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  1. I love Air so I’ll give swarm a shot, I’ll be shutting bricks though haha
  2. I’m not worried about the hang time, it’s more the drop, I hate having a sh*tty feeling in my stomach and I just don’t want to hate the ride, it looks amazing and I really want to achieve it, I let my gut do the thinking way too much hahaha, if anyone could explain in any way how the drop feels would be amazing ? I love Air/ Galactica if that can be compared to it
  3. Hahaha thankyou! Makes me feel tons better hahaha ?
  4. I know I’m going to get a lot of comments taking the piss, I do it to myself hahaha I feel so stupid feeling this way, I get there all excited, turn to the ride and pussy out hahaha, I appreciate all help I get
  5. I’m going to Thorpe Park on the 24th and I’m a little nervous about going on swarm, and I sound silly because I’ve done saw and I loved it the first three times and the fourth made me feel I’ll so now don’t go on it , but I really want to ride swarm but I’m afraid I will not enjoy it. And if it helps I’ve done expedition Everest at Disney World, if that’s anything to compare to it ???
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