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  1. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Who else is looking forward to "The Walking Dead : The Ride: Rise of the Walkers" for the 2019 season? Also wasn't DBGT, advertised as being the center of the island as well...
  2. Park Music

    I love the soundtracks but still an quite annoyed it's not at all the full versions. The main reason I bought the CD was to listen to the full tracks, rather than listen to a shorter version. A pop singers CD would contain all of every song, rather than just the chorus, so why should a theme park cd be any different?
  3. Park Music

    I've listened to the cd now and some tracks are alright, but when they are amazing they seriously are amazing. There definitely seemed to be less of the main theme than I expected but was some of the music shortened? Personally, I would have preferred a bit more of the original inferno and Colossus theme tunes.
  4. Park Operations

    Just please sort out DBGT out. It uses 20+ employees at 1 time. It has been a complete and utter fail, so it desperately needs help. At least, it looks like Thorpe, aside from X Walking Dead is going to have a good season.
  5. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Did anyone download it?
  6. Creds n' stuff

    I've got the Brontojet credit from movie land in Italy
  7. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    At least, we do now get an area for future development after Icon, especially with the haunted house thing also been demolished.
  8. Doctor Who

    I simply cannot enjoy watching Doctor Who. It simply cannot decide what it wants to be. If it wants to be more of a comedy, have more jokes but don't make there just be awful one liners, which feel unnecessary. If it wants to be darker, please make it darker, rather than make every monster become innocent and human-like, if the monsters are supposed to be the doctor's enemies. There are very few Doctor Who episodes which I don't find boring, which is sad for a program with hundreds of episodes.
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    Saw is a bit rough, but is it really as rough as everyone makes it out to be? To be honest, I found it just as rattley as inferno and the swarm nearer the back of the train. If anything, it adds to the theme of torture. Trust me, I've done a lot rougher rides. Wild Maus XXL was painful, Stampida red made me feel like I was about to die and dragon khan simply is rough, no question or doubt!
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    I think what it came down to with temple del Fuego was a number of factors. Firstly, language barrier certainly didn't help and with all the hype, it's definitely overrated. Also, it didn't help that we were near the very end of the theatre. The queuing system was awful and simply caused everyone in the queue to be angry. All my family were really disappointed, really annoyed we wasted our time on it. This contrasts deeply with flying dreams which we all loved.
  11. Unpopular Opinions

    Totally agree with your PA comments. Anyway, here is more of my controversial opinions. 1. Furius Baco is my favourite launch coaster, beating Red Force, Rita and Stealth. 2. Shambhala is good, but nothing too spectacular, like a certain worldwide Youtuber makes it out to be. 3. PA world as a resort (including parks) I would rate lower than Thorpe Park and Gardaland. 4. Dragon Khan is unbearably rough. 5. Log flumes are just very samey and get you too wet. 6. Temple de Fuego is quite disappointing and lacks any major wow factor. 7. Huraken Condor is quite rough, but like every other drop tower, it simply doesn't scare me.
  12. Park Music

    I really want the album but the price of £20 is unecessarily high, considering that the old soundtracks could be found on YouTube for free, and there's only 7 main areas/ attractions which have the music on the album. Hmm, to buy or to not to buy
  13. The Future of SAW - The Ride

    I was more referring to stealth being so forgettable and over, after a blink of the eye. At least, saw feels a lot longer and it's the only coaster at thorpe that I can say makes me smile at the end of the ride. Nemesis Inferno is good but there's nothing spectacular. Stealth is meh. Colossus just focusses on inversions. THE SWARM lacks any force, whatsoever, except on the drop. Unlike mystery mine, saw isn't just a story based experience with a hint of an actual coaster. Saw mixes both theming and the actual coaster very well.
  14. The Future of SAW - The Ride

    I mean I absolutely love Saw, more than Shambhala or Red Force. It is forceful, has a good amount of theming and has a very good layout (maybe slightly too short but long enough AHEM Stealth). The ride has a solid capacity (and it's an awfully clever system in how the coaster operates). Theming wise, I'd expect it not to change but maybe it would be nice to get some of the original concept art appearing in the attraction more.
  15. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Angry Birds 4D Experience (5) Depth Charge (5) Detonator: Bombs Away (5) Flying Fish (5) I'm A Celebrity (4) King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5) Lumber Jump (2) Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Quantum (5) Rocky Express (5) Rumba Rapids (5) Rush (5) Samurai (5) SAW - The Ride (6) Stealth (5) Storm In A Teacup (5) Storm Surge (5) The Swarm (6) Tidal Wave (5) Timber Tug Boat (8) Vortex (4) X (5) Zodiac (5) Saw - The Ride + Vortex -