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  1. There are rumours circulating round that the park will be asking for proof of address to ensure you're local for the in person event. I think it's worth posting here what we included in our recent TPM article:
  2. There's been work going on in CBeebies Land with a couple of attractions closing (or ones that have been closed for a while) seemingly set to be replaced. No clue which ones tbh. So that could quite plausibly be the new attractions (since it could simply be 2 new things). Obviously the Retro Squad was planned as a 1 year thing. Loosing multiple flats in the same year when they're very much needed things is not good, so one would hope that we get some sort of thrill flat ride too.
  3. JoshC.

    Rocky Express

    Timber Tug Boat and Lumber Jump definitely are (and they used to exist at Sea Life Brighton, I think, and were easy to transport to Thorpe). Rocky I imagine is a bit more difficult given it doesn't just exist on a flat base. But I imagine it's not impossible to move it if they wanted. I think the issue with Rocky particularly (over the other two) is the age two. I'm sure it's still in working order, but questions should be raised about the worthwhileness of moving it I guess. I've heard about the OG rides being kept at the farm...I don't know if that's actually true, and I do know some were sold on / sent to other Merlin attractions. I'd wonder what the point of storing a few kids rides for 10+ years would be, and if it's worth actually rebuilding and open them over getting new stuff. It certainly would be nice to see some sort of collection of smaller rides still though. Maybe replacing the Wet Wet Wet slides by the Beach, since they didn't open this year. This is the most curious thing right now for me. Thorpe made a fairly big deal out of Platform closing. Nothing was said about Creek Freak. These plans definitely won't have come from nowhere either of course either. Whilst Platform was longer serving, Creek Freak was definitely more loved, so you'd think they would say something about that too? So does it mean they're keeping it and working round that? If so, how does that work? And if they are getting rid of it, what will the park do next Fright Nights to compensate losing two mazes.
  4. JoshC.

    Rocky Express

    Related to the incoming roller coaster, the park have confirmed that the Old Town area over the train tracks (holding Rocky Express, Timber Tug Boat and Lumber Jump) will not open in 2022. There is nothing said about what will happen to the rides as of yet: *moves thread to The Past for now*
  5. Ooops unnecessary triple post, oh well The park have confirmed they're working on a "world-class rollercoaster":
  6. Back to being serious now... This is an excellent point. Also slightly disappointing if it does end up being true; as has been discussed previously, a whole new land with support rides, shop(s), restaurant(s), space for FN / events, etc etc is really what would hammer this home. Optimistically (and perhaps foolishly), I guess there's still plenty of hope that this could be more, but the main focus of the consultation is the coaster. This differs from Chessington in some sense: they were expanding into a new part of the park, and so the whole land needed consultation. Being an existing part of the park, maybe it's only the coaster that needs consultation (say, because of size or noise), and anything else is fairly standard? If you were to cycle back 3-4 years ago, people were pretty confident we were getting a coaster in 2020. That obviously never happened. Go back 7-8 years people were confident we were getting a coaster in 2015/16. Whilst there have been rumours for a while, there's been nothing concrete to suggest we should expect anything to come. That's part of the reason why people are surprised. The other part of it is just excitement I think. There is nothing to suggest what the track length could be. The 750 (well 850) number comes from MTDPs. In the past, the park submitted Mid Term Development Plans (MTDP) to the local council. This would outline roughly what they were considering installing over a set period of time, and some restrictions they would stick within. In some ways, this served as a consultation period and people could also give feedback. Once an MTDP is approved, if the park submit an application which meets all those restrictions, the process is a bit quicker and easier for both parties. The last MTDP the park submitted was back in 2010, and was valid up to and including 2016. In that MTDP, the park stated they would build roller coasters which would not exceed 50m in height and not exceed 850m in length. This was simply because the ideas they had for Swarm (and loose ideas for whatever might have come after) were not going to exceed those restrictions. Why say more when you don't need to. The details in that MTDP, as I say, were only valid up to 2016. At this point, any roller coaster could have any height, length, etc (within reason of course). This is one of the things the consultation will outline I expect. In terms of 750m being the balance between ride experience, throughput and maintenance - I've never heard anything to suggest that is their school of thought. It might be a happy coincidence, but I don't expect that's their hard and fast process. And even if it was, the last time the park installed a coaster was almost 10 years ago - things may have changed.
  7. Port Aventura are getting a La Liga land. Thorpe to get a Premier League land confirmed?
  8. The "Winds in the east..." is a quote from a Mary Poppins song. Clearly that's the IP we're getting... I jest of course. John is pretty meticulous and has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the enthusiast community. So I wouldn't be surprised if this is related to the going ons this weekend, even if it's just an acknowledgement of things happening. Equally though, it could mean absolutely nothing and be completely unrelated. If there is some relation, I'd be surprised if the choice of words or gifs or whatever is an indication of what's to come. tbh, if I was in his shoes, I'd probably post a few hints that lead people down the complete wrong path, just for the laughs. Though that's probably the one of many reasons why I don't work for Merlin Magic Making.
  9. Could be from a very crude numbers point of view I guess: "We spend £x on a roller coaster and get back £y. We spend £(x/10) on something else and get back more than £(y/10). So 10 something elses gives more than one coaster, so why get a coaster when we can get 10 something elses?" I assume it wasn't quite that simple, but you get the gist. It wouldn't surprise me if that was the loose logic tbh In other news, here's TPM's news update nicely summarising everything: https://thorpeparkmania.co.uk/news/28-11-2021/Consultations+to+Occur+for+a+New+Roller+Coaster!
  10. Any chance of you being that annoying friend who asks for a photo of the reverse of the leaflet too?
  11. https://www.thorpepark-consultation.com/ 👀
  12. Blackpool's situation was arguably very different. Prior to 1994, they had a collection of old woodies and a couple of mid-range thrill coasters. Perhaps their most thrilling ride at the time was Revolution. The introduction of Big One was a marked step up. It was meant to be something which dwarfed the rest of the park, but not overshadow them. (Realise now my wording in previous post could have been better). Big One was the 'extreme, large scale, big boy' ride. The other rides were thrilling and fun, but could easily be said to be a level below Big One. At Thorpe, you have Colossus, Inferno, Stealth, Saw and Swarm. A quintet of big, extreme rides. You can certainly argue amongst those there's some which are 'bigger'/'more intense'/'more extreme' than the others, but they all have that 'large scale, big boy' ride aura. So creating a ride that is physically bigger than all of them could create a suggestion that it's a "step up" from all of them, especially in a park as small as Thorpe where it's easy to compare everything. It doesn't rule out a hyper. And I'm sure there's plenty of parks, including Blackpool, who have come to this hurdle and tackled it one way or another. But it's certainly something that needs to be carefully considered if one was to come, both from a design and marketing perspective.
  13. When Stealth opened, it was marketed as Europe's highest and fastest launch coaster. That's a "Merlin" claim, and stronger than many of their recent ones. They could also have gone down "Europe's most intense launch" or "One of the world's most intense launches" routes to add to it. They could have made it work. The last MTDP stated any coasters built under those restrictions would not exceed 850m. The thing is, since it is (well) out of date, it means nothing. If the park wasn't to build longer, they can. The only reason for giving a number is because the park had loose enough plans that they didn't expect to build a coaster longer than 850m, so why would they say they would. There's no restriction on the park saying they can't exceed a set length with a coaster. As for height, it's true they had to be more careful and rigorous with Stealth. And they had carefully placed high points for Swarm and any potential ride on the island behind Stealth. But again, there is no specific restriction on how high they can build within reason. I think their max height because of Heathrow is around 500ft, but something even close to that size is unrealistic anyway. So a hyper isn't impossible. Of course, a hyper coaster raises many issues... the main one being how would you install one without dwarfing the rest of the park? Stealth works because of its location and minimal structure. Would, say, a 250ft lift hill plus many airtime hills greater than 100ft in height just put everything else to shame in perspective? Possibly.
  14. Genuine question: How was Tomb Blaster previously blocked off during Winter? Was it just a bin in front of the entrance or something similar? Whilst it's different, this is not evidence that Forbidden Tomb / Terror Tomb / 5th Dimension is returning. And my earlier point still stands, if one of those names is re-introduced, I see no reason to expect any resulting ride experience changes to be any good.
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