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  1. I'm not all that familiar with the rules, but I believe much of it is set by the manufacturers rather than the parks. The reason that anyone who is non-ambulant would not be allowed on a coaster, for example, is in case of an evacuation. The park is responsible for getting everyone off safely, and that is extremely difficult to do with someone who is unable to walk. Manufacturers are the ones responsible for designing the rides and for thinking of these things, and if they design it so that 'anyone who cannot walk must be evacuated by another person', then few parks are going to take on that r
  2. I get the point you're trying to make, but the way your posts read here is that because the park are failing to deliver a suitable accessible system, it should be removed for non-wheelchair users who do need it. Which...isn't right.
  3. I think ultimately the issue is that if Merlin change their policy and changes how they decide who qualifies for a RAP, it will result in backlash. And all it takes is for one person to then to a paper and you have the headline 'Theme park says I'm not disabled' or similar, and it blows up. There was one last year about how a disabled guest was refused access to Smiler and it got a lot of media attention. Merlin ultimately want to avoid that. One thing which needs saying here though, as a few people are saying this, is that I can imagine that many RAP users aren't happy with the s
  4. Nice try, but an indoor top spin would be about 20 years too late to be a world's first... See also Wikipedia
  5. Plot twist: After taking a short trip to the park today, I can confirm that the 5th green light on the station-side IS WORKING! Buuuuuutttttttttt, the corresponding light on the launch track is not lighting up. They surely haven't just moved the broken lights around, have they?
  6. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  7. And of course, today was the day Tornado Springs finally opened. The whole area looks wonderfully themed, with a perfect mix of attractions for everyone, and should be bang on the money for Paultons. I'm incredibly looking forward to my visit on Thursday! For anyone who wants to see pictures, there's plenty posted by CoasterForce, Thrill Nation and Attraction Source: https://www.facebook.com/CoasterForce https://www.facebook.com/ThrillNation https://www.facebook.com/AttractionSource
  8. Forbidden Tomb is not returning, in name, nature or anything outside dreams.
  9. A look at this year's park map: It's very much a brighter version of the app version of the map which has been used for a few years. For updates from today, follow Mr TPM himself Marc's updates on TPM's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thorpeparkmania
  10. Theme Park Guide are doing a live feed of Chessington's opening: https://live.themeparkguide.biz/?live=CWOA21 The entrance to the park has many pedestrian barriers, but with BUNTING: And also Croc Drop has this not-temporary-at-all-looking statue outside its entrance: Also, the park are charged £3.50 for a map. THREE POUND BLOODY FIFTY. THREE POUND FIFTY PENCE
  11. So for anyone interested, one can make out what is said on the signage at the entrance to attraction thanks to Jack Silkstone's video (around 25min mark), and gives a sense of what we could expect: (forgive the rubbish quality) For those who can't make it out: [quote] 1. Move forward when called 2. Your photo will be taken 3. Move to a touch screen 4. Click your photo and enter details 5. Accept the terms & conditions 6. Step aside for the next Participants Misuse will not be tolerated, including inappropri
  12. And for completeness, another video showing more of a focus on the 'hotel' set up: The Shark Cabins are able to open up from tomorrow because they're classed as self contained units. It seems that's predominantly because of the fact there's no indoor corridors or anything. Rather fortunate! Because no indoor dining is available, the following changes have been made: -Breakfast in collected from a hut in the revamped courtyard area (it's a large space which, aside from a couple of benches, has been utilised by the park imo -An extended
  13. I get the point you're making, but I assume you're not saying the reason Thorpe aren't getting new rides / coasters is because they were focusing on themed areas..?
  14. I see your point, but at the same time, I'm kind of glad it's gone. It looked pretty horrible over the last couple of years, given how rusty it was. Yes, you could argue it fits with the theme and all that, and it was always quite rusty. But I do wonder how it came across to people who didn't know or appreciate the context of its existence. The water area does look more open / emptier I guess, but I wouldn't stretch it as far to say it's plain or boring. At the very least, I wouldn't use those words until I see how it feels in person, as a quick look from the video wo
  15. Jack Silkstone has released his pre-season behind the scenes video, where he's shown round by the park's Commercial Director, Russ: If videos aren't your thing (though tbf, it's a nice video), here's a fairly comprehensive overview of the changes for 2021... Changes to the Drop Off system in the car park. There's now a barrier and you have 30 minutes after entering before you're charged (thanks to number plate recognition) Thorpe Perk Express, the rethemed car from Stealth's plaza, will serve breakfast food, hot dogs and Costa drinks The D
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