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  1. TPC

    Park Music

    Fright night audio for 2018 https://youtu.be/Fa4Qh-oK7dY
  2. TPC

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Also what was the point of the tv being used in every fright nights video? Makes absolutely no sense with the event
  3. TPC

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Do or Die looks absolutely rubbish. Barely any theming, black walls and minimal scares. You wouldn't think that this was from the same park that had big top, platform 15 and living nightmare
  4. Really stupid to put blood and gore in the dome for big top Showtime. Families are not going to be happy when their children see them...
  5. TPC

    Education (Exam Results)

    Got a remark for computing which went up by 1 mark so I got a 9!
  6. TPC

    2018 General Discussion

    It seems that the old town family flat rides (rocky express, timber tug boat and lumber jump) will only be open from 10am-2pm
  7. TPC

    Park Music

    With regards to Colossus and inferno, is there anything else you can say about them?
  8. Remember 2 zombie based mazes weren't enough. 3 though is perfect
  9. 2 pumpkins for day and 3 pumpkins for night
  10. Dead Creek Woods has been announced
  11. Is it just me who noticed a mistake regarding the big top tagline? I'm the press release, it is called Big Top Unleashed but the website and picture call it Big Top Showtime...
  12. TPC

    Unpopular Opinions

    Inferno can run too intense to the point it is no longer enjoyable.
  13. TPC

    Fear on a Ride

    Once you do rita, you can do every other launch coaster, as long as you aren't scared of heights.
  14. TPC

    Fear on a Ride

    As good as any other coaster really is. I would still say inferno, galatica or swarm are the best first upside down coasters. Anyway, now that I have conquered my fear of upside down coasters, the next major thing is more intense flat rides that go upside down (not spinny flats which start to make me feel ill). Thus, as I'm planning to visit Chessington soon, what does Ramses Revenge feel like and does it make you feel ill?
  15. TPC


    I'm supposed to be the target audience, based on age, and this is not a good decision