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  1. Events bar say the October Halloween run are just another reason to sell more merch / food, guess you can't complain though as technically they are free and add more to do to the park.
  2. Perhaps leaning more towards the &Roamers part.... Would be interesting to know how these awards are decided though is it based on voting or a panel.
  3. Also just want to say thank you to the teams of meets past. The days whereby you could get tours of rollercoasters and ERT sessions for the big old price of £0! some great memories
  4. Yay remove one of the best mazes for a maze where they will probably just shock you as a gimic. Thorpe did that like 12 years ago now mate. How's the Wordle going by the way M8te?
  5. How has Thorpe been this year so far?
  6. @Mattgwise should get the hall rolling on this it’s 2022. Perhaps fright nights as a starting point
  7. Glitch


    Contact guest services is probably you’re best bet and just ask
  8. Really feel sorry on this one. Quite concerning. I don't know how this situation can happen however looking at the image pre ride launch of the person in the seat, there's no way the ride system should of allowed the ride to start.
  9. Very pro this. Seats that are accessible for tall people, now no stupid near misses please.
  10. This is the thing apologies if off topic. The documentary is excellent, however something doesn’t sit right with me here you shouldn’t be continuing to make fright night construction updates if you’re actively involved in the product / have signed NDAS despite saying it’s all speculation. it’s also a great documentary however I hope they were paid industry rates rather than the mares rates Thorpe would be happy to give out which could lead to toxic relationships further down the line.
  11. Perhaps this is just me overacting, however I'm starting to feel like themeparks really aren't being inclusive to taller people. A 6'4 height limit for the sake of a near miss. Now I'm 6'8 and as a result can't fit on many rides but this just feels unfair at this point....
  12. Do you think as an Easter egg to the log flume whereby this rollercoaster will be placed, that the general queue goer may be able to skip the queue and have happy birthday sung if it is indeed their birthday. I miss those days.
  13. I personally think its to allow trains extra room to stack on the break run
  14. Still have a pair of DR Pepper pants from this event. These were the days.
  15. Merlin were always trying to outsource F&B, good to see that it has been successful. Its easier for them to profit with less effort by outsourcing F&B to another company.
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