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  1. Double post soz - this person is having a Meet and greet at Thorpe. I literally have no idea who she is, and I'm pretty up to speed with the famous instatubers, tikytokers and Snapchaps. Any idea team?
  2. This is exactly what I was getting at 😁 I don't genuinely think the facility should have a queue, was more a dig at thirsty "me first" and "I want what they've got" nature of the thirsty MAPpers, who will get triggered by not being able to receive a free circular piece of plastic, so one can only begin to imagine the anger at not being able to use "the free spa".
  3. Exactly. An engineer at a rebar factory I used to work in sales for, said to me once he looked into working for Thorpe Park - but the salary wasn't anywhere near where it should be and was a mickey take!
  4. That new "Quiet space" spa that's free is going to become a (pop) badge of honour on the MAP group isn't it? Will be more abused than the RAP passes. I eagerly await the first "Loving the Thorpe Spa" picture followed by "were is this plz" and before you know it, it'll need it's own RAP queue.
  5. End of May opening confirmed.
  6. I would take a stab at "nowhere near as soon as Thorpe would like". Would be surprised if it's not until mid April at the earliest.. probably longer... Make no mistake, this is a monumental eff-up.
  7. Minor detail but not really minor detail - how can a new attraction open and somehow the LED queue time board isn't installed and in place?
  8. Sure that's not for the menu's in the cafe?
  9. I saw a 120 minute queue advertised early today 🤣
  10. What do we reckon the queue is going to get to today? 180 mins?
  11. The new arrows to tell people where to go on Rush look good. About time the faded and pointless coloured dots were removed anyway, looked awful for years.
  12. Our queen is back 🙏 SRQs on Saw & TWD (I guess the latter makes sense so it avoids the must be in pairs rule).... Stealth coming soon (cos it's not like they've had all closed season to alter the queue lines) Lots of new food/drink things around park - shocks me how late they leave it though to build these things, and I know the video could have been filmed a little while ago but I doubt it. So... did that "Frost City" cocktail bar never open last year then? Didn't even know it existed, but then I guess I don't often go near the rides there other than Rush ❤️
  13. If they could just get the new tarmac'ers round from CWoA that would be a start.
  14. Sad to report that there will be an upcharge to access the Thorpe Park Annual Passholder group soon depending on your level of pass.
  15. More rotten cladding/brickwork around RSJs a la Swarm I suppose? Completely agree the whole area needs a refresh, hopefully the Phalanx will take it over.
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