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  1. cw22

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Any issues the park have this season, they can just blame it on the 'glitch' right? Pretend it's all part of the theme?
  2. cw22

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Who remembers this image? I agree with this, Galactica was re-themed in 2016, and this image was released I believe in summer 2017, so thorpe potentially had something technological themed in the works at the time seeing what Merlin did with Galactica. That bridge does look like a hyper coaster, and they're still using that blue/tech theme this season. I'm probably over-speculating and over-hyping this all but I'm hoping theres definitely still something bigger in the works.
  3. cw22

    Thorpe Park 2020

    They have to be taking the piss calling it 'HyperSpring' fully knowing us enthusiasts would want a hyper coaster? I'm hoping this is still all marketing for a new coaster, and I hope the park 'loses' the battle this season to the 'trans-dimensional glitch', and it turns out that land clearing on the island behind The Swarm, is where the glitch has taken over and some technological monster themed hyper coaster is built for 2021. Of course this won't happen and I'm dreaming way too big, and hopefully they're gonna put the Thorpe Farm back on that island with a permanent bouncezilla. A man can dream though and here's my poor layout idea which no-one asked for of how a b&m hyper similar to Mako could work:
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