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  1. Indeedy. I'm guessing though that Thorpe weren't given the budget to do anything? (ever) Towers 40th needs a bouncy castle NOW.
  2. I think that reference would be wasted on the Velvet Coaster loving community 😁 That's a great video shared above - but where's Nemesis Sub Terra? Also, I hope Towers get a little flowerbed in the shape of 40, otherwise Thorpe will have one over them there.
  3. If they get any proper Oktoberfest beers in at all (even the mainstream ones), they'll be better than their normal offerings - so I'm down! I'm all for this, and would even be tempted to visit for a second time in a year to attend... but I'm not down with the Fosters glass as circled by @Glitch above 😛 If only they'd have this event at Thorpe
  4. If Thorpe don't have a 5 year plan, they aren't going to tell you, and will tell you they do have one. If they do have a 5 year plan, they aren't going to tell you what it is. If social media is to be believed, the idea of charging your phone by screaming on TWD The Ride was definitely not just a one off PR stunt and was of course a trial that definitely didn't just happen to last the night of the press launch and then never be seen again.
  5. Do any of the Black Mirror episodes feature a yellow school bus? 😁
  6. My niece is only 7, don't bring her into it m8, she's not even tall enough to ride Vampire.
  7. Coasters and thrill rides.
  8. Got my RIP bundle ticket - only 8 months to go.... 😋
  9. Just taken a glance at the comments on Thorpe's recent 2020 social media posts. So much hate, and that isn't just from hard to please can't win enthusiasts. All the general public want is a new - not rehashed - coaster. The general public are now as tired of Thorpe's PR and false hope as RMC thirsty enthusiasts were 5 years ago. If 2019 was a tough year for gate figures, then 2020 is going to be even tougher. People don't want "experiences". People don't want actor led attractions all year round. People don't want a tent with old consoles in. People don't want upcharge attractions that add to the entrance price. People probably do want to leave the car park in a timely fashion. #NewFor2020 People. Want. A. Big. Massive. Themed. Tangible. VR Free. Coaster.... And wanting that after eight years isn't too much to ask. If Alton get another "next big thing" before Thorpe does then it's clear where Merlin's priorities lie. But still, it's great to go to a park and see an SBNO sky swat, log flume and scare maze - right lads? PS. Thank goodness for Stealth.
  10. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    😂😂😂 There's no phrase I hate more in social meeeeedya than "It's ya gal....."
  11. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    "Waaaaaadisupguys, I've woken up to some VERY exciting news coming from the THORPE PARK RESORT...."
  12. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    New PicSolve units if that's the quality of pictures they sell nowadays
  13. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Looking forward to Jack Silkstone's 15 minute video analysing two words
  14. Yes that's how I read it too - so you can chose where to use them. Also - the announcement video Tulleys just released explaining the different tickets, plus the website, would imply to me that the 11th haunt is a new maze. But could be wrong. I forgot to put it on here at the time (fail) but the unlimited visits to each haunt with a standard ticket was confirmed on their Facebook/socials (but not on the website) on Black Friday, as I remember discussing the controversial change with my usual Tulley's partner at the time! 😮 EDIT: Proof 4 da h8ers
  15. Do not insult our mighty Lord.
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