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  1. So finally got to Fright nights yesterday. I'll start with me review:- I thought Sanctum Was very good in the evening and felt like step towards a more tulleys feeling maze. I then done living nightmare which I felt was very well themed but lacked a good ending. saw alive was as always very non eventful. I feel that platform 15 whilst much improved on last year could still do with being darker and the tunnel is still to long. Big top this year was very satisfactory with plenty of scares and was nice to see a maze that can reinvent itself every year. I look forward to seeing what changes they make for next year. This brings me on to something I spotted whilst in side the mirror maze, on my 3rd run through the actors must have been on break as bar 1 in the chain link and 1 the run out I didn't see any other however this gave me plenty of time to really look at the maze which is when I saw the image below. the mirror maze has about 2 or 3 of them in it with one which unfortunately I didn't get a photo of was next to the word look. They remind me of the symbol that was first spotted at platform 15 in 2016 and at the begin of the year at Blair witch and recently by jack silkstone. I do now regret not getting more photo as maybe its a code like sw8 have done. so I was wondering if anyone is going to the back over the next few days if they could take more photos and post them here so I could try and break the code.
  2. dean8002

    Logger's Leap

    I reall hope they bring it back! It was a great ride
  3. Yeah can't wait hope they have replace that platform 15 maze it wasn't very good all I remember was those bright blue lights in my face! It kind of spoilt it for me. But fingers cross the new ip will be good
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