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  1. MattyMoo

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Seems like another great start to the day at Alton Towers - WickerMan, Galactica, Spinball, Th13teen all down... WickerMan has just opened. Hope the social media team are prepared for a busy day.
  2. MattyMoo

    2018 General Discussion

    I would consider it for £395, but cannot stretch to £400 due to the sugar tax affecting my budget.
  3. MattyMoo

    2018 General Discussion

    ^ This 100%.
  4. MattyMoo

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Indeed! We have to Jart to thank.
  5. MattyMoo

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Looking like a potential 3rd day of downtime for Wickerman
  6. MattyMoo

    2018 General Discussion

    It is about time someone tweeted them about Loggers again to be fair, so we get a slightly different response to last time that can then be analysed to the n'th degree.
  7. MattyMoo

    2018 General Discussion

    But the social media team said they hoped Loggers Leap would be making a splash back soon so with that in mind who knows where Vortex will be back 😀
  8. MattyMoo

    Nemesis: Sub-Terra

    It's finished already 😍 I can only begin to imagine what's been going on inside after 3 years of Alton Towers Loving Care, going to be incredible.
  9. MattyMoo

    General Discussion

    But there's a pop badge. Everyone loves those. In years to come, after Brexit has gone through and the apocalypse has arrived, people will trade goods and services for small circular plastic discs with a poorly fixed cheap sticker in the middle, and our saviour Mrs. T will overthrow the queen.
  10. MattyMoo

    Ride Accidents

    I appreciate that the report is from Reddit, but even if you take it with a massive pinch of salt, it's still completely inexcusable. Awful, awful reading.
  11. MattyMoo


    I personally like the comments from people saying it's gone from "Year of the Walking Dead" to "Year of the Brain Dead" 😁
  12. MattyMoo

    2018 General Discussion

    Where the next short lived IP can come from? 😁
  13. MattyMoo

    Project Zero

    Thought: If it says "now the legacy begins" - perhaps it's ex-Thorpe employees/creatives/people that are starting their own horror mazes? That would make some sort of sense.
  14. MattyMoo

    Logger's Leap

    Until Jart says it's not coming back, I will go to sleep each night full of hope and dreams that our timber related old faithful will be confirmed as splashing back next season. Or the season after that.
  15. MattyMoo

    Project Zero

    Exactly. Too good to be anything Merlin related