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  1. Very busy year for me 😭 2x Legoland windsor 1x Chessington 1x Gardaland Hopefully I'll finally get to blackpool somehow for 2020
  2. I can presume theme park guide will knowing them
  3. What else were they planning for big top?
  4. Reminder X 2016 refurbishment music is used in bouncezilla but I doubt the park would bring x back. Big top (as a maze) is just unlikely to return, however much enthusiasts want it to.
  5. TPC


    Coming from someone who has no ride operator experience, how is it so unpredictable?
  6. It's interesting to see everyone's viewpoints and it's amazing to see how much has been written since I created this forum section over 3 years ago. My current phobia at parks is now more intense spinny flat rides.
  7. Is it definitely rides that cause migraines? I've had a migraine at Portaventura but I knew that was caused by sleep patterns and not rides.
  8. TPC

    2019 Season

    The new advert couldn't make it clearer the park was about being like other, instead of carefully placing it like the 2014 advert. In 5 years, we've gone from something professional to a YouTube top 5 video for why you should visit Thorpe. It really annoys me as island like no other has so much potential.
  9. TPC


    Remember this is only the start of refurbishment plan for the resort. Expect a lot more to come in the next few years
  10. TPC


    Main changes have been Laser Raiders have a new design for farcade, beginning having a lot of painting done, viking river splash having trough repainted and new ride signs throughout the park. It's quite a bit
  11. TPC

    2019 Season

    HYPD is a fortnite reference...
  12. TPC

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Merlin can have characters in parks. Prezomolo at Gardaland is a great example. Wish characters were brought back to UK parks
  13. TPC

    2019 Season

    Thorpe needs to go back to 2014 marketing where an island like no other was used. You could easily use the same format for adverts except change the line at the end saying 'and now new for 2019 there are...'.
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