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  1. Laziness, yes. Lack of care... not so much. More like 'we'll introduce so much red tape and new procedures so actually operating a ride is more like navigating your way through a laser maze with 28 people who have no idea what's going on waiting for your assistance' The parks can choose to change their 'theoretical' throughputs each season. Even part way through seasons when new procedures are introduced. Obviously the main one that matters is the one that's given to them by the manufacturer when it opens, but some rides are so far gutted, like the entirity of chessingtons lineup t
  2. They've always been known as the slightly tipsy german engineers. I remember when Blue Fire opened and Alvey did a podcast on it and repeated that over and over. Now they are highly professional, drunk german engineers.
  3. The park is removing a vast amount of rides this year, and the current rumour is including, apparently, colossos. Which sucks. Silly people!
  4. Big top is ****, just sayin. It was amazing the first year but the new tent is terrible, it was so much better split into 3 and felt much more like a journey. Cabin always got me a little bit on edge, and I always thought (unpopularly) that MBV was up there with it too. Nothing is yet to terrify me quite as much as trick or treat wood though.
  5. The trains are half the fun of getting on. When a fat person is stuck in the back row all hell breaks loose and it's absolutely hilarious. Colossus is riding nicely this season, I must say. Rode it for the first time a couple weeks back and the only noticable roughness was the entry and exit of the cobra roll, besides this it was very... tolerable. I'd say saw's jolt has been cleared up this year too, but I'm yet to ride it an excessive amount to the point that I notice it badly..
  6. The restraints on rammy aren't generous. At all. Bigger people need to be moved round alot more then is reasonable, because of the restraint system. With a lack of a test chair, and the awkward bar styles, this effects both taller, and wider people, and as said, those boundaries aren't forgiving. The end seats tend to be better for them just because they have more space on one side, but if the attendants box says the bars aren't locked, they reshuffle and then escort people off if this continues to happen. From what I remember it doesn't do it for single seats but rather in rows of 10, so if 2
  7. Not sure if I was at the same park then imindetonator, I was at vamp and asked the person at the fast track split why they were only running 1 train and they said if it stays busy they would add another, and I came back a bit later and there wasn't a queue. At all. There were 2 guys on platform and the op was on it, and I don't think I've seen quicker 2 people checking bar dispatches this season.. Having said that it'd been nice to see it have 2 trains as the queue did fluctuate massively throughout the day, ranging from 60 minutes - 10 throughout the entire day.
  8. I agree that so much of chessington is simply operated due to the nostalgic kick many parents will now get out of it, and being able to share the rides they loved as a child with their own kids, and how chessington have let the quality of a fair few of their rides slip tremendously. It's also extremely disappointing that recent investments (if you can even call any in the last 5 years, literally just being shows and zuf that) have been tremendous flops. I almost feel many enthusiasts here are falling into a similar trap to many parents in the GP, you want the park to completely change it's bra
  9. No it wasn't. Throughout the summer months Nemesis Inferno averaged a queue time of between 30-40 minutes. https://queue-times.com/parks/2/rides/88
  10. This is simply not true. I have never seen such a disgusting group of enthusiasts in my life. 50+ all fighting with the managers and other guests to get the last boat. DOES IT REALLY MATTER. Everyone filming all kinds of weird things making average park goers uncomfortable and screaming the music at the top of their lungs, it really ruined the whole good bye experience for me. I guess the send off is appropriate because the whole experience was parallel to how crap the ride had become.
  11. similar BPM, written structure, the same uses of sound effects in syncrhonisation with crescendos and diminuendos, when you read in to it from a musically technical point of view they are quite similar. However this is something that us nerds look into far too much. We're reading in to it a lot. I do agree, a lot of IMAscore soundtracks are very samey, you could take most of their pieces and put them back to back and they'd get away as 1 score, however their production is impeccable and occasionally they do produce very unique and good pieces of work. There is little deniability their work is
  12. As far as I have experienced there has never been a problem with me queuing for the front row so long as I'm in a group of 2. If there's more then 2 of us the system can get understandably confusing for both guests and staff, especially if there are groups infront. Let me see if I can do a quick diagram here.. o|o o|o |o |o o|o o|o Say they have a long queue for the front, I.e., as shown above. When more then 2 in a group come down the rides batching system becomes confusing simply due to the gaps made which throws guests into a panic and leaves the b
  13. I remember way back in '87 Harambe and I went to town to hit up some of the clubs and chat with some chicks. Anyway right, I was boozed out of my mind, but Harambe my main man winged me the fittest bird I'd ever seen, even though I was blindly drunk. Long story short harambe found me my wife. Top lad.
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