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  1. The Swarm is just as smooth as Air/Galactica imo - it just glides around the track. I find The Swarm to be a bit boring personally! The drop feels like you're just coming out of a vertical loop - it doesn't feel like much of a drop at all! I wouldn't overthink it - plus the seats are quite comfortable and the restraints are quite tight and have that padded 'vest' part similar to Air/Galactica, so you'll feel really safe and secure (if not TOO safe!). It's really not anything to worry about!!
  2. Why is this thread not called ‘Meme Park’? ?
  3. The Walking Dead is an AWFUL idea for the ride. What terrifies me even more is that one ‘great’ way to get a theme like that onto an indoor coaster would be to use.... ....virtual reality.... (please, no.)
  4. "Living Nighmare" - should be 'Living Nightmare' "Derren Browns Ghost Train Rise Of The Demon" - should be 'Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon', or 'Waste of Time and Money: The Experience'.
  5. Dean_W

    Paultons Park

    Apologies if this isn't allowed, but here is a barrage of photos of the new construction area and signs at Paultons... there is a building being constructed too, but I think that is more part of the 'Little Africa' thaaang. I'm just posting the pictures that were particularly interesting....
  6. Dean_W


    I can't remember where I heard it from, but apparently they are replacing the rows of seats on Slammer with a Rock n Tug on one side and a Frog Hopper on the other for two unique new ride experiences. One side is going to be called SlamTwister - a 'sliding rotating rotating freefall experience'. The other is going to be called Slammer2 - a 'raising raising rotating freefall freefall experience'. 2017 is looking to be an awesome year!
  7. I don't know if this is being kept solely to theme parks - but I feel that I need to say that the Take Off flat ride at Winter Wonderland is an absolute heap of junk. It is nothing personal to the owners - the ride looks great - it's just such an abysmal experience and a complete waste of money. I can't even imagine any way Take Offs could be improved... If I could sum up my Take Off opinion in one word, it'll probably be: 'cack'. Such a shame because it looks so much more fun than it actually is!
  8. Not sure how unpopular some of my opinions are, but; 1) The Swarm is a waste of space. 2) I really enjoy Rita. 3) I liked Blue Tornado (SLC). 4) I like rougher coasters, ones that are too smooth feel kind of boring... (Headbanging can sometimes be a bit too horrible, though!) 5) I still really like Chessington even though it is crap these days (maybe I just really like the nostalgic aspects?!) 6) Colossus is one of my favourite rides. 7) I LOVE Slammer! 8) I liked and miss Submission. 9) I liked and miss Ripsaw. 10) I've never had a Krabby Patty.
  9. Yeeeeeah! That Top Spin is looking real funky fresh! That'll give the guests something to complain about in 20 years time!
  10. I have no idea how to download it and I'm scared of ruining my Mac haha! I might just leave it for now and hope they make a Mac version I definitely can't afford £130 just to play Planet Coaster lol
  11. Oh ok! The only other question, then; how do I get a 'copy' of Windows?? (And what Windows version should I get for Planet Coaster?)
  12. Would having Windows on there slow my mac down, though?
  13. I think the park needs the fabled Top Spin that Thorpe have been getting for about 10 years now
  14. Kas Narañja is the best! But I've only ever seen it in Ibiza and Spain, so I have to go for Tango/Fanta here! Tango Orange obviously being the best Then the Cherry one is a close second. ...we don't talk about the Apple one...
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