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  1. Chessington Buzz has reported it to be manufactured by ‘Metallbau Emmeln‘ Here is a video of a ship also manufactured by them which looks to be very similar, with the same looking supports also. Luckily it swings pretty good.
  2. The new boat has arrived! Would I be right in saying it’s smaller than Black Buccaneer? Photo courtesy of Theme Park Guide.
  3. Construction of Croc Drop as of today. Progressing really nicely, interesting ride hardware hasn’t been installed yet. Photos courtesy of Theme Park Guide.
  4. @SteveJ It’s believed to be the same model as at Paultons Park - which I don’t believe features a launch? Shame about the logo, but theming looks fantastic done by Koda Creative.
  5. We have a logo.. found by Chessington Buzz on the trademark office.
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