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  1. Imagine getting to the park at 2am to know that you will be riding at some point during the day. 17 hours later he go on the ride,, clearly getting there at 2am has no benefit and just makes you a tired fool.
  2. You also have to play into effect guest security has become a major factor over the past 10 years.
  3. Merlin Parks aren't just able to invest money at will, without a business case, which is what they did in the early 2000's era. Currently Merlin's interests are in Asia as that's where the emerging markets are. If the British consumer, spent more money in the parks, and stopped complaining about the excellent value of the MAP looking for the cheapest options to the point of Merlin practically giving tickets away, share the fun, trade, promos etc, then perhaps they would invest more into the UK markets but currently Lego is the asset with the greatest return, hence why it will be getting a new land next year. On the second to Disney comment, it's the truth however you have to look at the business as a whole for example the Midway clusters and Legoland parks generating millions in weekly revenue.
  4. Keeps up to the 3 year old concept art seen above but we have a trailer. Seems as if the band / app will play a central role within the park. I see it as an upgrade to those interactive quest experiences you can do at Disney. Assuming the app will have upsells, merch etc this park will just be printing money.
  5. We un-immerse you from an immersive experience..
  6. This gem of a video was missed last season.....
  7. Excellent video from the op cabin of Hangover, nice to have this in English for a change.
  8. Also have to remember the merch sales it now entitles the shop to hold and that's where the publishers make their money.
  9. If anything its going in the other direction, thorpe have advertised for lifeguards, so your beach is going nowhere besides its part of the history of thorpe park. Apologies if that doesn't fit your enthusiast agenda.
  10. Why does everything Merlin do have to appeal to specific just you. The beach is a key driver of families to the park during the summer.
  11. What a load of rubbish, there's a shuttle bus running every 10mins lol more of which could be put on depending on event demand. Staines station is also 35 mins out of London.
  12. Wait till you try it before judging, this project has been kept relatively secretive who knows what could be built. Besides, the ghost trains at WW are short but you still pay £6 for them.....
  13. This system just seems stupid, imagine rocking u to the park at 8am, paying full entry fee and still not being able to join the queue for this ride....
  14. thanks for the clarification.
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