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  1. So do we think they'll ever fix the TV screens or.....?
  2. Yes was saying to Josh - I'm a huge pop and specifically Carly Rae (Bae) Jepsen fan but this just feels tacky to me. Like I pointed out on twitter, surely a better way of making the area more "immersive" would be to fix the TVs showing rolling news and audio in the queue line? How long has it been since they worked?! Far more integral to the "immersion" than audio from a phone box it you ask me.
  3. Go on the Merlin Annual Passholders Facebook group... a RAP pass seems a rite of passage. You have to wonder how many children "don't want to queue" rather than actually "can't queue". People then complain that the RAP queue was "as big as the main queue" - proof in my mind of an abused and broken system. What about make a RAP VIP queue, the MAP'pers would be all over that...
  4. vISibLY shAkEn! I hate the press, who writes this trash 🤣
  5. I have no idea who she is, nor do I want to. From the clips provided I am prepared to be a bit underwhelmed.
  6. True that. Credit where credit is due for last year's Fright Nights.
  8. 😆😆 Will he even have an invite for opening day/press though? Can't wait to be on the ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER with all the stars.
  9. Double posting again like the rapscallion I am. Less than a week now until the attraction that is the future of themeparks reopens... do we think it will still have VR? Personally I can't say I'd be too enamored with the idea of putting a headset on right now, it just seems an unnecessary risk? If they have to clean EVERY headset after EVERY ride that's going to make the queue even longer & slower than it normally is too... I think if they DO have VR still, they are going to have to make that clear from the offset/with signs outside, because if you haven't ridden be
  10. Anyone else think it's a little odd that Thorpe have posted nothing about Black Mirror on their socialz? Or have they forgotten about it? What's everyone's wild speculation about what it's going to be like? My gut is it that will have a mildly clever thing in there, that's slightly impressive first time around but that's about it I am also more than a little concerned about the throughputs... but we shall see!
  11. Next week the plan is Paulton's on Wednesday then THE ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER on Thursday, gassed!
  12. Fake news, didn't see this in Jack Silkstone's videos, sorry.
  13. Indeed, we miss Jart muchly, but with speculation rife about a neW CoASteR coming to THORPE PARK RESORT after surveyors have been spotted in OLD TOWN maybe Jart will make a return?!
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