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  1. Blimey that spashdown looks horrific... bet that gets turned off in the near future.
  2. Must be getting near teaser time, no? I'm going for the 4 paid mazes prediction - Stitches, Survival Games, Trailers (for it's last year, I reckon) and then a 4th new maze in the old Black Mirror area. £10 a maze, but book all 4 and its £35. No Crows this year cos Hyperia M E G A Q U E U E. I know at the moment it's being housed on the Hyperia plaza, but I can't see that being big enough for peak Fright Nights? Or maybe I'm wrong - but even if they do just keep it to the Hyperia plaza, having Crows round there too is a heck of a lot of people around there - unless they run it the other way round, with the exit being at the Saw end maybe? Either way, you still have a lot of people in the same area. Interesting times.
  3. Rumba - I'm pretty sure - is one of the most expensive rides to run... so that would make sense when they are running it as adults only as I reckon they are thinking that families will ride it after lunch after doing some coasters - and obviously the numerous school trips can't ride it at all.
  4. Thorpe Park ride availability warns they cannot guarantee instant golden moments from park opening according to ride availability.
  5. Swarm is running on one train it would appear, judging by ride availability.
  6. Agree with all of the above. I don't always ride Detty, but when I do, I remember what a beast it is - and every time, I find that height intimidating, still.
  7. Saw seems to be having issues today, with engineers on the lift hill. Obvs very jealous of all the attention Hyperia is getting.
  8. Only one train at the moment 🫥
  9. I agree Marc, it a massive difference from previous down time and reopening day 2.0. I guess maybe they are trying to downplay it a bit to avoid more negative press, but I just think they probably should have pinned to the front page on the website that Hyperia was down on Wednesday and that they couldn't guarantee it would be open on Thursday but were trying their best to open (because I don't doubt that was the case for one second!) Let's be honest though, the moment this happened, even this most positive fan would have to admit Hyperia was going to almost certainly be down for at least a day, unless Thorpe were hiding a crane somewhere on site. Fingers crossed Hyperia is behaving herself come school holidays are in full swing. It's crazy that there's been only 8 days of public operation (one could argue it's more like 7 and a half with the downtime on the Saturday).
  10. I will say this again, I REALLY don't think Thorpe are making a big enough point about this. I get it, it sucks, and as much as the information is there - it's not exactly smacking you in the face unlike the previous downtime - and unfortunately, I really think it SHOULD be - forearmed is forewarned, and this is their signature attraction, that's on social media and adverts all over the place.
  11. Next Thorpe video with Alice on the thumbnail head in hands "This is the video we NEVER thought we'd have to make 😔" Jokes aside, the fact there's no pinned post or notice on their socials or website saying Hyperia is shut, is pretty poor and not at a par with their recent form...
  12. Photo stolen from the Twitters... Golden Day is getting closer....
  13. The joys of scheduled posts innit. That said, they could have just... unscheduled them? Good to see work happening so quickly - because it needs to! Thoughts and prayers for Hyperia to get to double digits of days of operation soon.
  14. Think Thorpe have dropped the ball a bit by not announcing last night that it wouldn't be open today. Appreciate that "if you know you know" and wouldn't travel down today under the circumstances, but not everyone is that savvy...
  15. I wouldn't expect so to be honest. Would love it to. They need to now, I would assume, get a mobile crane back on site to lift the train off the track. Once that's done, it then needs to get put back on the track, and I would imagine, some considerable testing again before it reopens as they won't want it happening again...
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