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  1. I really really can't see them using the farm, especially with Exodus as pointed out. I say this, and then in a few weeks time, someone can quote this post and gloat in my wrong-ness! I don't think the SAW Alive boat is usable, but that whole area (where the scare zone was last year) including the abandoned SAW Alive queue line is pretty damn big. I mean, you could even stick a tent over the queue as is, switch some fences around and make it a true "maze" of sorts. DBGT being used for FNs - I'd love it, and it would potentially be one of the best things they'd ever done purely because of the grandness of the hanging carriage, tube trains etc. - but I just can't see this happening myself.
  2. Calling it now, looking at Summer 2024 opening - really can't see them getting all that needs to be done, done in that reduced timeframe...
  3. Really? I never knew that was the case, cheers for the info!
  4. Chainsaws will have actual chains on for 10/10 scares. One would assume that one maze is the "electric" shock type one reimagined, and the other is maybe the extension to Wastelands, but we shall see... one of the new mazes is presumably inside the old Clowns building since that's gone, unless that is going to be used for something else. Maybe the electric ? is for Superspark Cinema for some ultimate Thorpe Park FN burn haha - incorporate the Usherettes into the maze somehow? Or is that just wishful/wistful/lustful thinking?! 😍😁 As mooted though, scare factors don't mean too much as some of my scariest run throughs have been on Creepy Cottage to be honest - simple but effective scares with strobes etc! Still - I am "gassed" for Tulleys, bring on PSL season and I can become a basic b*tch again oncemore.
  5. Double post.... new maze announcement coming next Friday.
  6. Wonder if the prelim work not happening could affect Creak Freak opening or not... it's really not that long until the sPoOkY sEAsoN gets going now to be honest - Tulleys open their doors in 2 months time... talking of which, and a bit OT - they are revealing the first of their two new mazes next Friday.
  7. Those screens in the Swarm queue haven't worked for quite some time as far as I am aware! Shame as they actually help set the scene/story!
  8. Nicked this off that there Twitter - what a welcome to the Island Like No Other that entrance screen is. One part on the left has been broken for what seems like years, but it now seems that the rest of the screen is trying to catch up 😆 Hope it's still under warranty.
  9. Different colour flags and they rename the food stands 🙃
  10. I stand by my prediction of just a load of ruddy clowns throughout it. Agree with the above, my first thought was exactly "SAW Alive outside of Halloween didn't work out, and that wasn't even an upcharge". I'm not convinced the general public are still super enamoured with the idea of upcharges on top of the entrance fee.
  11. Twitter algorithms pointed me towards a tweet containing the below - interesting! One would assume just a load of clowns throughout the whole ruddy thing or.... IS IT.... COULD IT BE.... A NOD TO THE BIG TOP.
  12. Random post alert - credit to Towers Times for this picture from back in the archives - whatever happened to these Smiler logo graphics on the backs of the trains?
  13. I think this is a very real possibility - this is quite a unique site to build on, versus say, The Smiler. It's always far messier and more involved when you are demolishing/building next to water. Looking back at The Smiler construction the time from ground clearance completed (and excavations started) to opening day was approximately 10 months - I really would imagine though, that Thorpe would want a start-of-the-season opening for Exodus if at all possible to start the season off with a bang and get momentum going for (fingers crossed) 2024, after so many years of "events" and "experiences".
  14. I see Swarm Island entrance has a little "NEWS 16" newspaper sign (the kind you'd get outside an off licence/convenience store) saying "Church Open For Shelter" on one side and "They Came From The Sky" on the other. Nice little additon.
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