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    Obviously Chessington World of Adventure s and Vampire are one! :P

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  1. themeparkmad

    General Discussion

    You love it really. Seastorm is maybe fun to see certain members of staff at their happiest point?
  2. themeparkmad

    Safari Skyway

    Atm - There is only 1 train without commentary...
  3. themeparkmad


    Thank you for that. I know where to go now if I get bored during my shift...
  4. themeparkmad

    Black Buccaneer

    Unfortunately Benin. You will have to put up with me Tuesday. I am working..Adventurers... and Benin... Welcome to Black Buccaneer...
  5. themeparkmad


    When they put a batcher down there earlier on in the year - all the platformers did is complain. As did I. But that is me all over really isn't it...
  6. themeparkmad

    Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Always wondered this - why is the CWoA Halloween nights shorter than AT and TP.Is there an actual reason?
  7. themeparkmad

    Your Sexuality

    I can understand why people have these sort of 'events' but surely the whole idea is to be equal.Yeah - I am gay. I can still go for any job any straight person can... So why need a coming out day?
  8. themeparkmad


    Or - just allow people with brains into the station and let them queue where they want after queuing probably a large queue and be done with it? If there are any empty rows - which only really happens in Row Two then the front onloader will get 2. Done.
  9. themeparkmad

    Black Buccaneer

    Black Buccaneer re-opened yesterday afternoon. Looks pretty cool at night too.
  10. themeparkmad


    The only problem with batching is a lot of people will move. And a lot of Adventurers that actually don't leave their brain at home can see there is only 2 people per gate, per train.So I don't think you need a batching system on Vampire.You don't need one on Colossus or Nemesis Inferno. So why Vampire?Also - why on the topic of Vampire - Vampire will not be on 3 trains during Halloween I heard... F**king fantastic...
  11. themeparkmad


    I know Bubbleworks is bad. But it isn't that bad!Although, it still annoys me when people ask where Professor Burp is... R.I.P.
  12. themeparkmad

    Black Buccaneer

    Shame it is not Seastorm instead. I would be soooo happy!
  13. themeparkmad

    General Discussion

    There isn't really a real 'official' reason. See Facebook. HOPEFULLY it will return for 2012. I think it is really stupid to be honest!! Have fun queuing guys!!
  14. erm... who is this? and dont say rattlesnake. lol

  15. themeparkmad

    General Discussion

    Vampire will not be on 3 trains at all this year.