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  1. "Sit back, hold tight, it's a bumpy ride!" God I miss that. I can't stand that boring sounding lady that announces safety now.
  2. I had my hopes up when I saw it announced, being the first non IP attraction chessington have done in almost five years you could say I was excited. However now, looking at it, I can tell it will be somewhat of a disappointment. The attraction can either be a great addition to the park, like the addition of the fairly new Wild Asia area, or it will be a failure. First of all let's start off with the name of the attraction. Tiger Rock. I understand if Chessington want to move on from the horrifying Dragon Falls (Post 2013) but to me Tiger Rock just doesn't fit. It should have been changed to "Tiger Falls". It just clicks more...Tiger Rock sounds like an I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here camp name. Let's not forget the name of the area. Land of the Tiger. This is actually so stupid and uncreative considering there already is a "Land Of The ___" in the park. GP members who have never been to Chessington may get confused between Land Of The Dragons and Land Of The Tiger plus it also makes the park look lazy having two different areas named almost exactly the same thing! Next let's move to the concept art. I have NEVER seen a more boring concept art for a leading Theme Park. Its in the same dull style of that you would see in council building concept art. Plain and simple, if the concept art for a ride that hasn't even been built yet looks bad then you can garantee the ride will be bad. Chessington has a lot of potential but I hate the way Merlin treat it. They're constantly adding "new" rides, using the term new very lightly considering it is just a retheme of an existing ride, when all they need to do is refurbish the attractions, not completely gut them, find a sponsor to do an IP with if possible and add some slightly more lazy, no effort theming and label it as "NEW RIDE" all the time (I wouldn't have a problem if they did it once or twice or did it well but they do it every time they are due a new ride and it always ends badly). Merlin could do so much better like bring back some of the original ambience from The Vampire queue line and/or maybe remove Tomb Blaster and Ramases Revenge and build a new coaster in their place, completely changing the areas theme and building a new array of rides and attractions and not just changing what's already there. Or, in Tomb Blasters' place they could build a better dark ride with a better, more modern transit system (not the one from 1987 that surprisingly still works somehow!) and build it in a new show building that does NOT interfere with the trough on Tiger Rock/Dragon Falls. Chessington, stop these lousy re-themes and IP's please!
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