hiccups.
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