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  1. Yep, what @JoshC. said. Bit sad really when you compare what Thorpe is offering for 2019 season vs Paulton's for 2020. And yes, I know that it's not 2020 yet... but if Thorpe had anything big up their sleeves (which I'm pretty darn certain they don't), it would be "out there" by now.
  2. I'm pleased this is catching on ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
  3. Definitely going back this year if it is a bona fide maze! Maybe it's the police/jailer themed one that was hinted at.
  4. I'm shocked that Ramases Revenge is still alive, and by god it's tried it's best to be sent to the scrapheap over the years, bless it's cotton socks.
  5. Always make sure I ride Hex... Love it. Even though I think I understand how it works, it still confuses me and disorientates me so much when I ride. Cracking dark ride, and love the flow of the pre shows too.
  6. I'm sure it'll be making a splash back soon. For the next 3 years.
  7. OMG I hardly recognise it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  8. Incorrect. Duelling Colossus' (Colossi?) incoming, Project 2020 confirmed. Source: grafitti on bit of chipboard in Blair Witch queue.
  9. Yep - when I visited for opening meet, I clipped my knee on one of the sides/wall supports on the way in to the loading station. Flippin' hurt and all!
  10. MattyMoo


    The Mirror have latched on to the story of it closing: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/legoland-visitors-fury-after-haunted-14311412 As already mentioned - that cattlepen queue and non-hidden show building is pretty damn vile
  11. The best solution to this is to roll out on all rides the system they were trialling on Living Dead The Ride where screams are turned into energy, obviously. Simple innit.
  12. Genuine praise, @JoshC. will testify that I said this and meant it - I really liked all the flowers/landscaping around park, and the speakers outside the Dome. Heck, I can't say I missed the themeing in the Dome to be honest. The little things do make a big difference But the bigger picture is quite grim... so many of the rides look so faded and tired and in desperate need of some Thorpe Loving Care. Samurai, Rush, Quantum, Swarm station, Colossus and it's concrete area, Nemesis track - all looking pretty run down and sun-bleached. SAW Alive's sign and queue timer has been completely removed for those who are bothered. Was good to get on Rumba, that was a good laugh and got pretty wet. Stealth operations were pretty slick (and SICK #Silkstone) on Saturday I have to say - fair play there.. Can't believe @jessica2 had never experienced Depth Charge before either, shameful behaviour and you lose 250 eNThUSiaSt points for gross misconduct.
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