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  1. Sorry for double post but I've heard it could be going vertical soon.
  2. ^ What CYSTN said. An artic lorry can take around 24 tonnes of reinforcement bar, but of course, track is an awkward shape and length, so you're likely to only get 3 or 4 pieces per lorry as an absolute best case, as they don't exactly stack nicely, and they obviously won't want any risk of damage in transit.
  3. Exodus track has now arrived as I correctly predicted 🥇
  4. Good to get these updates, but at the same time, absolutely incredibly laughable that a new effect can be installed goodness knows how long ago now, and still not be commissioned for whatever reason. Saying nothing and pleading ignorance may have been a better option.
  5. Blimey, 2024 promises to be big - what with this and another single section of track going to be replaced 🔥
  6. God he's good. Must be why he's a mod. Waff zooooooom splosh splish splash I was takin a bath rub a dub dub things are lookng UP. I'm desperate, so where can I.P. We need more time, lord.
  7. I reckon it'll be going vertical the day after tomorrow.
  8. I've got scheduled Youtube videos predicting that vertical construction will commence the day after tomorrow for the rest of the week therefore I'll be correct for sure #Influencer #MTYMOO
  9. Soz for double post, but the new 16+ restriction for admittance to Tulleys is coming as a shock and disappointment to people online it seems... they do keep posting about it mind you... I reckon it could make quite a difference to crowd levels, potentially. I know we noticed some teens filming in mazes on Snapchat and the like, but I'm not saying that's limited to under 16s (over 16s would obvs be on Facebook xoxo)
  10. The website update implies some sort of new ending. Interesting.
  11. https://fb.watch/na_F8fhjeF/ Stand by your Twitter Josh. The Rayride is now 666 Edition innit.
  12. Funny how everyone who kNEw SomEtHInG about Exodus going vertical nearly 3 weeks ago... but it hasn't happened yet innit. Proof, if it were needed, that Exodus' construction is planned around Jack Silkstone's annual leave ❤️
  13. O rly! Well - there is a tractor in that screenshot... intrigued!
  14. There's obviously no new haunt this year, so maybe a new fairground ride perhaps?
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