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  1. Still wish it was a bit of country and western to fit in with the theme
  2. And who says Passholders don't get perks.....
  3. A CEO , who is qualified for the role, perhaps this could happen.
  4. That would very much depend on the lunar cycle. Maybe you could find out on a forum about the moon.
  5. Glitch

    Linnanmäki Trip Report

    Typical Hwelsinki being expensive but definatly expected and guess what it's going to get more expensive post Brexit. I wonder when the woodie will get the RMC treatment which everyone craves nowadays. Looking forward to the next blog on Sealife - How much was entry to that?
  6. I shall be trying this technique this year! Great advice!
  7. Glitch


    Just a tad creepy, this is a park designed for children, this isn't a Thorpe RMC announcement.
  8. Six flags does have it's flaws too. Plus I don't think Six flags would know too well how to work with the planning constraints of the UK market.
  9. Might go do my own construction update. Also is that watermark new theming soon to be added to X? Looks sick.
  10. Height wise I think you will be fine I'm 6'8 and have given up on it by when I was 6'4 I could still fit. Under 2m you will be fine. Weight wise IDK, as I'm lanky.
  11. Blair Witch will be 6 years old this year. 😫
  12. Why dont we just go on the Thursday night instead when the park is empty. Avoid both?
  13. Paulton's has it floors too and what happens when they loose the Peppa pig IP?
  14. Remember most of these reviewers were too young to go in any mazes pre 2013 so there reviews are a tad unbalanced. I'd argue that 2011 was the best year. Why? Because the park was full of original content.
  15. Can we see I remember the Curse vividly.
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