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  1. TPC

    Fear on a Ride

    As good as any other coaster really is. I would still say inferno, galatica or swarm are the best first upside down coasters. Anyway, now that I have conquered my fear of upside down coasters, the next major thing is more intense flat rides that go upside down (not spinny flats which start to make me feel ill). Thus, as I'm planning to visit Chessington soon, what does Ramses Revenge feel like and does it make you feel ill?
  2. TPC


    I'm supposed to be the target audience, based on age, and this is not a good decision
  3. TPC

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    What has actually changed in the maze?
  4. TPC

    TEA Park Attendance Figures

    Gardaland faced various issues last year leading to the decline in visitor numbers. Shaman just didn't have the VR working for the majority of the season so it was a bit of a flop. The poor weather certainly didn't help the park as well
  5. TPC

    Ride Accidents

    I have a feeling it is a human error, especially with it being the first day of proper operation with normal guests. Mechanical aspects should have been already inspected by both RMC and whoever checks from Ohio state.
  6. TPC

    Fear on a Ride

    Being honest the only reason why I didn't ride 13 in 2014 was I wasn't too aware of it and thought it would be very scary, based on the adverts. However, despite this sounding harsh, you can't just give yourself excuses every visit to make you think you cannot ride for a specific reason. Just ride the coasters you are scared to do ChessingtonSam. I bet you will love them, once you conquer your fear!
  7. TPC

    Fear on a Ride

    I can only talk from experience and trust me inversions used to properly scare me, but the only way to do more rides is to confront your fears. In a way, being too scared to ride air for the first time made me feel annoyed with myself for chickening out, so I actively made sure I rode it on my next visit.
  8. TPC

    Food Outlets

    At least Bush BBQ fit the area...
  9. TPC


    The park are theming the sides of the warehouse to a party, so although it still doesn't look amazing, it is better than nothing
  10. TPC


    I remember the days when the park remained open until 7pm, rather than 6pm in summer
  11. TPC


    It seems like Thorpe is not the only park with poor availability of rides this season. My brother and dad visited today with Pirate Falls and Spinning Spider closed all day, as well as Raft Racers and Skyrider for the majority of the day.
  12. TPC


    Turns out I never actually posted what I got in the music theory grade 5 exam. Got 91/100 in the exam meaning I got a distinction, and got a merit for grade 6 saxophone. I am going to try and do grade 8 in the next 2 or so years.
  13. TPC

    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    Having actors there now goes against the map, which clearly does not have the live actor logo. Not going to cause any issues...
  14. TPC

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I would beg to differ. An island like no other marketing is clearly designed for families, not just thrill seekers these days
  15. TPC

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Credit where credit is due. The theming is nice, but it still doesn't fit in the park very well.