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  1. All credit to you dealing with them. I couldn't.
  2. Our King and Queen have blessed us! Click play and feel the immersion - I've started it at an awe inspiring point.
  3. As I've said to friends and colleagues - situations like this with panic buying etc. reaffirm my beliefs that I hate 99% of the general public. Can't begin to imagine the absolute idiots (to put it mildly) that retail staff are having to deal with.
  4. MattyMoo


    Looking forward to some cringe for breakfast If you are a grown man and want to ride this coaster, make sure you get down early in the day #goodadvice
  5. I see Legoland have painted markers in the queues to leave a gap from the group in front.
  6. Any idea what brand of tarmac please? I quite like the work that's been done to Vampy tbh, fair play. Stealth's broken green light bulb and Swarm's brown RSJs and weather ravaged wood panels say hi.
  7. Surely not? Said this before, but who remembers the not one - but two - photo points when it first opened? That face in a jar thing never worked did it, haha. Shoutout to this classic video. Also - bit OT - but never seen this video before: Bless you Derren, I still love ya. "Ghost Trains by their definition are generally a bit rubbish" 😬 If this was genuinely Thorpe's biggest investment ever, which it probably was, no wonder they haven't allowed funds for anything substantial in 4 years.
  8. No live actors in BML according to the map. Also, looks like you get to play Blockbusters inside.
  9. Corona virus could make some of the FRIGHT NIGHTS mazes far more iMMerSiVE.
  10. Very nice, I will be printing the new website off to put on my fridge.
  11. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    BREAKING: It feels like a hot minute since Black Mirror was announced, but ya boi @Glitch will be the controller of the #glitch this #springysummmerthing on the Island Like No Other.
  12. Never a truer word spoken. I do wonder how many of the holders children who actually have a bona-fide condition meaning they can't queue vs. those that just don't like having to wait for something in this instant gratification, bubble-wrapped world we now live in.... Funny that one of the most talked about things on the MAP group is RAP passes. Almost as if more people have them than don't...
  13. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Double post but if this happened to me I would be straight to GUEST SERVICES. Now that's what I call a Living Nightmare.
  14. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    No mention of the green light on Stealth being fixed in that press release, gutted. That Black Mirror blurb reads like the spin they gave to DBGT. Am guessing Nick Hutson is probably beavering away right now on some sound effects for the glitches/replays for Hyperspring. Agree 100% with the cOSmiC 6 ChAlLeNGe - people don't care about this, other than a handful of over ambitious MAPpers who would fight to the death for a pop badge.
  15. I doubt Thorpe Park even know that themselves yet, considering that all of a sudden at 9am it was "announcement coming at 10am" from nowhere, with no cohesion to any of the previous tHoRpePaRk posts. My prediction is incedibly long queues due to low throughput, and guests coming off afterwards saying was that it/it's not worth the queue/head straight to guestservices and complain for some fastpasses. Good to see Thorpe going back to their favourite theme of dark and apocalyptic though.
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