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  1. Or some sort of shipping container walk through from the Slammer exit to the Tug Boat.
  2. Don't worry about Slammer lads, the new mini drop tower coming soon to Old Town will fulfil your freefall needs. In seriousness - would doubt they are about to scrap the thing due to A. being on the freshly printed park maps and B. the amount of money they have spent on it already - meaning it had a very successful 2016. It was probably available for longer over the season than DBGT
  3. Smiler going backwards for 2017
  4. Agreed. Otherwise expect HORROR RIDE AT SURREY THEME PARK headlines come opening day! * Riders stuck for 30 minutes in pouring rain * Eye witnesses reported test dummies being sent round before the ride opened later then scheduled at 11am * Dave (19) said the experience meant "He weren't gonna go to theme parks no more" (sic) and "Surely if they are testing it with dummies it ain't safe" * THORPE PARK - home of "The Colossus" is owned by Merlin Entertainments who also operate Alton Towers, where the Smiler ride caused unprecedented injuries in June 2015 Easy this journalism lark...
  5. Even one of the bears has given up hope and topped itself
  6. 4.5 out of 10 for effort, Merlin.
  7. Assume Ramases is all back to normal now - currently has a 30 minute queue
  8. Jokes aside... is that the undercoat for the fence or did Merlin simply pick any colour they fancied? Blue is so cohesive with the surroundings... (!)
  9. I barely slept last night regarding this, hence why I mentioned it, so trust we will have answers soon before I go straight to The Mirror.
  10. My favourite reply to that tweet is "Please tell me it's a new fence"
  11. Hey, the fence for the ride completely matches the area....
  12. Spacing between River & Ride vs. Ride & Adventure isn't the same, shut the ride NOW. Echo the sentiments on the proper lighting - what a difference that makes!
  13. Those pipes doe. Modern industrial pipes like that fit in with a Victorian train station/depot because...?
  14. Picture from Thorpe Park Mania's Facebook - looks like DBGT and SAW Alive have mated and had an ugly baby...
  15. The photos of the new "wooden entrance" at Thorpe Park on the TPM Facebook actually looks really good