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  1. Just had a thought - they best not mess up the DBGT entrance sign (arguably one of the best things about the ride) when it becomes DBGTROTD #prayforthelightupbluesign
  2. I still believe the Twitters tbh m8, social media don't never get nuffing wrong!
  3. Dat Safari Skyway action doe <3
  4. I might have to bet buying an AP in 2018 that Loggers is never coming back. Looks like my 2017 bet is safe. The longer it's shut, the condition of the thing can only surely get worse. As I've pointed out before - there are obvious structrual issues with the track supports as they are using temporary support systems in a number of places. One would assume getting Loggers open again to a standard that mega H&S conscious Merlin are happy with will take a lot of money - money that perhaps has had to be diverted down other "tracks"
  5. I'm positive that the website is incorrect and will be open on peak days only as obviously it's not cost effective to have the number of staff it requires on the attraction when there isn't a queue to justify it. Thorpe don't want to be paying people to stand around when they could be sharing my demon outfit duties. If you think the computers running the VR had a hard time in the heat of those carriages, you try walking around in that demon monstrosity in a converted bit of shop, rumours that DBGTROTD is sponsored by Right Guard as yet TBC.
  6. I'm saying nothing
  7. Hilarious stuff, this is evidently going to be the trend going forward. Many thanks to Thorpe for making sure that their park is clean and tidy for the new season
  8. On a different note - is the ride now just The Big One? When did Pepsi Max sponsorship end if so?
  9. Not possible, Loggers is open for 2017 m8.
  10. Was about to say the same thing re: metal building. Incredibly poor if that stays "as is". Maybe they'll put some plants in the way or something
  11. "Netflix and Kill" is a good pun and I commend them for that
  12. That's the plan mid-season when they start making cut backs, but you aren't supposed to know that yet.
  13. Black Buccaneer looks fab. I know the grey weather doesn't help, but in those photos my goodness doesn't Chessie look run down? What a state.
  14. I suppose, worst case, my demon costume can be painted brown for 2018. Can't need too much tweaking to change it to a Gruffalo
  15. Was saying to @RubyRed95 t'other day - it amazes me that IACGMOOH is "only" 2 years old... it feels like we've had it a lot longer Is this year the last year of the IP before it's due for renewal? Gruffalo Maze, lads?