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  1. The Dodgems retheme is looking pretty much the same as the concept art from progress photos so far, to be fair.
  2. I'll be intrigued to see if Detty gets some crazy queue times just because of the new area. Such a good little flat, one of Thorpe's most bang-for-their-buck additions.
  3. Agreed, Black Mirror had some shockingly long queues when we visited on an "off peak" Fright Nights... I mean I suppose this year there is that new coaster thing to help eat up the queues.
  4. Something is missing from the app...
  5. Sparkle Project update here, courtesy of Jack Silkstone's Twitter - lovely to see an easter egg of a mini replica of the Swarm station being installed outside Tidal Wave 🤩
  6. So what's this rumour of a permanent flat in Forbidden Valley then TPMers? Ripsaw coming back? Zamperla NebulaZ? Another ruddy Sky Fly?
  7. This post should be removed as sensitive information. Inferno - I think you should check your contract, you signed an NDA and this is very much in breach.
  8. Beat me to it, I was about to post that 😪
  9. That lift hill is gonna be flying up now, and then we'll really realise just what an absolute BEAST this thing is. The dominance over Saw still astounds me from shots. This phase is gonna blow my mind 🤩
  10. The blue painted shop is giving me Sea Life Centre vibez.
  11. As I said a while back, in my humble opinion...
  12. Sounds like someone's got sour grapes because they don't know all the secret info like us ELITE ENTHUSIASTS.
  13. Same @Inferno, Same - Swarm loo's are 'oft forgotten and overlooked.
  14. Surprised they aren't auctioning the foot operated sinks on eBay for thoozies 😅
  15. Saturday is a dedicated day for all the social influenzas to get a ride on Hyperia before anyone else in secret innit xoxo Jokes aside - even once track is complete, testing done etc etc. - there's a lot to do still in terms of landscaping, paving.... I would be pleasantly surprised if it's ready for opening day...
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