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  1. I guess so yeah. But in the same way there's a possibility I could go on to win an Olympic Gold medal in the 100m.
  2. It's Intamin. One of the newer 10 inversion coasters, like Altair in Cinecitta World
  3. Taiga hype: Construction time lapse featuring the ride's audio Some drone footage. The top hat into the hill thing just looks lush
  4. The first piece of concrete evidence pointing towards this happening: https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2037421.html?fbclid=IwAR25SGFW5k4h9W1n5rISMI44OXeVUXE8QTf3VfCoAxh2dTHXGGyH2yOHvtM The 10 inversion coaster which was meant to open in Brazil but never did, which was then shipped to open in Malaysia but never did is being sold. The exact quote: Though of course it's not necessarily Flamingo, it seems highly unlikely to be for anywhere else. And at a cost of £2.3m (excluding shipping and construction, which I believe isn't as expensive as people may think), that's a proper bargain for such a large coaster.
  5. I am pretty sure there was music before, but I don't really remember it. I think when I went in July last year Troy was still actually playing it's old music. In general, despite the quality of the music if you do hear it, I don't really remember any music from the park aside from D'Werevelervelervelwind and Merlin's Quest of foreverness..
  6. Was one of the best parts of the meet too, if I do say so myself...
  7. The 270 double inverting corner stall in about 3/4 of its glory.
  8. The question everyone I've been asking, "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?", for the past couple of days has been answered thanks to PhantaFriends... A model of how we can expect a small part of Rookburgh to look. This is a section of the first launch (I believe train will travel right to left), and it shows a bridge/walkway will go under the covered section. Steampunk + Phantasialand was only ever going to be this good tbh
  9. Been a while since we had anything Taiga on here.. Linnanmaki have been doing a making of series on Instagram (though totally in Finnish, with no English subtitles), till this random one which focuses on Intamin. Hopefully more to come over the coming weeks.. Ride should open in June/July.
  10. Making of Untamed Episode 6 is live, showcasing the unique element, which RMC are calling a "270 double inverting corner stall". Sensible name. We also have a photo of the trains:
  11. From PhantaFriends.de... Track is almost complete - that is the final piece to be installed! This view is from main street outside the park, and it's expected that a wall will be erected soon enough. Some more work on the new marketing feature, which I expect to be ready this weekend:
  12. Some more marketing has come about... Source - https://www.facebook.com/rideoutde/ The middle piece has something that you can look into too. However, the platform hasn't been opened up just yet, so what's inside is a mystery for now..
  13. JoshC.


    I believe it's an issue with the ride hardware itself (although not parking, which is the common problem for Madhouses). Obviously stuff like this happens with new rides, but if it's a lengthy closure, that could suggest they tried rushing it to get it ready in time.
  14. Some views of one of the launches from bumblebrick on Instagram... It's now expected that the track for Fly will cross over itself 46 times (Taron has 58).
  15. I think Hangover should be Sunken Gardens, as they're both places where people get high, which is how I assume this topic came about.
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