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  1. I should've put a sarcasm note in my post, sorry dude It 100% isn't supposed to look that dirty!
  2. This is the photo from TripAdvisor. This is actually theming to fit in with Lost City's new "abandoned" theme, it is not through lack of repainting.
  3. No on ride POV yet lads?
  4. I have it on very good authority that the BEAST is now open.
  5. I love how the social media team even attempt to make a closure for the entire year exciting.
  6. That is totally insane if they did that with no ropes or gear. I guess the track is effectively like a ladder but even so - absolutely crazy.
  7. Apparently it came down to Icon or Zoomy Woo Woo Fun Time and I for one would prefer the latter.
  8. @Mitchada04 and I have no part to play in Stealth's downtime this time around.
  9. Yep, what TPMSam said - shove it towards the back If Colossus is on more than 1 train (!) they'll pull the shutters across the Train 1 bags when Train 2 loads etc. so the chances of anything being nicked are slim!
  10. 5/10 is better than 4.5/10 I suppose.
  11. I was thinking this last night - if DBGT 2016 version was so going to be so technologically advanced, groundbreaking etc. etc. they shouldn't have tried to rush it through and put unrealistic opening dates out there just for the sake of having it open. Merlin seem to have a habit of putting exact dates out there instead of just being vague with "Coming soon" - Smiler being a case in point, they announced at the start of the year an exact opening date, and anyone could see from construction it wouldn't be ready in time. I know the tech of DBGTROTD means the ride can evolve, change etc. over time but I'm sure they weren't expecting or anticipating having to add to the ride so dramatically after one (half-ish) of a season?
  12. Glad to have you on board Derren I jest - glad to hear such a glowing review, I hope there is more of the same!
  13. Double post but I recognise none of the celebs. Other than DJ Steven Vig obvs.
  14. Dezza B admits it wasn't all that last year...