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  1. MattyMoo

    Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion

    We might see the 12 different endings for DBGTROTD next year, that'd be nice wouldn't it. And the return of phone charging on The Walking Dead The Ride.
  2. MattyMoo

    Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion

    Make 13 different versions of Vulcan Peak.
  3. MattyMoo

    Closed Season

    Incredible scenes in this thread Anyway it's going to be a new premium premium car park, that's £15/£20/£25 to park in 'cos the lines are painted with gold paint.
  4. MattyMoo

    Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    Went to Tulley's again last night thanks to replacement VIP tickets that my pal received after speaking to customer services about our last visit (poor batching, confusion regarding security and queuing.... I personally wouldn't have complained but he did and was happy go again...!) Anyway: CHOP SHOP (x3) This was absolutely fantastic last night on each run through, even when with a larger groups. In the unlikely event any of the actors are on here, you were bloody fab - shout out to the girl in the first section who refers to me as "Smiley Miley" because of my Smiler Hoodie who remembered me from a few weeks ago and said "Do you ever wash cos you're wearing it again" and also told me off for "repping the wrong park" and then following me through the actor runs to later scenes 😄 Brilliant stuff and half the fun is the interaction at Tulleys! The chainsaws were relentless on each run, and again shout out to the two bigger guys near the exit, on our final run the guy forced me into a corner so I couldn't go anywhere, splitting me from my mate with a chainsaw up close, and another run, ended up between two guys with chainsaws with nowhere to go, who then starting counting down and I ran for it haha. I know obviously the chainsaws aren't actually dangerous and all that, but I genuinely pelted out of that maze haha. The guy at the end shouted "Can't believe they got away for a third time" - love it. COVEN OF 13 (x2) Lots of jump scares in the laser section on both runs, and on our second go in particular, the witches in the outdoor section were seriously giving it some welly, shout out again here to "the one with the creepy laugh". We were blocked by two actresses in the house section after the fireplace on our second run too, and one actress there would not move and got seriously in my face. Was a cracking intense run through and it was back to how I remembered it last year, really enjoyed it - props to you all! COLONY (x2) First run on this was, again like last time, poor - but purely due to the batching, I think they need some sort of "stop" point in the middle where you can be held for a while for some reason, the maze is huge and it just seems that people always end up catching up with each other (our "big batch" run took 15 minutes to get through!). The actors were trying their best but it's difficult when you are basically just queuing round a maze. However - we went back at the end of the night, there was no queue at all, and I went in with a group of 2 at the back - and the maze was transformed! Props to the guy before the red light/white light smoke section who told me to wait there, so I was purposely split from the 2 people I was with - he then proceeded to direct me the wrong way through the smoke (it was SO thick) on a number of occasions, and then wait again - and when I ended up in the white light section, I was then suddenly sandwiched between two actresses (<3) who just appeared from nowhere. Top notch. Unlikely they or he will see this, but if you do, kudos for making that run so so good because you knew there was no-one behind so I'd be by myself. CREEPY COTTAGE (x2) We went on this first in the evening and it was absolutely great first off, with a heck of a lot of actors appearing from nowhere and re-appearing, but our second run through there were a lot less actors in there, and it seemed a bit flat (that possibly may have been to some sort of e-stop situation mind you, that said!) That first run though really set the pace for the evening though, the actors were really "on it" and got my heart beating! THE CELLAR (x2) Oh my goodness, first go on this was hilarious with the animatronic snake head literally blocking my mate as we passed through (Too many snakes hun)... agree about the strobes not being fast enough in the mesh maze section, that said, on second go around an actress climbed above us with long "The Ring" style black wig which was rather creepy, and we had to crawl/duck underneath her which was quite intimidating TWISTED CLOWNS 3D (x3) Now I can't repeat exactly what one of the clowns said to me on a run through of this, but he evidently remembered me from last time Creased us up completely though, good work. Props here to the "cat clown" at the start and heck just the maze in general, I really love Twisted Clowns as it's something a bit different like I said before, it's fun, cheeky, silly... half of the time the clowns are just making stupid noises in your ear or speaking nonsense/repeating nonsense but it just completely fits the mad-cap vibe. Solid run throughs each time (shame the plastic glasses have disappeared and replaced with paper ones, assume they've been nicked/broken!) HORRORWOOD HAYRIDE (x1) This has been changed / improved since our last visit, there were definitely more actors - the cowboy with the "fastest fingers in the west" (ahem) made us laugh. Still love the girl on the swing scene, iconic. Also in one scene you were sprayed with snow/foam which was new! A lot more content this time and a great run through (as it typically always is!) Also fab to see the park from another view, you get to see the sheer size of some of the set pieces! We didn't do VIXI in the end last night nor watch Circus of Horrors as we wanted more Chop & Clowns, alas! We decided we will probably only go again next year if they add another new haunt/maze as we don't want to get too used to it It was a far better night than at the start of the season, I think that was purely down to there being far more actors in the mazes, and they were evidently settled in their roles now. Oh and one last thing - love the roaming actors with Darren the Rat - you were great, and loved your improv where we asked where Darren had got to And, as always - those nurses tho 😍
  5. Looks like a similar situation tonight. Currently only Coasters and Thrills rides open are Stealth, TWD, Flying Fish, Detty, DBGTROTD and Vortex.
  6. The social media team love to use exclamation marks! Even when not appropriate! Making them sound condescending!
  7. Forecast is 5 degrees centigrade from 7pm tonight, then down to 4 degrees centigrade - is that touch and go for ride shutdowns? I suppose when you factor in the wind chill from being on an island and the surrounding lake? EDIT: I see that the limit is 5 degrees, so I'm sure Thorpe have a contingency plan in for tonight and will not be selling Fast-tracks for fear of a repeat performance of yesterday.
  8. As already said - if the forecast is going to be cold and the park is going to be busy, shouldn't someone, somewhere, decide they probably shouldn't be selling £80 fast-tracks or whatever they cost, for fear of guests being a bit displeased when they find that the bit of paper they've just purchased is now worthless because no coasters are open? Is that not asking too much? Is that not what "management" are supposed to do? Yes, guests might not like the fact you can't buy fast-tracks, but why not tell them are unavailable due to a technical reason or something, or heck, just be honest. Allegations on Twitter (unverified of course), that you could still buy Fast-tracks even though the rides were shut. PS. I know it's also a moot point, but the parking is also a massive kick in the teeth for guests, you've had the day from hell, now you've got to pay £15 to escape at the barrier, £10 if you want to queue and £8 if you can battle with 4G/Wifi which is over-stretched due to lots of users being in one space. (I speak from experience there, it was like playing the lottery trying to secure my £8 parking ticket on the 13th ) PPS. I still like Stealth & Swarm, and DBGTROTD is good when it all works.
  9. The feedback tonight just screams profit first, guest satisfaction second. The shocking thing is, they weren't even at capacity tonight, as quoted by Thorpe Park themselves. I appreciate that rides can't operate under certain temperatures, but one would probably consider not selling fast tracks if the forecast is for low temperatures, no? And that to one side - how difficult is it to have enough milk on site to make coffee?! I really do despair. I saw a tweet saying they queued 40 minutes for doughnuts, and had to queue 30 minutes to pay for car parking 😂
  10. Well Thorpe looks like a barrel of laughs tonight judging by Twitter and the queue times app 😂
  11. MattyMoo

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Do you mean in Chinese in Canada Creek/Old Town? That wasn't there last year for sure! I remember it though.
  12. MattyMoo

    Going from iOS to Android

    Always been an Android fan - it frustrates me how locked down the Apple OS is, for example - you plug an Android phone into a PC, and you can see the entire folder structure etc. Plug in an iPhone, all you can see are selected folders (Photos etc.).
  13. At least you can't see through the fences #bringbackplastic
  14. MattyMoo

    The Swarm

    Fair play to Thorpe's engineering ladz for sorting the Swarm so quick, I tip my hat to you kind sirs and ladies.