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  1. They also don't proof read the subtitles before uploading. "Ghsot Train". It may be said that we are too quick to criticise Merlin - but they make it too easy!
  2. MattyMoo

    Park Operations

    Did the thief pay £8 to get out of the car park by booking online, go to a kiosk to pay £10 or think yolo and splash the cash paying £15 to get out? I know how difficult it was to pay for my parking online at Fright Nights personally 😂
  3. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    Sorry boss - use your Mod powers to delete mine and pretend it never happened 😘 I'm 36 this year. Sake.
  4. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    It's also my birthday this year.
  5. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    Blimey that Sticky Sisters obviously was very popular then.
  6. MattyMoo

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Indeed. Having an attraction to eat some queues is better than nothing
  7. MattyMoo

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Not a fan of I'm A Celeb - but if this is removed without a replacement attraction, that's one less attraction on park and more queues elsewhere. I guess it's pretty safe to assume there is nothing new for 2019, attraction or ride wise...?
  8. MattyMoo

    Paultons Park

    Tornado Springs sounds vaguely (Cal)Amity Cove-ish Paulton's don't mess about in announcing their plans do they? We're barely into 2019!
  9. MattyMoo


    Colossus was given a lot of attention over closed season last year, they half painted a couple of the supports but poor old Merlin always get slated, it's better than nothing.
  10. MattyMoo

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    I'd take a topspin over any of Thorpe's coasters m8 😂😘
  11. MattyMoo

    Nemesis Inferno

    It looks like to me it's being removed 😓
  12. MattyMoo

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Maybe it was on purpose and Pretty Little Thing exchanged that RT from BPB for an old Wild Mouse carriage lads.
  13. MattyMoo

    TPM Awards 2018

    I learnt my skillz from the Merlin Social Media Team.😎
  14. MattyMoo

    Fuji-Q Highland

    A bit like Thorpe then m80 🙃
  15. MattyMoo

    Is there a maximum length for hair

    I tie mine up in a man bun hun.