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  1. I applaud AT for these videos - like I said on Facebook, they shouldn't have to explain themselves - but it helps shutdown (no pun intended) the Daily Mail fake news articles. I haven't read the article, but I wonder if they mentioned the Smiler accident in it - I'm sure they did....
  2. I see no planning applications have been made so it has to be something they wheel in and plonk down somewhere...
  3. Thorpe's social media will keep saying a mixture of it's closed permanently and under redevelopment, ad nauseam, because they don't know. Looking forward to another 10 pages of Twitter and Facebook screenshots until closed season.
  4. Don't h8 m8 apreciat8. Soz m80.
  5. SW8

    This is/was Merlin at their most desperate IMHO. There's a reason why it's a world's first Surprised they didn't come up with a World's First for Storm Surge... I can think of a few It's a shame tagging world-first (or UK first) on to everything - The Smiler is/was a strong enough brand without it. Evidently doesn't always work or make any difference, with The Swarm being billed as the UK's first winged coaster being a case in point.
  6. SW8

    Anyone know where the washing machine element is going? Or have I spoken out of turn?!
  7. Excellent addition to the lineup to soak up those queues, and the blue fences fit in a treat with Old Town
  8. DBGTROTD opened after a couple of days of unplanned downtime this afternoon.
  9. The only person who knows anything is Jart. Say his name, and he shall appear.
  10. We stayed at Disney All Star Sports resort and funnily enough they don't make it easy for you to get to Universal We investigated buses but it seemed a right faff so we just thought sod it, we're on holiday anyway so we got a taxi to and from Universal for our 2 trips! The Disney buses and transportation system are amazing - we went to The Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue at Ford Wilderness - which is literally in the back end of no-where on the resort - and we were made a right fuss of and looked after by the bus driver heading back as they had to take a diversion due to an accident. Can't wait to go back to Orlando but I suppose Disney & Disney Sea Japan this November will have to do
  11. Looks like Lumber Jump has a blue fence too from that photo!
  12. That's quite a sensible suggestion actually - either that or Loggers is finally coming back next year...!
  13. Very curious.... or just the social media team not giving accurate information for a change
  14. Very good to hear DBGTROTD is going down well this year - shame it couldn't have been this good for opening but lessons will be learned etc. etc... It's just as easy to remove bits of the experience as it is to add them - will be interesting to see how the ride operates in a few years time.
  15. What are the panels leaning against the fence in the background?