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  1. I don't have room for this negativity in my life.
  2. Oooh, updates to Hayride would be good. I mean it's iconic anyway but still! Just looked back on a photo from the night with pricing in the background and Bounceback VIP was £90, vs £102 each booking in the sale - think I'll just do that on the night next year for the 2024 season! Thought I'd add some photos from my visit this year, whilst I'm here. What an iconic place Tulleys is. Proper fanboi.
  3. I did think that - it's just the idea of forking out £200 whilst I'm there that stops me I think! There's no mention of any new haunts for 2023 in the email that was sent out, but then, considering they've just installed Doom Town, I can't say I'm surprised! Don't recall seeing this before on the website.... "Please note - Shocktober Fest is a 16+ event. Please do not book tickets for anyone under the age of 16 as they will not be permitted entry on site." Wonder how strict they will be enforcing that?! Looking into the FAQs, it says to bring ID if you look under 21, with a photocopy of a passport etc.!
  4. MattyMoo


    My source tells me the new Haunted House is a clone of Terminus? 🤯
  5. Prices confirmed for next year.... I'll still be getting a RIP Bundle because I do still think that represents value for money for us, with the food, drink and merch tokens - the main issue here is, I despise 98% of the general public who have a habit of ruining a run-through 🙃
  6. Oh god, I'd never actually thought about it like that before. £30 million and that's what they have to resort to. I reckon Josh is right - remove VR completely, screens in the windows instead - run it at peak times or time slots only, or an upcharge. Could even then make it "extreme" for Fright Nights and upcharge then. Get another 3-5 years out of it then write it off.
  7. Genuinely wouldn't surprise me if they put something in the end of season/here's to 2023 video to be honest, where the people who created the promo can then speculate about what it means even though they know already.
  8. Really can't see them removing Slammer until they have plans to build something there and include that cost in the new attraction cost - possibly they may do it in 2023 closed season for 2024 because it'll look nicer with Exodus near by, but I can't see it myself. I expect Rocky Express to be dismantled and parts of it shoe-horned into next year's new Fright Night's maze as an "easter egg", sigh. 2023 will be the year of the Tidal Wave fire effect, with a new event called Fire It Up to replace Carnival and celebrate the success of delivering the Tidal Wave fire effect 2 years after it was put in. Jokes aside - no idea how they are going to try and push 2023. Towers may not have Nemesis but they'll have Duel and probably Sub Terra.
  9. Have to say this month of rain is definitely exactly what Project Exodus needs, definitely ideal weather 🙃
  10. The most upsetting thing is that I wrote that, as Steve is my alias, and I have not yet had one call. Is it worth complaining to Guest Services?
  11. Rocky was still there when I visited on Sunday, untouched and looking very sorry for itself indeed. I think Thorpe should be looking to spend the few hundred thousand pounds it'll cost to rebrand on more pressing issues to be honest... I concur with comments above re: Swarm station. Who would have thought that having a station made mostly of wood, exposed to the elements, would start to rot....? SO much graffiti in the queue lines on Sunday, but appreciate it's end of season. The handrail on the far side of the station was completely hanging off the wall too. Suffice to say, the steel beams in the station that were once cladded and themed, are still bare, despite noises about them being returned to their previous theming. Rush has a section of queue line fencing removed and replaced with temporary barriers - and spotted near the ops booth, some subsidence as the brickwork floor has caved in/sunk. Still at least the new Tidal Wave effec.... oh.
  12. I already leaked that above but also mentioned the IP.
  13. Yes, that's the area that screams to me in need of some Towers Loving Care.
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