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  1. I believe the cladding/theming didn't last as long as expected being exposed to the lovely British weather all year so they decided to remove it. You can see how battered and worn the wooden side walls are so I can only imagine the state of the wood cladding at height, exposed to gusts of wind. If only they'd put a roof on that station eh? Remember last year the lack of TVs completely working so that's rather upsetting to hear they appear to not have been fixed. The ones facing the plaza were particularly burnt out/discoloured, I remember.
  2. I see over on the TPM updates that Swarms' station roof supports have now been completely stripped of wood, so now are just bare metal RSJs. Prediction: they will not be replaced and left as is all season.
  3. This is a fantastic campaign, agreed. They are completely nailing this. No hyperbole, a nice storyline, various twitter feeds/characters to watch and look for clues etc. Very well executed, as I'm sure the new area will be if previous recent investment is anything to go by.
  4. My sentiments exactly bruv 😍
  5. 😳😳 Don't worry adventurers, it's making a splash back soon!
  6. I never got to experience Galactica with VR as when I went last year - even on a pretty "dead" day in April that wasn't half term, the queue was so ruddy long because of how long loading was taking.
  7. The MAP Facebook group is my daily dose of humour and/or despair. Scenes.
  8. Source was an Eventbrite email for Friends and Family day on the MAP group. It also says Quantum closed (and Wet Wet Wet and the beach, obvs)
  9. Stealth won't be open for the friends and family day on 23rd March...
  10. Do you mind m8 I'm 36 this year and will be planting a flower bed in my back garden in the shape of 36.
  11. They are making the Stealth track and vehicles completely grey and then hanging a massive question mark underneath the Stealth arch for 2019 season.
  12. I reckon all of them are genuine judging by recent posts! However, if I was Derren Brown I'd sue because he's more of a frites kinda guy then going to the chippy innit.
  13. Well they seem to spend most of their time ripping the p*ss out of their stock images on their own Facebook page so it would probably be a good idea.
  14. Just spotted more wooden fencing ready to go up on a pallet in that photo too. Reminds of the area near Zufari in a way.
  15. Is that the finished article or....? Looks like they've just bought a load of wicker fencing to cover up what was there.
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