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  1. I know sometimes the ride host's scanners are broken. It wouldn't surprise me if people are doing this though 😛
  2. Broken screens is a common theme there! The big 'queue' screen wasn't working 2 weeks ago, but was working last Friday. All the screens in the Swarm queue weren't working last Friday. And other random screens around the park in queue lines were either not working or just had Thorpe logo & a link to 'events' 🤣 Oh and Samurai broke down with people on it towards the end of the day last Friday. 😂 Not that high up, though. Maybe 10-20feet & all seated/facing a comfortable position 👍 Still, enjoyed it
  3. @ThorpeAddict Black Mirror had queues last Friday 🤣 I think as much as 40min at one point when I went past! Stupid school inset day! And all the students who have finished their exams! 😆
  4. @MattyMoo I did wonder what that "Trailers" sign at the south of the park was all about. It just looked like a work site/closed area when I went past it. I'll have another looksie on Thursday and see if I can spot anything
  5. Hello All! I'm considering buying a Merlin Silver Monthly Membership pass, since they are currently having a sale by ditching the joining fee. I'm interested in Ride Photography as well but I'm having trouble finding details about this at the 'main' Merlin UK theme parks. How does this work these days? Is there a package that covers photography at all the parks? Or do I have to get a separate photography package for each park? Thanks in advance!
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