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  1. Pretty sure they will take it all into the design, for example look at all those trees in front of the Hogwarts castle.
  2. This tweet: For all we know a park could just be about to go into administration, job losses etc perhaps without the staff even knowing. But this person wants to create some enthusiast 'clout' just because he works within the industry and hears slightly more information than anyone else.
  3. That would be another £300k please!
  4. Unfortunately a 13 year old story sells better than current events.
  5. Interesting way of extra security checks around testing for the hospitality and leisure industry so thought its worthy of a share here, as an alternative to social distancing. Could work quite well in a theme park setting however I have 0 faith in the government to implement correctly..
  6. Interestingly it looks like Legoland Florida has its dark rides open.
  7. Yay, another shameless plug, to an article I've already read from the original provider AT Social channels!
  8. Glitch

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Issue is the attraction wouldn't open as intended, if the attraction has any water / bubble based effects these won't be turned on.
  9. Think, of the children, how cool it would be to going fast and straight towards the lake.
  10. Very interesting, the checking of restraints is interesting. I wonder what would happen if something went wrong.
  11. Do we have any other games which we can play during these sad times.
  12. Today marked the re-opening of MT Wuhan, the last of the Chinese attractions to reopen. Hopefully there will be more good news to come soon.
  13. Spreading this video for awareness of idiots. Few of my favorites: - Still allowing fans to do photo opportunities. - If you don't like the mask take it off to have a drink, as you can't drink with a mask on. - Not happy about wearing a face mask. - ALSO CONFIRMED HHN is going ahead, despite no source.
  14. Gardaland have a large binder to inform us on how the park will be able to reopen.
  15. Wow it seems as if everyone is wanting to stay at home post Covid-19. I see a leisure boom incoming.
  16. I'd question; no hate please, but we should really see less yellow band users on park the fist few months after opening, due to lock down and vulnerability measures.
  17. Lets just have a fair system and put everyone on a yellow band. Oh wait if we did that we would have long queues up the ride exits and a cattle pen queue at the start of the day to collect the band.
  18. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-08/shanghai-disneyland-tickets-sold-out-in-minutes-for-reopening?fbclid=IwAR2ZYK295tXt9mos0xQzsj7EqMn8wNsAUz-ucQP_ktQjSkBsydaG0adx-Rg&utm_source=url_link Leisure industry boom incoming.
  19. I believe testing is very possible right now if you are in the key worker category or believe to have symptoms, I know of multiple sites in the Surrey / Greater London area anyway for tomorrow if you wanted it!
  20. Anyone else of seeing blogs from the average Joe enthusiast informing us all how / when the theme-parks will reopen and what measures will have to take place. Almost like their fly on the walls at government meetings. Or perhaps they have the Zoom pass code.
  21. Glitch

    Logger's Leap

    Nope, he's playing raid shadow legends, a game which he's clearly never touched before but will happily say how awesome it is.
  22. Glitch

    Logger's Leap

    Can Shawn Sandbrooke and his dad please do a restoration of Loggers Leap
  23. Why is it 'the world cup' of Fright nights, are other attractions from other nations allowed to enter? So many questions and no answers. Will Thorpe park have the winner by default.
  24. It's amazing what the European Union can do to your theme park. Shame that we re no longer a part of it.
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