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  1. Dave5151


    Does Stealth or Ghost Train have set opening days or times? I live 350 miles away from Thorpe Park so it's an expensive trip out for us with hotel stay needed. We have been three times now and each time Stealth was closed and on the last visit Ghost Train was closed too.
  2. Dave5151

    Favourite Thorpe Park Ride

    I think it may be Stealth but it would have to be open first. I have been to Thorpe Park three times and Stealth was closed every time. Does it ever open?
  3. I'm actually quite annoyed they're changing this when I haven't experienced the first story. We have to travel 350 miles to go to Thorpe Park. We have been 3 times and each time Ghost train and Stealth (The main reasons we go) have always been closed as well as other rides. So given that Ghost Train never worked in the first place I'm reluctant to risk the cost of travelling down to try again. Me and the kids are desperate to try ghost train before people on the internet ruin it further with more spoilers. There's been plenty on here so far without warnings. if Thorpe Park want people to go this year they're going to have to provide a lot of reassurances to the public that we won't have the large number of ride closures we had last year.