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  1. It's half and half. Personally I don't like the new look.
  2. Certainly a possible explanation. I don't claim to know the ins and outs; I've just pieced together what I've reliably heard along the grapevine. Though it's always possible I've created the wrong picture. There were problems with getting smoke and fumes out of the building. It's something that can be corrected I'm sure, but I don't blame Thorpe if they opted to err on the side of caution when it comes to safety. Towers have had mazes in the ruins for many years so will know more and be more confident that they can ventilate the building sufficiently. I agree about
  3. There will be enough ventilation within the buildings, occurring naturally or with the help of machines, otherwise they would not have opened the mazes in the ruins. It's an important thing in Covid regulations, especially for places in the entertainment side of things. My knowledge of the ruins is minimal, but I can only assume it's better ventilated than Creek Freak. I think this was an issue with Creek Freak - it simply wasn't dissipating quick enough, even with the machines turned off. Coupled in with fumes from the chainsaws as well, that caused issues. Which does lead to q
  4. Went yesterday, had a good time. Helped very much by the low crowds which meant lots of interaction in the scare zones too. Mazes I'll be honest: both of the mazes were pretty poor. Platform wasn't helped by the group behind us catching up way too quickly, and because they were the very scared type, actors always targeted them. It's a shame actors towards the start weren't able to slow the group down, as towards the end, other actors certainly would have thought we were part of the same group. Roots of Evil is just poor frankly. I hear the park are impr
  5. That'll be the same reason that they haven't used it for a proper maze since it became I'm a Celeb... It's difficult to use the I'm a Celeb / Jungle Escape route for a maze. One of the reasons Vulcan Peak was a hooded maze was to hide that. And when they changed it so part of the route wasn't a hooded maze, it very much felt like you were walking through I'm a Celeb, not a maze. Even if the park didn't want to keep Jungle Escape, they would have had to rip out all of Jungle Escape and build a maze in there. Something like that is not cheap, nor quick. They certainly wou
  6. Main issue would be ventilation I'd expect. Creepy Caves was designed to be well ventilated when it housed animals, and the area itself still will be. Creek Freak isn't the best building for ventilation - I believe it had many shutdowns last year because the smoke from the maze wasn't escaping. That would make it a nightmare to approve from a H&S perspective during Covid.
  7. Forgot to add in my last post: the TPM Fright Nights meet last year was on Sunday this time last year, and it was totally fine. A couple of minor incidents I believe, but none of us had an complaints. So the park had improved in recent years.
  8. I believe that they opted to have a lot of plain clothed officers and security guards this year, which could be why there might feel like less of a visible presence. The other issue is that if things do happen and they're needed, they're obviously off park, so it seems like there's less. This would be particularly true yesterday when there's lot of incidents happening. This could be completely wrong, but I remember hearing something about there being some planning issues to do with the fencing, and that the council will only let it be a certain height, etc. And there's limi
  9. Walking Dead isn't closed because of its indoor pathways. Whilst at first it being indoors was a bigger problem (many Merlin indoor rides didn't open straight away as they figured out a best way to deal with it), I understand that there are other reasons for it. I don't know what exactly, but it wasn't the deciding factor. There would be two troublesome things with using the tunnel as part of the maze: 1. There's no way to control group flow. 2. There's no way of having actors in there, because of social distancing. With the first point,
  10. In the one sense, you can argue it's not any different to any other indoor queue line, which still exist. The reasons indoor mazes didn't run was a mixture of things: not enough space to incorporate actors and guests with social distancing, lack of appropriate ventilation, etc. An indoor queue line is very different to an indoor maze. And in all honesty, I would feel perfect fine in a Covid-sense queueing in there if everyone was wearing masks and social distancing (though I know this is unlikely). But yes, it's hard to disagree that it's an unusual choice all things considered. It
  11. Luna Cinema makes more sense than a regular cinema, since everyone is in their cars. Food still can't be served after 10pm in either case there though. I do think the 10pm rule with parks is a little over the top. I do think the parks are also going a bit over the top with some of the closing schedules by the sounds of it, though I guess it's not worth the potential repercussions.
  12. That's...not how it should be working. The park and site (bar hotel obvs) have to be clear by 10pm because of the government restrictions. The park closes at 9pm - this means that all queue lines are closed, and all the actors will start leaving the scare zones around then. Because some rides have long queues, the queue lines are advertised as closing from 8pm. This means if a ride has a 75 minute queue, it will close before 9pm. At a push they could go for closing it at 8.30pm (8.30pm plus 75minutes = 9.45pm, plus 15 minutes to get the people out the park), but r
  13. I've always wondered this too. They have used the theme before in previous Fright Nights audio loops around the park, but to my knowledge it's never been part of the ride's audio, nor saw it part of Saw Alive. So part of me thinks it could be down to some weird contract thing, it that they can only use it during Fright Nights / only use it so often, else they'd have to pay more or something. Could well not be the reason, but I can think of any other reason why they wouldn't have used it really, given how recognisable and iconic it is. I remember hearing that the reason
  14. The physical process of having your temperature and bag checked is quick. The queue to get is simply because of the number of people there. As said above, just get there as early as possible (9.15ish is a good shout) and you'll be fine. The turnstiles will open shortly after 9.30 in my experience, so you're good to go from there.
  15. Actors aren't running the ride. They could dress up the hosts in similar costumes if they wanted (in a similar to to how Ghost Train had themed uniforms, or for a better example, the likes of Wicker Man and Smiler and Towers), but it adds a layer of complication, especially since it's different departments and stuff. As I say, Swarm Island is very much an area whereby you get what you put into it. If you interact with the actors, and watch the little things they do between each other, it's a fun experience. If you just focus on getting to the queue, you would barely notice they're
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