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  1. SW8

    I've had quite a few discussions with @Project LC out of the forums and it is very easy to tell his dislike for Merlin.
  2. SW8

    Well I know awfully well your huge dislike of Merlin so if anything, this is quite a positive comment from you, about a Merlin project.
  3. Colossus

    Well I guess it's good for it to have 2 trains, except it has been over 6 months late.
  4. Update on Octopus garden rides post leaving Thorpe Park!

    I would suggest you would look at some of TPM's website information. A lot of your questions will have answers there
  5. Toverland

    I'm no ride designer but could you have done a drop like this so it's a bit more exciting than what is being built. Couldn't you have had a small drop into a corkscrew to the right before going to the typical wing coaster drop? It would probably be more forceful and if course look far more interesting.
  6. Bubble works was funny and random to ride but that doesn't mean I found it amazing. I've never been a fan of Chessington and it will continue to be that way until the park sorts it self out. The newer marketing style I do quite like (still doesn't beat the amazing Heroes Wanted marketing at legoland) but you cannot have 3 areas themed to Asia- land of the dragons, wild Asia and mystic east. It's quite frustrating because the park could be far more interesting and enjoyable but instead it's an awfully built and run park compared to thorpe and even towers.
  7. No because of my age. I've never really enjoyed chessington and instead I've visited Alton Towers and Legoland far more in my childhood. I only remember 3 things from going to chessington when I was younger, 1 of which was bad. This compares with thorpe where Thorpe Park where I have some good memories of CCL, stealth, OG and Tidal Wave.
  8. I know that story; it's quite basic. However, it's like saying Galatica fits in Forbidden Valley because you can make up illogical stories that don't make sense and add there to please enthusiasts like nemesis creature was defeated and suddenly a space port with virtual reality appeared.
  9. I have watched the dark rides documentary but whatever you say you cannot deny that fizzy drinks doesn't thematically make sense with transalyvania. Yes I understand the budget is very low at chessington compared to AK but it feels if anything a bit of a poorly done rip off. Personally I don't understand the constant hate towards zufari because although it has it's flawed, for me it's by far the best experience and attraction in the park (haven't done Kobra or df due to crazy queues).
  10. Chessington issue is it's bland and boring, with enthusiasts always talking about their nostalgia. The park cannot handle crowds and can't create any decent themes past and present, except Wild Asia. There has and has never been enough money spent to create detailed themes (like animal kingdom) and instead we get half baked ideas like having a fizzy drinks factory in transalyvania or a clown area (aka a cheap fairground). Chessington is soul-less and simply doesn't immerse you into the park. It's an awful park, just as bad as Ferrari land.
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    The park have confirmed in Twitter that containment is not free
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    Do we have any specific timings for the announcement?
  13. To be honest, it took more like 25 mins, with 15 people ahead of me and this was in 2015.
  14. It looked and rode alright but the capacity was absolutely abysmal. There were less than 20 people ahead of me in the queue and the queue took around 20 mins.
  15. Top 10's

    I'm probably going to be a bit controversial, and just warning you, my coaster count is 31 (I need to visit more parks and get oblivion, smiler and smiler credits)... 1. Saw : The Ride - A fun forceful coaster that isn't really that rough. If anything, it fits the theme 2. Shambahla - Good ride in the back/front but you need to sit at the back with a loose restraint to have an enjoyable otherwise it feels a bit meh and disappointing. 3. Furius Baco - Far smoother ride than everyone makes it out to be queue and the theming is nice, making it rather under rated. 4. Nemesis Inferno - It's alright but nothing spectacular. 5. THE SWARM - Forceful drop and then a forceless short ride. Nothing else to say. 6. Th13teen - An enjoyable well themed coaster with a very good suprise. 7. Red Force - Just as forceless as stealth but I guess it's taller. 8. Stealth - Very over rated and it too short and forceless. 9. Rita - Another OK coaster. 10. Stampida (blue) - Mostly a fun ride but a bit too rough. Un-honourable Mentions Dragon Khan and Stampida (red) are far, far too rough.