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    My main interests are roller coasters though I do love my thrilling and flat rides, I especially love wooden roller coasters but have only ever been able to ride the one so far.

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    Walt Disney World Florida/Fuji Q Highland/Tokyo Disney resort

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  1. ste193

    2019 Season

    Personally the main points of contention for me are, Complete Overhaul of Rumba rapids so it actually has some theming and isn't boring. TLC for Colossus which is severely needed Loggers Leap the ride either needs to be fixed up and reinstated or replaced with a new log flume! Slammer if possible repair it if not it needs to be removed and replaced I would personally love them to get rid of storm surge as its just such an eye sore! Stop all these stupid Love Island and Walking dead events this is Thorpe Park not a Z listers version of Universal Studios
  2. ste193

    Which past Thorpe ride do you miss the most

    Slammer and Loggers Leap for me are sorely missed from the parks line up. They were two of the must rides for me when visiting.
  3. ste193

    Merlin Entertainments

    Didn't read the talk of article but the talk of saving sea life centres from decline is amusing since the theme parks have all declined IMO under Merlin. There approach centre's on short lived fad brands and the latest technology as stated, Thorpe Park being a prime example DBGT, the walking dead the ride and Love Island lates (REALLY!) rather than focusing on fad rubbishy events and the latest technology why not stick with the tried and tested and general upkeep to provide a better experience for customers. I haven't been to a Merlin theme park for 3 years now and I really don't feel like I've missed out on anything at all, I'd much rather save my money and go a theme park elsewhere in the world or blackpool pleasure beach where the industry is competitive and the rides and parks are of much better quality and upkeep IMO. I totally agree on the prices not being warranted for just over £50 I went to Tokyo Disneyland and that is far superior to any Merlin price, asking the same price as that feels like day light robbery and all the bad reviews show many feel the same.
  4. ste193


    All the feedback ive seen on facebook is negative everyone saying what on earth does is have to do with a theme park and that it makes the park trashy and I totally agree if this is the route they are going I'm glad I haven't visited the park in years.
  5. ste193

    Fuji-Q Highland

    Ive recently visited and it waa AMAZING there absolutely loved it and was lucky enough to have great views of mt fuji for most of the day. Yes they sell fast passes we went to a ticket booth there each ¥1000 for the roller coaster and you enter through prioty pass lines some are kind of like exits some randomly join up at a later point in the general queue. I would highly recommend the fast passes and buy them as soon as possible they sell out quick because we didnt buy them up earlier we missed out on takabisha due to not buying fast passes earlier. I agree the operations are slow we waited 45 minutes for the rapids! And longer for roller coasters. The merchandise is great and the rides are just immense, makes me wish the UK theme parks would step up there game.
  6. ste193

    Your Thorpe Park

    Next big investment: Augur- The station building is a large Roman temple with the queue line beginning through a large roman statue littered garden then entering through the grand pillar open air entrance into the building for the station where a god like spirit in flames projection explains how in ancient times Augurs where considered witches who interpreted the will of the gods and the island was once a witches haunt they made a grave mistake interpreting a battle and the island was scorched as they burned they placed a powerful curse on the land that centuries ago was defeated and buried however with the work for the new ride on this land the curse has been released again. The ride then exits the station to climb a lift hill dropping down into the 6 of a large Roman clock drawn on the ground and rising through the 12 into a loop where the central statue sprays water at the riders and back through the 6 and exiting the 11, the ride then performs a air time hill over the gardens and turns round to enter the 10 and exit the 4 into a large banked turn entering the 2 and exiting the 8 and meandering through the temple pillars. The ride then turns passing over the gardens to enter the 9 exit the 3 into a Immelmann loop that turns and enters the 5 and travels through the beak of the main feature underground which is the Augur statue (a bird looking woman) with wings outstretched and exits the 1 into a banked turn back into the 12 to perform a helix around the main feature and exit the 7 to return to the temple building where the ride abruptly stops the platform the car is on begins to shake and tilt as the room appears to suffer from an earth quake and flames burst around the room a screeching sound is heard and the room fades to black with the train arriving back at the station.
  7. ste193

    Disneyland Paris

    That is a good point we don't know for certain what is going into these new lands yet so I am just assuming currently, its more the fact for me personally that I would stay Paris doesn't really have any stand out features/attractions to me compared to when I went to Florida or Tokyo and sadly for me the only reason I would go again would simply be for proximity there is very little there that draws me in only ratatouille and crush's coaster. Though as you said ratatouille is now being built over in Epcot, I did notice how many Americans were there all because of Ratatouille on my visit wearing branded t-shirts and the like and talking in the queue about how cool it was to have something different here to go on, kind of feels like with that circumstance changing they will lose out on people. Granted its probably a small percentage but for the least visited Disney every little helps. On a side not I hadn't heard the Ant man ride idea that sounds awesome and I'm glad there not changing tower of terror, to much.
  8. ste193

    Disneyland Paris

    That is very true I would assume it would be incredibly rare for someone to have done all six parks, however with these 3 new lands you could to go to Florida shall we say which a fair amount of people do go to and apart from the Frozen land, there is the Frozen attraction but not as grand as the Frozen Land coming to Paris, these additions are all there as well as at the others parks as well. I think its probably more wishing on my part to be honest but it seems odd that the parks outside of America replicate all the attractions of America, it would be nice to see Euro Disneyland have more European based attractions on European inspired Disney films I.e a Beauty and the beast land as were in Paris, or hunch back of Notre dame ride etc I feel they are missing a trick in that respect if they had more big unique attractions it would give people more incentive to stick closer to home than go to say Florida etc
  9. ste193

    Disneyland Paris

    Glad to see such expansion for Disneyland Paris finally, just wish Disney as a whole would start doing more Unique attractions. I guess you can argue that not everyone can get to other parks around the world but if you can there's not really any reason to go to Disneyland Paris. Star wars land is basically going to be at every single other park Disney has and so it seems Marvel will to and Frozen land is coming to some parks as well, I wish they would do more unique things like they did with Ratatouille as if every park is pretty much for those of us who can go to America or Asian parks there's nothing different to draw your attention to Paris.
  10. ste193

    Disneyland Paris

    Next we can expect to lose Tower of Terror to the awful Guardians of the Galaxy re-theme.... Paris could really do with some originality and unique rides not carbon copies of attractions elsewhere if that's the case I'm sure people would just rather head to America.
  11. ste193

    The Future of Rumba Rapids!

    This it totally true we need to bring the log flumes back to our UK parks.
  12. ste193

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Personally I'm torn because X was a staple of my Thorpe Park visits however if the ride break runs are reinstated and they add some strobe effects and zombie mannequins etc similar to the mall scene in the mazes in USA with sound effects I can see this being a really interesting thrill ride. But with how they are lately with themeing and effects I don't hold out much hope.
  13. ste193

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    A retheme of X would be interesting if they turned it back around to backwards in the dark with VR now that would be a worlds first
  14. ste193

    Park Count - 2017

    Blackpool pleasure beach x1 Disneyland Paris and studios x4 (4 days) Very quiet year really, haven't been fussed about Thorpe park this year got kind of stale for me. Looking forward to Blackpool and Alton towers and Tokyo Disney I hope next year.
  15. ste193

    Disneyland Paris

    I was doing some reading as I visited Paris Disneyland a month ago now and I must say when I was there you can really tell the difference in size and scale to other parks I've been to Tokyo first and then Florida, so I wasn't surprised to read that the Paris park hadn't had much invest but I was surprised to hear it had been struggling financially. I don't think it helps that compared to the other parks its so much smaller and it does show, I went for 4 days and at times it got to the point where it was like ok we've done that quite a few times now, what haven't we been on so much. I feel sad for the park really as you'd think being the only park in Europe they would want to do more with it. Considering that China has 2 parks (granted it is a very large country) that are from what I can tell much more on par with Florida and Tokyo's scale it seems odd to not have as many attractions for the European counterpart. I was reading that the financial/investment struggle was blamed to shared holders and now they've pretty much brought them out they can start putting more in. I really hope this is the case as to me it kind of feels like the one park that's being left out when you see all of the plans for Tokyo, Chinese and American parks. It could really do with more unique rides to like Ratatouille was amazing but soon that won't even be there own signature ride with the opening in Florida.