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  1. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    Looking forward to this I don't mind missing an afternoon attraction as I'm MAPless - but I can get a ticket for the Dungeons
  2. Bubbleworks

    Merlin Entertainments reserve the right to use their Amazon Prime membership as they see fit.
  3. New for 2018

    Don't forget the family rides open on a rotational basis in Old Town, guyz.
  4. New for 2018

    Is it 1st December today or 1st April? Incredible.
  5. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    I can get myself a ticket to London Dungeons - are many people going?
  6. TPM Awards 2017

    If we have two usernames on here, can I vote using both of them? Asking for a Jart a friend...
  7. New for 2018

    I do love how this X becoming XWD rumour has taken hold and is now confirmed fact I have no idea how you'd even try and make X into a Walking Dead rollercoaster without it being incredibly laughable. However, what I would imagine is more likely is that perhaps they are moving the entrance to X somehow, since Living Nightmare uses the rest of the X pyramid maybe they are looking to make it bigger/change the route. Thinking about it, some of the theming inside Living Nightmare seemed far more impressive and more "permanent" than on other mazes...
  8. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    I may come along for the evening part of this meet now - as I am free that day, however, I'm MAP-less (fight the power) so won't be attending the attractions part of the proceedings if I grace you all with my presence
  9. TPM Meets 2018 Planning

    Being totes selfish I'd throw in Portsmouth as the Guildford replacement... There is a Flip Out and the refurbed bowling at Gunwharf is awesome. No ice skating alas. Taxis in Pompey are super cheap too which would solve any car issues getting about. And we have Uber lads. Defo up from Thorpe opening meet and maybe Chessington too.
  10. New for 2018

    X is becoming The Jart Experience. Gonna be good.
  11. SW8

    SW8 gives me a reason to go back to AT next year, so I'm happy, I think
  12. TPM Awards 2017

    Jart for all categories, vote now closed.
  13. Park Count - 2017

    Everyone. Is. So. Nice. And despite rumours we've found it very reasonable over here - it's a hella lot cheaper than the UK to eat out. Most expensive meal was £50 at Disney for 3 course Japanese - outside of Disney, £40 at our hotel and I had wagyu fillet steak... Most of our meals have been less than £20 for both of us.
  14. Park Count - 2017

    Can't see a topic for them so just putting here - have now visited Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. Disneyland was great - if a little small - but DisneySea was incredible IMHO, mainly from the aesthetic of the place and true sense of traveling from one land to another. Mystery Island is amazing to walk through. The American area looks and feels awesome (ToT is bae) - and the staff across both parks are second to none. That's probably more of a Japanese thing perhaps but their enthusiasm, politeness and dedication to waving knew no bounds! PS. I hate the UK now and never want to come back from Japan
  15. New for 2018

    Jart's continual silence = nothing new in 2018. Thread closed.