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  1. You love it really. Seastorm is maybe fun to see certain members of staff at their happiest point?
  2. Atm - There is only 1 train without commentary...
  3. Thank you for that. I know where to go now if I get bored during my shift...
  4. Unfortunately Benin. You will have to put up with me Tuesday. I am working..Adventurers... and Benin... Welcome to Black Buccaneer...
  5. When they put a batcher down there earlier on in the year - all the platformers did is complain. As did I. But that is me all over really isn't it...
  6. Always wondered this - why is the CWoA Halloween nights shorter than AT and TP.Is there an actual reason?
  7. I can understand why people have these sort of 'events' but surely the whole idea is to be equal.Yeah - I am gay. I can still go for any job any straight person can... So why need a coming out day?
  8. Or - just allow people with brains into the station and let them queue where they want after queuing probably a large queue and be done with it? If there are any empty rows - which only really happens in Row Two then the front onloader will get 2. Done.
  9. Black Buccaneer re-opened yesterday afternoon. Looks pretty cool at night too.
  10. The only problem with batching is a lot of people will move. And a lot of Adventurers that actually don't leave their brain at home can see there is only 2 people per gate, per train.So I don't think you need a batching system on Vampire.You don't need one on Colossus or Nemesis Inferno. So why Vampire?Also - why on the topic of Vampire - Vampire will not be on 3 trains during Halloween I heard... F**king fantastic...
  11. I know Bubbleworks is bad. But it isn't that bad!Although, it still annoys me when people ask where Professor Burp is... R.I.P.
  12. There isn't really a real 'official' reason. See Facebook. HOPEFULLY it will return for 2012. I think it is really stupid to be honest!! Have fun queuing guys!!
  13. erm... who is this? and dont say rattlesnake. lol

  14. Vampire will not be on 3 trains at all this year.
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