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  1. 😱😱😱 The plot thickens, just like an unbranded nitrogen ice cream cookie sandwich.
  2. For a while anyway #RIPDBGTsTwoPhotoPoints In other news, if those roaming actors in silver clothes with pink wigs are anything to do with Black Mirror - please, please, please, I hope they aren't - that's absolutely laughable.
  3. I've been in tears since I woke up.
  4. We've just booked Disneyland Paris, 3 nights arriving Sunday 22nd August... we figure it's pretty likely to go ahead, and all refundable anyway. As I understand it, w/c 23rd shouldn't be super busy but who knows anymore! We just want something to look forward to!
  5. With the introduction of Creak Freak Massacre in the old station building - with the expenditure on a scare maze at Thorpe we haven't seen for quite some time - it's going to be some time before we see anything going on with Loggers I would imagine, especially with Creak Freak being unused last year. Appreciate they could start construction behind Creak Freak though potentially, and just re-route/postpone Platform 15 perhaps.
  6. You can view the Wayback Machine's archive of Minds Wanted here: https://web.archive.org/web/20151127043531/https://mindswanted.co.uk/ Agreed, the Smiler hype and campaign was very well orchestrated - especially considering it was Merlin's own IP. I think it speaks volumes still that it's popularity hasn't waned since the unfortunate accident either. The Swarm's campaign I also loved, but it's interesting how that just didn't seem to strike a chord so much with people vs Smiler... maybe because people are/were sick of the "end of the world" and destruction rhetoric
  7. Yep - those gates are literally bog standard security gates - could have at least got them in a branded colour!
  8. Do you reckon they'll stick vinyls on them to make them fit in a little bit better? You would hope so, no...?
  9. Can anyone confirm if the 5th green light has been fixed on Stealth to celebrate it's 15th birthday please.
  10. 😂 Are we to assume the new land won't open until phase 4 of easing starts on w/c 17th May at the earliest?
  11. Yikes, that's a lot of time to kill being stuck in a little box! Unless I'm guessing they'll hire in some food & beer carts maybe? Or maybe the huts outside DBGTROTD are still there from FN's?
  12. Hopefully this paves the way for the second Detty tower.
  13. A huge problem with DBGTROTD is - what on earth do you do with it next? Once VR is permitted Covid-wise I would assume that they could just change the overlay to something else/another story maybe? But if you take away the VR, it's just a train simulator. Could maybe see it going the way of a live action scare maze type attraction maybe? But even then, they don't have a good history whatsoever at the Island Like No Other.... there also comes a point too where you are just throwing good money away over bad, and it's not worth the outlay to keep it going. Any budget to retheme the thing isn't ex
  14. I forgot about that Swarm press shoot! I was dead afterwards hahaha. Remember a Stealth photoshoot too back in the day, riding it at 9am in the morning back to back... good times! I was going to give Detty a shout too - packs a punch, and without fail, everytime I think "Oh yeah, it's higher than I remember!"
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