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  1. See that is the thing, back in the day it would of been a case of parents taking you in queue lines to learn skills such as patience, you want to go on that ride, well you are going to have to wait patiently for 30 mins. Nowadays diagnosis is much more common and perhaps that's just the way we are going as a society.
  2. Operationally though, wouldn't this create an issue in itself. I thought you were only allowed 1 RAP group per train due to evacuation procedure etc. Doesn't this mean they will all just get merged at the merger point of the queue and no longer seen by station staff as a RAP guest.
  3. Seeing reports of 1hour+ long RAP queues. It all seems to be getting a bit out of hand now and I feel sorry for those who need to use it. The bar has been set too low and doctors are more than happy to write a note for anything nowadays. Personally I think there's only one way out of it which is to abolish queuing all together and have time slots. However thats failed in the past. Also seeing a lot of comments about fast pass being prioritised etc, I thought that wasn't possible with only 1 RAP group allowed per train due to evacuation reasons.
  4. Glitch


    And who owns Merlin? - Lego, they will, always have a premium price on their products plus the extra cut they want to take on top of the normal theme park revenue. With prices so high however that may prevent people from buying Lego in the first place, the reason why the park is even there in the first place.
  5. Glitch


    Why are we blaming Merlin? Are we seeing the same pricepoint at Alton, Thorpe, Chessington? - Nope. Its Lego, and its always been the case.
  6. Glitch


    Perhaps they are just doing a pay it backward scheme. To pay for all the wasted pizza MAP holders left on their plates in previous years.
  7. TBH it was bound to happen. The fan page quoted above sell them on eBay in bundles. Nowadays enthusiasts will just abuse and take a pile to sell in future years.
  8. Anyone on park today, would be nice to get the yearly cattle pen queue line pic outside the dome.
  9. Rather ironic, when Thorpe's Cookie consent policy is not GDPR compliant. In today's day and age you can't track a user until they have have specifically opted into cookies.
  10. Issues around opening times. Its a shame enthusiast sites can't wait for park confirmation before reporting.
  11. Gosh, I didn't know you were allowed to go right up to the park gates and into the security plaza! In fairness what's the obsession with driving from afar to go down a path.
  12. Are we still in the medium term will we get that flat ride by Stealth any time soon?
  13. Glitch


    Lego will also have good investments as the main goal is to sell merchandise and increase brand awareness. Keeping content fresh keeps the guests coming back. I look forward to trying the flying cinema, if there's not a stupid height restriction.
  14. It will probably be announced at start of season. Remember most staff are on furlough currently.
  15. Didn't Creek this year require a lot of wood themeing? Simple solution.
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