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  1. There'll be a seperate app and different virtual queue for that m80 as even being in a virtual queue too long stresses out my kidz.
  2. RE: motion sickness - Fun fact, I was sick in the exit corridoor of XNWO when it used to go backwards. I would have done it on a patch of dirt but it used to take. so. damn. long. to get out. And it still does.
  3. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Since most of the rides/themes at Thorpe are apocalyptic and full of destruction, expect some hasty rethemes for 2021. I got this list straight from Park Pixie so she gonna get in BIG trouble. Nemesis InFun - No? The Walking Alive People: The Ride Pleasant: The Ride Swoopy Swoopy Fun Woosh Darren Brown's Empty Rush Hour Train
  4. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Might be worth starting a 2021 thread soon I reckon How long before Black Mirror becomes new for 2021 I wonder?
  5. Also, we need to start again because the scare mazes in DBGTROTD and TWDTR aren't included #fix #thisforumhatesDarrenBrown #typical
  6. GUD MAWNING! Sorry just noticed this thread, can we start again so I can take part please, cheers lads.
  7. When bae does a video about bae
  8. Our Towers visit has been pushed back to mid June but I think that's extremely optimistic.... plus we combine it with staying in Uttoxeter and having a beer or 5, and can't see that being an option then! Our backup plan is September!
  9. Nothing much to add to this discussion really, other than it's been an interesting read! I can't see the future looking too bright for DBGTROTD and would agree with @JoshC. to be honest... can't see that it will open in 2020 at all. It would take quite some retheme to change it to something else minus VR. It has been, and is going to continue to be, a huge problem for the park. One thing I will say - and have always said - the show building exterior (generally), the pre-show, and above all else, the Victorian carriage exterior, the tube train interiors, the Underground station and the fake shop (minus the guy in the white t-shirt) are all pretty much world class - and I say that without a sense of irony at all. They've nailed those. It's just such a shame that the rest has always been a bit of a confused mess. Maybe that bodes well for keeping it and rehashing it to something else, I don't know. For it to be removed in it's entirity after the Derren IP expires, or before, would be unheard of - but I don't think it's out of the question. The money pot isn't never ending, and there comes a point where you have to admit defeat, especially with the added complication of coronavirus (and the very valid points about the storyline featuring corona symptoms, plus people probably not wanting doom and gloom when they can finally go to a theme park after all this has passed) - it's going to be morbidly fascinating what happens next.
  10. All credit to you dealing with them. I couldn't.
  11. Our King and Queen have blessed us! Click play and feel the immersion - I've started it at an awe inspiring point.
  12. As I've said to friends and colleagues - situations like this with panic buying etc. reaffirm my beliefs that I hate 99% of the general public. Can't begin to imagine the absolute idiots (to put it mildly) that retail staff are having to deal with.
  13. MattyMoo


    Looking forward to some cringe for breakfast If you are a grown man and want to ride this coaster, make sure you get down early in the day #goodadvice
  14. I see Legoland have painted markers in the queues to leave a gap from the group in front.
  15. Any idea what brand of tarmac please? I quite like the work that's been done to Vampy tbh, fair play. Stealth's broken green light bulb and Swarm's brown RSJs and weather ravaged wood panels say hi.
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