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  1. That's the thing, of course its good and a convenience, however I can't imagine the take-up to be worth the time of the people there. Would the resource be better used elsewhere? It's a nice thing but I can just imagine staff sitting around doing nothing all day.
  2. Seems to be becoming a regular occurrence at theme parks. Didn't Drayton Manor flood recently?
  3. Probably good, tbh all the Mazes bar the hayride, clown, prison, chainsaw and mask one, the rest all just blend into one.
  4. the legroom looks beautiful, hopefully this see's the end of those Spinball type torture devices.
  5. I wonder if this was planned before or after everyone complaining about the plain wall?
  6. Have TPM considered asking for an easter egg on every new item or attraction placed in the park yet? Its a trend I don't mind for nostalgia or people who have worked on designing the project but really when are we going to stop placing Youtubers names across these things.....
  7. I'd like to see the return of tent based mazes this year, however with Covid I don't see that happening.
  8. I personally would get Merlin to either sell Thorpe, which won't happen or reinvent the theme park into a Netflix exclusive IP attractions. IP's work to make money in merch sales etc, perhaps to the enthusiasts hatred, but I'm just wondering when Netflix will truly get into the Themepark space to compete with Disney or Universal, seems like the next step for them. With a solid budget I'm sure something cool could happen to reinvent Thorpe. Although this will never happen, I'm just dreaming.
  9. Not a fan of the new Swarm audio, would just prefer an extended loop of the Swarm song.
  10. Glitch


    Sorted it....
  11. TBH I saw the London resort as being prime real estate for a Merlin Midway hub, if they wanted to expand on their central London offerings.
  12. Yeah, this is sad if true, all I can say is lets hope London resort take a trip to chessington.
  13. Ah yes, the classic I went in peak time, when the UK is in a domestic days out boom, however still expected the park to be empty. All days this season will be busy as there is demand all year long for domestic activities, so perhaps try mid week instead next time. Personally I like to get to the parks early so I don't have to deal with the security lines, going to the back of the park I'm then able to knock 4 rides out in the first hour or so. The rest of the day, I like to take in the atmosphere and go with the flow. Rides breakdown, its always is going to ha
  14. Sounds familiar, I guess two roller coasters is cheaper than 1
  15. That's a really good way of thinking, perhaps X themed to Black mirror would of been an excellent attraction. Although I do hate X due to the size of the cards and 2 per train rules.
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