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  1. Just watching Jack's video - state of that paintwork behind the new sign for Superspark!
  2. I can but hope... Stranger Things Dodgems incoming?
  3. Just join it up and make it a full loop and increase the throughput. Now pay me my creativity fee plz.
  4. True.... we went to Bath festival on Saturday though and they did scan everyone! Victorious have made it clear they will do the same, but appreciate those who want to beat the system can do.
  5. Though it hasn't been mentioned at all thus far, do you reckon Tulleys will only allow access with Covid accreditation via the NHS app? Too early to speculate?
  6. SHOTS FIRED 😁 New Thorpe Maze confirmed as being called Fulleys Tarm.
  7. So this Friday, 13th August Tulleys reveal their replacement for The Wreckoning - would probably explain why Thorpe are starting to drop hints... I think the word "volts" makes it explicitly clear to me that Big Top is returning. Case closed.
  8. I was just saying to Josh you do have to genuinely wonder if they have got a package deal going because it does seem incredibly odd to go for this choice when there are no doubt cheaper options available!
  9. Does anyone know if the pop up vaccine centre has a separate RAP queue please and do PMAP holders get a pop badge?
  10. Island Access Thorpe Park Mania Hub coming soon.
  11. MattyMoo


    Bravo for this post.
  12. So do we think they'll ever fix the TV screens or.....?
  13. Yes was saying to Josh - I'm a huge pop and specifically Carly Rae (Bae) Jepsen fan but this just feels tacky to me. Like I pointed out on twitter, surely a better way of making the area more "immersive" would be to fix the TVs showing rolling news and audio in the queue line? How long has it been since they worked?! Far more integral to the "immersion" than audio from a phone box it you ask me.
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