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  1. Alton Towers General Discussion

    15/10 on the justice scale.
  2. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Incredible. Is this the same member of staff responsible for #BetterThanNothingGate?
  3. Alton Towers Quick Questions

    I messaged Alton Towers about this and they said that marked up merchandise was better than nothing
  4. Alton Towers General Discussion

    That's good to know anyway - going all that way for 10-4 opening with some rides opening at 11am or midday seems a bit of a joke.
  5. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    Apparently XNWOTWD was down all day yesterday? The website ticker says Opens Saturday, but that could be an old message...
  6. Alton Towers General Discussion

    We're going on Friday 20th April - I find it somewhat ridiculous that Towers still haven't put online the opening hours for that day as yet, but I'm guessing it's going to be a 10-4, sigh. EDIT: They've just gone online, 10-4 it is then....
  7. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    "You'd never even recognize that it used to be X" I'd beg to differ m8. EDIT: Sir Sanbrooke Esq. speaks the truth lads. He rates it a 5/10 (not a 15/10) and says "You could still tell it was X basically"
  8. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    This 100%. If the PR machine goes into super HYPE mode, and the reality is something very different and the public are disappointed, then that's no-one's fault other than Merlin's.
  9. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    @BaronC. Did you charge your phone after the ride? Seemed like a lot of "VIPs" in the queue last night - I understand DBGTROTD broke down last night too, for a change
  10. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Hurrah Hope that motorbike is screwed down properly - that looks far too easily accessible for people to mess about with!
  11. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

  12. @Mer Ah that's good Although the staff member didn't even spot my headset wasn't on and had already given the thumbs up (as I was still trying to find a space where there was a spare working headset)
  13. Agree with Mer's post above. My headset on parts 1 and 2 was working fine - however - the problem I always have is having to hold the flippin' thing on your head otherwise it slips down! Maybe you can adjust the straps but time always seems to be of the essence and I'm just happy to have a headset that actually works. Does kill the vibe a bit with attendants saying "Headsets in bags don't work" I did get touched during the VR... would say that the second bit of VR is vastly improved with extra bits now, and both sets of VR do work well (even with having to hold the headset on your head). Think I preferred the original "middle section" to be honest (currently) as the "maze" was just a bit odd - maybe they'll tweak the new middle section but it just felt a bit naff, and the projection was particularly poor. The fake shop ending works well - but agree, was quite funny seeing the Demon just left stuck there at the end Was trying to work out what was in the closed off part of the queue - it was the part where your head is photo'd and you lean on a rest, assume this was for the 3D jars that never really worked - or actually never worked at all?! So in the queue, that bit is shut off (1st photo point still operational) and the luggage hold is now shut off too. The less said of the state of the posters in the queue line, the better - there's literally nothing of them left now So yes - DBGTROTD2 is good - it's definitely better than 2016 and 2017, so the ride should be finished sometime in 2020.
  14. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    It may be a legit concept and exist but it won't even feature on the ride when it opens. I think Thorpe Park just think up a headline then make up the story behind it afterwards. Laughable really. Shame because I thought it looked pretty decent from the entrance facade and watchtower when on park on Saturday - like Josh said, if they actually just sold the ride on it's real life strengths and qualities, instead of these dodgy "fake news" stories, I'd have more respect from them and be more bothered. 15/10 on the nonsense scale.
  15. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018