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  1. TheIslandLikeNoOther is due to open on 27th March... I'm quietly optimistic that will happen. Just without DBGTROTD, TWDTR and Black Mirror Labyrinth...!
  2. Happy Christmas, this message is sponsored by Derren Brown's Ghost Train.
  3. Nailed it. Expect to see more events that encourage you to buy food and drink and add-ons such as Oktoberfest and paid-for mazes at Thorpe, I reckon - which I don't mind, personally. Oktoberfest at Alton Towers was an absolute breath of fresh air this year, thoroughly impressed.
  4. Is it too much of a sweeping statement to say that MAP users are the main users - and also abusers - of the RAP? Anyway, I've said it either way
  5. The MAP group are kicking off big time about the price hike, but let's be honest here - the passes have been too cheap for too long. MAPpers typically won't use F&B on park, where Merlin make that precious and needed revenue and margin.
  6. So... with all the positive vaccine news and such - the most important question is - do we expect Creek Freak Massacre to be back next year, and back inside where it belongs? ❤️ I personally would be pretty damn certain that's the case.
  7. Don't give Merlin ideas. Swarm: Brave it Spinny & Backwards (Sometimes) coming 2022.
  8. There's no physical card for this pass, it's saved on your phone - does this mean you now have to wear your phone on your lanyard all day to prove you are not just a normal standard guest and one of the elite?
  9. I've heard it's going to be called Crocodile Rock instead as that doesn't break any trademarks. Laaaaaaa, la la la laaaaaa....
  10. The island behind Swam baffles me - it's not cheap whatsoever to create an island, one can only assume they must have had plans to put something there a few years after Swarm, but I guess like Operational Directors, plans and management change! From one year to the next, it would seem.... Thopre trying to eek out no "big" investment for a couple of years at least whilst also trying to attract visitiors is going to be... a challenge. There's only so many times you can rebrand or rename something or stick an overlay over the top...
  11. With regards to vaccine, Ticketmaster etc. - as has been said, it's the most vulnerable and oldest first, then likely to go down the age groups, with those with underlying health conditions higher up the queue - I really can't see 90% of Thorpe's visitors even being able to get a vaccine until back end of 2021. With that in mind I agree with above - can't see 2021 being hugely different to this year to start with at least but I would like to think that Fright Nights will be back to something resembling normality. I think rapid testing & over the counter testing is what's going
  12. Did someone say second drop tower? 😱😂 Black Mirror is an interesting one, depends on how good the ventilation is I suppose, and how many surfaces are there that you touch - but if it's mask complusory, sanitize before entry.... it could work... but the throughputs though... I dread to think! In fact, I dread to think about those without any social distacing regulations!
  13. I'm leaving this forum and going to somewhere decent like TowersTimes.
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