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  1. Yeah I dont think it's going quite yet but I must admit that the tweet triggered my fight or flight response 😁. Anyone know if work like this has happened on other topscans/what the issue could be? On the plus side, maybe the mighty warrior's paint work will get a bit of a touch up.
  2. https://twitter.com/merlins_bearduk/status/1415997786437439489 This is my supervillain origin story...
  3. Never realised how sun-bleached the mighty warrior was... but fingers crossed this wont take too long 🤞
  4. I have no idea what they think they were doing coz this 90+ mins thing is completely misleading and I can guarantee guests would rather be told a queue is 150 minutes than just guess....... Feel bad for the guest services team these next few days are gonna be rough 😔
  5. Today was really quite busy, most coasters going between 60-100 minutes and Samurai, Rush and Vortex being around 45-60. Really have no clue when schools break up/half-term dates but, being an off-peak day I was a bit surprised. I think if you like the fastrack then go for it because it seems people are eager to go now lockdown's easing off and its almost certain that the next few weeks are going to be REALLY busy. I personally also dont love fastrack and you should really be able to squeeze all the coasters in and its quite expensive but, again, its up to you!
  6. The park's signs showing the lack of direction... there's a joke in there somewhere 🤔
  7. Hey! I thought Id just tell some stories of what I gathered from things friends and employees used to say about the reason it closed. I really have no idea how much truth is in this (its probably very little so take it with a grain of salt) and I assume a lot of you are quite a bit more knowledgeable about this than me. Essentially, in the early to mid 2010s legislation in regards to the operation of water rides and attractions were updated, something to the effect that water rides at parks needed to guarantee a level of quality in the water used. I think it was along the lines of if g
  8. I dont think there anything to say that hasnt already been said... I would say the state of the park is embarrassing but I dont think Merlin have enough shame to be embarrassed by anything. 🥴 I guess the glimmer of hope is that this season (and maybe the next few ones) will be setting the park up for some much needed overhauls and cleanin up. Especially seeing as Merlin are going to have to start competing with that London Resort soon but then again... 😞
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