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    They have one of those, too!
  2. This might seem a bit random, but I’m really going to miss Rameses Revenge! To me, this is like removing the last good thing in the park. I fully appreciate that operating the ride is now hassle the majority of the time, but it’s just such an iconic ride and always looks impressive every time I visit! There really isn’t anything else that will draw me back to Chessington after tomorrow night (except Creepy Caves Unearthed - that was awesome!).
  3. I couldn’t find a thread for Coney Beach, so I’ve started one. Not sure how many people have even been to Coney Beach here, but it’s somewhere I’ve been quite a few times since I was little and they have my favourite KMG Afterburner I’ve ever been on: Beach Party! I started this thread because I noticed that Beach Party looks to be up for sale online *cries* (so if anyone wants to buy it for me, I’ll give you free rides on it in my garden ) Jokes aside - if Beach Party really does leave Coney Beach, I will be so sad!
  4. The Swarm is just as smooth as Air/Galactica imo - it just glides around the track. I find The Swarm to be a bit boring personally! The drop feels like you're just coming out of a vertical loop - it doesn't feel like much of a drop at all! I wouldn't overthink it - plus the seats are quite comfortable and the restraints are quite tight and have that padded 'vest' part similar to Air/Galactica, so you'll feel really safe and secure (if not TOO safe!). It's really not anything to worry about!!
  5. Why is this thread not called ‘Meme Park’? ?
  6. The Walking Dead is an AWFUL idea for the ride. What terrifies me even more is that one ‘great’ way to get a theme like that onto an indoor coaster would be to use.... ....virtual reality.... (please, no.)
  7. "Living Nighmare" - should be 'Living Nightmare' "Derren Browns Ghost Train Rise Of The Demon" - should be 'Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon', or 'Waste of Time and Money: The Experience'.
  8. Apologies if this isn't allowed, but here is a barrage of photos of the new construction area and signs at Paultons... there is a building being constructed too, but I think that is more part of the 'Little Africa' thaaang. I'm just posting the pictures that were particularly interesting....
  9. Dean_W


    I can't remember where I heard it from, but apparently they are replacing the rows of seats on Slammer with a Rock n Tug on one side and a Frog Hopper on the other for two unique new ride experiences. One side is going to be called SlamTwister - a 'sliding rotating rotating freefall experience'. The other is going to be called Slammer2 - a 'raising raising rotating freefall freefall experience'. 2017 is looking to be an awesome year!
  10. I don't know if this is being kept solely to theme parks - but I feel that I need to say that the Take Off flat ride at Winter Wonderland is an absolute heap of junk. It is nothing personal to the owners - the ride looks great - it's just such an abysmal experience and a complete waste of money. I can't even imagine any way Take Offs could be improved... If I could sum up my Take Off opinion in one word, it'll probably be: 'cack'. Such a shame because it looks so much more fun than it actually is!
  11. Not sure how unpopular some of my opinions are, but; 1) The Swarm is a waste of space. 2) I really enjoy Rita. 3) I liked Blue Tornado (SLC). 4) I like rougher coasters, ones that are too smooth feel kind of boring... (Headbanging can sometimes be a bit too horrible, though!) 5) I still really like Chessington even though it is crap these days (maybe I just really like the nostalgic aspects?!) 6) Colossus is one of my favourite rides. 7) I LOVE Slammer! 8) I liked and miss Submission. 9) I liked and miss Ripsaw. 10) I've never had a Krabby Patty.
  12. Yeeeeeah! That Top Spin is looking real funky fresh! That'll give the guests something to complain about in 20 years time!
  13. I have no idea how to download it and I'm scared of ruining my Mac haha! I might just leave it for now and hope they make a Mac version I definitely can't afford £130 just to play Planet Coaster lol
  14. Oh ok! The only other question, then; how do I get a 'copy' of Windows?? (And what Windows version should I get for Planet Coaster?)
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