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  1. This year hs been very good for horror movies that tbh I wish we got some IP stuff….
  2. Ahh how I miss the days of free TPM ERT ( I will forever be thankful) they were some fun meets. Seems like a bit of a crap decision all round. The team at MMM really are doing a great job of making this ride look spectacular sometimes I wonder how they arnt all poaches to work on epic universe.
  3. Have Alton towers updated their booking system? Doesn’t look like Accesso anymore!
  4. Why would they even allow for potential roll backs in the design phase? Wouldn’t they have models to say there is an X% chance that the ride valleys in these conditions, why would they not change the dimensions of the ride until they had something which would give a close to 100% guarantee of always making it around the track… Would love to be a fly on the wall in the talks right now. Oh well gives them the opportunity to not open a new attraction next year and just remarket this one instead.
  5. Work can come later, become a full time enthusiast
  6. At least it means the YouTubers can reopen their construction updates series. Wonder if it’s a part that’s required or an engineering issue comprising safety?!
  7. Omg I was on that escalator yesterday too! Did you go down the abba tunnel or were you heading for the northern / Bakerloo line!
  8. Looking at the POV we better get a log flume in the future to interact with the swamp. The splashdown looks fun too!
  9. TBH if I was there tomorrow I’d probably pay the £20 fast track…. Do we expect the queue to die down seeems like ages since this has been done at Thorpe lol. I remember going for swarm after school on opening day and lapping it as the crowds dies down significantly.
  10. Kinda feel sorry for the club XX people, seems like everyone has already been on this coaster despite them being the first lol. Enjoy your rides everyone hope it lives up to expectations. When are the crowds due to die down next, that’s probably when I will go and try it out, guessing though that will be post summer now
  11. Looks complex but probably for the best. I think one piece of concerning information was left out though…. Overnight queueing / arriving at the park super early do they have a policy or might the team wake up to a surprise number of guests when they arrive that morning??
  12. One interesting thing is that the lights have been on most nights, all the way up the lift hill!
  13. I do wonder if that will perhaps go into Johns Personal development plan for next year….. ‘Fully complete a project themeing landscaping and hardware before opening day’
  14. We wanted to produce something very different for Thorpe Park and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. The MD on LinkedIn
  15. Also we are forgetting it will go story…. Ad for generic family product…. Story … ad for map…. Story…. Ad for the new oasis drink
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