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  1. Thorpe have officially confirmed the removal of Angry Birds land on social media, with a brand new area set to open next year!
  2. And the bird statue that was "left over" from Loggers Leap.
  3. Find your fearless I'm struggling with...
  4. Any photos for those who don't have Twitter to see this kind of news please?
  5. Maybe they could make a maze next year built around satire...
  6. Anyone else feel the timing for marketing fright nights and project exodus is off? Fright nights was already being revealed this time last year, and with Exodus now in the limelight it will be hard to market both well. Not to mention the pressure on the team to put both plans into action.
  7. It felt very lost treasure or pirate theme to me, but the Eagle noise in the back could be a hint.
  8. Could we finally see the return of The Big Top 👀
  9. The 'Mr Clappy' tarot card given out at carnival is clearly a hint. Mr Clappy hands is a character in Five Nights at Freddies, which has a toy style lineup. I don't think they with have a FNAF IP, but could be taking inspiration from it.
  10. New Instagram post from Thorpe seems to confirm Survival Games and The Crows will be back. Also the chainsaw wielding figure would suggest the buckwheats will be back in some fashion. Last year teasters were dropped from the 8th of August, so hopefully expecting something this week!
  11. Even some roaming actors out the front of SAW: The Ride would be cool, maybe staging some of the scenes throughout the films.
  12. Could we see a new Saw maze this year in the new picnic section inline with the new film "Saw X" releasing this October?
  13. Could be wrong, but was he not a part of birthday bash?
  14. That makes more sense, and looking at the card on a big screen, the train looks a lot like the Colossus train, and being upside down nodding to the original record.
  15. After watching Dominic Gardeners recent Carnival video, the set of Tarrot cards he dealt leads me to feel the real name for Exodus could be Odyssey. "Odyssey" meaning a long and adventurous journey, also very similar to the poster in trailers, X:\0dus.
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