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  1. On a slightly related note, how’s Halloween night looking at Thorpe? Will it be busy or not to much since it’s the middle of the week?
  2. It might be something to do with the name being copyrighted- sure maybe not an issue with Big Top itself, but maybe Thorpe wants all or nothing in regards to the maze?
  3. In which case, perhaps Saw Alive will have a complete remake to suit Jigsaw more than the previous Saw films?
  4. Now while I give my own theory very little credibility due to how long Saw Alive has outstayed it's welcome and I don't doubt it will be any different this year; perhaps the reason why it stayed open this summer was because it will be replaced by a new maze this FN? I find it hard to believe Thorpe would close it at the end of summer to reopen it literally a month later- and since they have the existing infrastructure it wouldn't take them as long as it would to build an entirely new maze... or maybe I'm just clutching at straws. Regardless, I do find it hard to believe Thorpe would not give us any new mazes at all, and if Blair is the 'classic' maze they are bringing back I will be lowkey hella frustrated. One final thought, I'm not very big into horror films or FN's pre-2015 but perhaps they are bringing back a maze who's franchise released a new film maybe??
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