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  1. Oh no yeah, there are definitely enthusiasts out there who do abuse RAP’s who really don’t need them, I just want to clarify that the comment wasn’t directed at myself, as we were re-running Creek a fair bit, but I do genuinely need a RAP at the moment and we use it correctly. It’s such a flawed system, but that’s a discussion for another time... In other news, Fright Nights is honestly great this year. Will write out a review post it in this thread tomorrow!
  2. I can’t help but feel you are referring to myself and my group here. I have a genuine reason for having a RAP and we use the system properly. We did the attraction, and waited for the allocated time on the card before re-entering. If that is ‘abusing the pass’ then please tell me how I’m supposed to use it.
  3. That's how it's going to be. The strobe lights are actually visible through the window with the red sheet over. Pattern looks very Big Top/TOTT-esque. This could potentially be very very good, but this is Fright Nights...
  4. Theme Park Guide got a video of Creek Freak's audio testing this afternoon. It sounds pretty intense to say the least 😅
  5. Apologies for the double post but... I've seen those walls before... 😥
  6. Thorpe Park and Merlin Annual Pass tickets for Fright Nights are now on sale. Cost varies between £10-25 depending on the day... Premium MAP tickets still cost £1.
  7. I’m assuming that it’s there in the case of light leakage into the building. If there is any, it’ll be blood red so as to fit the theme of the maze and hopefully not detract from the experience.
  8. You can get in for Fright Nights with your pass on 29th Sept and 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th & 11th October. All other dates are excluded however I don't know how much tickets will costs (probably in the region of £10-20 again) and currently I don't think they're available for purchase, which is odd given that the event starts in just over two weeks...
  9. bUT wWTP, wE mIGHt sTiLL gET A sURpRiSe aNnOuNcEmEnT
  10. Think it's safe to say this is the probably the new 'chilling challenge' they're introducing this year... "Ride each of our big five coasters once, scan the QR codes located in the coaster queue lines, decipher the creepy code-word, quote it at the Megastore for a FREE exclusive Feared 5 wristband."
  11. Platform 15 appears to be getting a new finale this year, with wooden walls being installed at the end of the tunnel! Really glad to see that the park are taking the time to add to their existing attractions this year after last year's... event.
  12. Walls are starting to go up in the Loggers queue line for the brand new maze.
  13. The Fright Nights page on the official website has already been updated to show that this year’s event will have over 10 scare mazes and zones. Good to see the park listened to last year’s awful feedback and are valuing quality over quantity...
  14. Thorpe x14 Towers x3 Chessington x2 ... Not exactly a huge list. This year's been busy so I've been mostly unable to visit anywhere new, or anywhere that's really that far away. Hopefully that'll change next year... hopefully.
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