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  1. The ride which has been proclaimed as the worlds best by enthusiasts who haven't ridden it yet has broken down. Also it's at capacity, do people in Florida just not work and go to Disney. https://insidethemagic.net/2019/12/breaking-rise-of-the-resistance-breaks-down-opening-day-kc1/?utm_content=buffera3c46&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer&fbclid=IwAR20lZOxFzln6iWMnTECvs0tIJ-PHuoJsWbC-ZdIOEAagZvcxxAHWV7qoFw
  2. Apologies I don't have the knowledge of some enthusiasts. My speciality is TPR.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7742221/Terrified-revellers-thrown-Pirate-themed-fairground-ride.html?ito=video_player_click
  4. Someone should develop an LSM lift hill to prevent chain noise.
  5. Excellent leak here by Vikki courtesy of the MAP group.
  6. I don't understand Alton towers offer a discounted price to ride some world leading roller-coasters and they still get mocked. Remind me how much a Blackpool season pass I for comparison.
  7. Looks the same height to me!
  8. £4-£9 per ride, most thrill in the 6 to 9 range. Olympia being the most expensive.
  9. Black Friday sales prices. TBF that VIP package seems like a steal of a deal.
  10. Shall we call it Colossus? The real question is will I fit?
  11. Will this be available in English?, As an entitled enthusiast I demand this be available in English
  12. But you do realise its done via visitor numbers for that day of the previous year. Didn't Thorpe do late evening summer opening last year and oh the park was dead by evening therefore they were scrapped due to a lack of demand. I'm sure if Wickeman still had an hour queue at 4pm they would reconsider however I highly doubt that is the case. As Marc said he was bored by 2pm, from doing all the rides +there are other things to do in the resort to do such as Mini Golf. Also theres nothing wrong with building another Legoland as Asia is an emerging market for these attractions and equates for a large chunk of Merlins revenue, all of which will result in a bigger pot for reinvestment.
  13. Why not though? The park has posted opening hours in advance so you can plan your trip to the resort in advance on a day which suits your needs and time within the park. I'm sure the team at Alton towers would love to keep the park open late into the evening but just like any other business they have to look at it from a profit protection perspective, if there's more staff then guests in the park, which I don't think is a problem the likes of Europa would see, then how is it going to be beneficial to keep the park open late. Besides we don't know if there is an operational constraint with the local council and noise impacting the amount of hours an attraction is allowed to be open for yearly. Unfortunately this isn't an attraction which sells out months in advance on prebook alone. Perhaps if the park scrapped MAP and charged £220 a year for a pass then maybe we would have a different story.
  14. Also remember these 4pm off peak close days are targeting the pre-school market visiting Cbeebies land. rather than the small enthusiast user group.
  15. Its a simple case of supply vs demand. Want the park to be open longer, then visit more on the 4pm close off peak day. 6Hours is enough time to get all the rides done when they are walk on. Besides its always the same people who have no plan on visiting in these off peak days who love to complain about the opening hours.
  16. https://www.altontowers.com/ Looks to of had a redesign.
  17. I wonder if it would be ever logistically possible to offer the best of both worlds. Offer a behind the scenes tour of the ride, whilst fixing it up for the year.
  18. I guess I might as well attend #GetGlitchOnOlympia2019
  19. New ring tone confirmed.
  20. Glitch

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I think next year will take a curve ball nobody expects.
  21. I believe capacity is around 6,000 a night, a nice level to control lines and flow of park guests meaning most have a high level of satisfaction on leaving.
  22. NEVER DOUBLE POST AGAIN. I have moderator friends and I will not be scared to tell on you and get you banned once and for all.
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