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    My main interests are roller coasters though I do love my thrilling and flat rides, I especially love wooden roller coasters but have only ever been able to ride the one so far.

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  1. ste193

    Your Thorpe Park

    Large thrill investment On the island behind swarm a trackless dark ride opens Rebellion- After the attack the swarm launched on London the army are recruiting you to join in the fight back to reclaim London, a shooting based trackless dark ride Show house building is a huge crashed spaceship with outdoors queue line with videos and posters recruiting you to fight back against the swarm The ride vehicles travel along in pitch black with sirens going off and a door opens to thunder and rain from ceiling the ride vehicles stop as platform raises 40ft whilst rotating The ride then moves again shooting at the swarm flying overhead, a scene on the left shows soldiers shooting at the swarm then on the right the swarm is suddenly heading towards you Turning round a right bend passing the swarm crashing through a skyscraper, coming down a 30ft hill with the swarm flying overhead, the swarm then drops a tank on the left scene, turning round a right bend into a large scene of chaos with collapsing buildings, tanks and soldiers in shoot out with several swarms and an explosion causes a tank to roll towards you, the ride then meanders right dropping 20ft with swarms either side coming towards you and climbing 10ft again then entering the mouth of a huge swarm and shooting at the large tonsils rotating slightly and sprayed with water then head backwards out of the mouth, turning to pass an area of dead swarms and soldiers celebrating as you return to station turning the corner a swarm then surprise attacks you. Medium Family fun investment On the space where Loggers leap resided a replacement log flume opens just not passing through water, themed around a dopey family of rednecks with silly animatronics like two redneck kids seesawing a saw through a piece of wood, drinking rednecks scene with stumbling dancing, falling over, passed out, drilling a tree for sap that leaks and spurts at riders, an area of wooden animal carvings that spurt water, has the same iconic drop in the same place just slightly different layout so doesn't pass over the water. Small investment Slammer is replaced with a turbo fabbri giant flat ride
  2. This is the kind of ride I was expecting back when it was announced I thought finally a high level themed indoor dark ride for a UK park, something we could be proud of! Instead we end up with VR headsets (which you could just do at home) and an ok acting/experience scene in the middle (on opening) and at the end. It's so lackluster that it beggars belief they hyped it up so much, as you said all they have to do is look at what others parks around the world are offering and see that just slapping on a VR head set and have some attendants tickle your legs does not make a theme park worthy experience. I mean something with screens I would expect with hopefully some animatronics would have been amazing but alas it wasn't to be...
  3. ste193

    Your Thorpe Park

    Hellevator: Indoor tower dark ride Set inside an 100ft Asylum building covered in hippie-esque rainbow patterns, flowers and peace signs etc on the island behind swarm Entering through the lobby which is patterned and lasers and subliminal videos of "therapy" on screens, station is the induction hall Ride travels backwards past cells with large subliminal projections being shown to mannequins in chairs, with hear gear to force eyes open Ride then locks into the tower and tilts up to face the ceiling where a hanging body is illuminated and launches up 80ft towards body when huge bloody laughing face is illuminated on the ceiling around it The ride then goes to pitch black with sound effects of laughter and creaking and drops 70ft and tilts front facing to see a man being given electric shock therapy by a mad doctor and the ride then launches up and down the tower passing Floor 1 - pair of hands shaking bars with huge scary face painted behind Floor 2 - huge hypnotic red spiral and chanting Floor 3 - red demonic eyes and roars Floor 4 - Large cell door where huge arm reaches out of cut out Stopping at the top floor with a screen showing man in straight jacket rocking in corner screen flickers and blinks as suddenly full screen face and goes pitch black ride tilts to the ground illuminating a demonic face painted on floor with the ride dropping 70ft going up and down with flashing lights till the ride returns to the floor and tilts to normal and returns to the station The Canteen- A themed restaurant experience where you are served by "inmates" is also located in the building
  4. Sadly I think the key thing in their decline was DBGT, they created such a hype for something that is pretty much a sit down VR experience you could get at home with some Halloween maze like acting thrown in the middle to break it up a bit (I haven't experienced the new version, so I assume its similar but better themed for the ending) They threw alot of money into a project that just simply didn't return the profit or the hype for the park even after an essential do over attempt. Then there's the fact old town has been a dormant area for years now with Loggers left SBNO for such a long time with no actual word and mixed social media messages angered alot of enthusiasts because its such an iconic ride (at least they had the decency to admit Slammer wasn't coming back) an area that now houses a couple of kids rides in whats marketed as a thrill park falls flat They then choose a sinking ship of an IP in the walking dead that's been ravaged by bad reviews, much of the main cast being lost/going and fast dropping viewing figures to overlay a ride that had already actually been given a new lease of life and was making progress and adding another dark and depressing theme to a dark and depressing park tbh. These IP events like love island lates and walking dead etc scream of latching onto something in desperation. Part of what has made our theme parks great in the past is creating unique immersive environments for rides that aren't bogged down by and IP and it feels like we are losing that, rather than being imaginative and daring the park seems to be latching onto BLANK the ride just to create buzz which evidently is only fleeting. I wouldn't mind if we got something to the quality of Harry Potter World etc (I KNOW I'M DREAMING HERE) but a walking dead re-theme that involves dark corridors a video and a couple of screens on the ride falls incredibly flat imho. What they really need is a line of strong new additions to really draw people back to the park and stop disregarding unique immersive themes for IP's for a quick fix that obviously isn't lasting. I fear that if they don't announce something soon the park is just going to fall of the map, the UK industry as a whole tbh really needs a kick up the ass right now, look at Eftling for example going from strength to strength great new additions and feedback essentially going head to head with DLP if our parks actually tried to compete with the better offerings out there like you see at Florida with Disney and Universal our theme park industry would improve vastly but being all owned by one company there sadly really isn't any competition that's why I pray this London Resort eventually happens and they actually start competing so they put some effort again into their offerings.
  5. ste193

    Your Thorpe Park

    Old Town wooden coaster Ambush: Starts of in the old saw mill at 50ft climbs a 80ft lifthill to reach 130ft turn back round and then drops 130ft into w steep banked turn against the saw mill that passes a metal mesh viewing area The ride then climbs an enclosed hill of 80ft with chainsaw sounds with spinning saw blades hanging from ceiling as you exit drop tunnel the ride then performs a double helix around the a remake of the loggers totem pole but larger with chanting sounds played Heading back on itself the ride then climbs a large 60ft hill and as tribute performs the loggers style drop then meandering around behind the old mill under bridges to enter the mill used as headchopper effects The ride then travels along side the lift hill performing a series of large bunny hops under and over the queue line bridges for the ride before making another steep banked turn through the woodwork for headchop effect The track then tilts 45 degrease left then right passing a large reaching bear figurine and the right side burned/cut trees and a deer nuzzling a dead deer and then climbs a lift hill that turns into the old mill. Slammer is replaced with a sky fly themed around old american planes to fit with the old town area theme and give another more family friendly thrill ride
  6. It saddens me to but sadly there's been no thrill investments for a long time so the park has been really limiting its audience with all the latest additions being (formerly) ben 10 coaster and Thomas attractions, I have fond memories of visiting the park but it's offering just isn't there anymore, pirates was a great ride such a shame to think it's there just rotting, sad to see G-force go even though it was a maintenance pain and the sad situation with the rapids also happening its not looking very good for the park. I think your so right that unfortunately they just don't seem to have the money for the new thrill attraction they desperately need, it's a shame because we could really do with some actual competition to Merlin with it only being BPB or Merlin parks.
  7. ste193

    Your Thorpe Park

    2020: Loggers leap is replaced with an Intamin water coaster that simulates the former rides layout an indoor drop but with a banked turn and large saw cutter near miss and splash down, a helix drop surrounding a native American totem similair to before and splash down and meandering around to a replica of loggers former double dip drop and returns to the station to make it more appealing in colder weather free waterproof macks are on offer as long as they are returned A new flat ride replaces slammer and this ride now gives Canada creek more appeal and appeases the loss of Loggers Leap with the princess Diana Memorial plaque remaining 2021: Rumba rapids is rethemed god knows it needs an update and general upkeep needs to be the priority parkwide 2022: A new coaster and flat ride to open on the island behind swarm giving the park a much needed buzz
  8. I totally agree with you, this was my first Disney Park and its beauty just amazed though before I had only been to the likes of Merlin Parks, since then I haven't been bothered to return to a Merlin park because the attention to detail is next level! I'm so excited for all their expansion plans, soaring next year, Tangled land, Peter Pan Land, Frozen Land. I've also experienced Tokyo Disneyland and I must say you can tell its different because they just put so much into everything I'm so excited for the beauty and the beast ride coming to Tokyo Disneyland the animatronics look like they are pulled from the film!
  9. ste193

    Your Thorpe Park

    Get loggers leap opened or a replacement Mack log flume replica ASAP Yin/Yang- New dueling launch coasters The answer to the family vs thrilling dilemma the park seems to have also a kind of little tribute to past rides with the mascots animals being used on family ride and witches being the theme of the thrilling ride Yin- Darkness thrilling coaster black track Station is a rock facade exits through a waterfall tracks are side by side launches upwards into a zero g roll through the top of the yin/yang facade track then turns left into a downward banked turn into a loop with skeletons on the ground in a pentagram, passing through the rock facade into an airtime hill dropping down and turning round into the rock facade, into a large double helix with a trio of witches sacrificing someone for a curse, the ride then stops facing two figures either side of the track with hair covering their faces they reveal their scary screaming faces and the ride launches into a 120 ft with a third witch figurine at the top vertical track that rolls back through the rock face into an air time hill and performing a large banked turn at the top a break run halts the ride and turns on a platform to pass through a pentagram on the rock facade back into the station. Yang- Light family coaster white track Station is a light pagoda exits through smoke tracks are side by side launches into a bunny hop through the yin/yang facade track then turns right into a banked turn passing cheeky monkey statues that spurt water, the ride then air time hills into the mouth of a dragon which nostrils spurt flames, dropping down into a bunny hop and banked turn upwards to exit the tunnel passing a giraffe looking down on you, into a large banked s-bend passing a lion on a rock roaring, travelling along a hippos head that spurts water from a pond, performing a double helix around a rabbit in a garden with a pond with frogs water spurting and the ride then returns to the station.
  10. Personally the main points of contention for me are, Complete Overhaul of Rumba rapids so it actually has some theming and isn't boring. TLC for Colossus which is severely needed Loggers Leap the ride either needs to be fixed up and reinstated or replaced with a new log flume! Slammer if possible repair it if not it needs to be removed and replaced I would personally love them to get rid of storm surge as its just such an eye sore! Stop all these stupid Love Island and Walking dead events this is Thorpe Park not a Z listers version of Universal Studios
  11. Slammer and Loggers Leap for me are sorely missed from the parks line up. They were two of the must rides for me when visiting.
  12. Didn't read the talk of article but the talk of saving sea life centres from decline is amusing since the theme parks have all declined IMO under Merlin. There approach centre's on short lived fad brands and the latest technology as stated, Thorpe Park being a prime example DBGT, the walking dead the ride and Love Island lates (REALLY!) rather than focusing on fad rubbishy events and the latest technology why not stick with the tried and tested and general upkeep to provide a better experience for customers. I haven't been to a Merlin theme park for 3 years now and I really don't feel like I've missed out on anything at all, I'd much rather save my money and go a theme park elsewhere in the world or blackpool pleasure beach where the industry is competitive and the rides and parks are of much better quality and upkeep IMO. I totally agree on the prices not being warranted for just over £50 I went to Tokyo Disneyland and that is far superior to any Merlin price, asking the same price as that feels like day light robbery and all the bad reviews show many feel the same.
  13. All the feedback ive seen on facebook is negative everyone saying what on earth does is have to do with a theme park and that it makes the park trashy and I totally agree if this is the route they are going I'm glad I haven't visited the park in years.
  14. Ive recently visited and it waa AMAZING there absolutely loved it and was lucky enough to have great views of mt fuji for most of the day. Yes they sell fast passes we went to a ticket booth there each ¥1000 for the roller coaster and you enter through prioty pass lines some are kind of like exits some randomly join up at a later point in the general queue. I would highly recommend the fast passes and buy them as soon as possible they sell out quick because we didnt buy them up earlier we missed out on takabisha due to not buying fast passes earlier. I agree the operations are slow we waited 45 minutes for the rapids! And longer for roller coasters. The merchandise is great and the rides are just immense, makes me wish the UK theme parks would step up there game.
  15. ste193

    Your Thorpe Park

    Next big investment: Augur- The station building is a large Roman temple with the queue line beginning through a large roman statue littered garden then entering through the grand pillar open air entrance into the building for the station where a god like spirit in flames projection explains how in ancient times Augurs where considered witches who interpreted the will of the gods and the island was once a witches haunt they made a grave mistake interpreting a battle and the island was scorched as they burned they placed a powerful curse on the land that centuries ago was defeated and buried however with the work for the new ride on this land the curse has been released again. The ride then exits the station to climb a lift hill dropping down into the 6 of a large Roman clock drawn on the ground and rising through the 12 into a loop where the central statue sprays water at the riders and back through the 6 and exiting the 11, the ride then performs a air time hill over the gardens and turns round to enter the 10 and exit the 4 into a large banked turn entering the 2 and exiting the 8 and meandering through the temple pillars. The ride then turns passing over the gardens to enter the 9 exit the 3 into a Immelmann loop that turns and enters the 5 and travels through the beak of the main feature underground which is the Augur statue (a bird looking woman) with wings outstretched and exits the 1 into a banked turn back into the 12 to perform a helix around the main feature and exit the 7 to return to the temple building where the ride abruptly stops the platform the car is on begins to shake and tilt as the room appears to suffer from an earth quake and flames burst around the room a screeching sound is heard and the room fades to black with the train arriving back at the station.
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