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  1. At thorpe park now, seems like they might be taking the sprocket out or something. Might be completely wrong.
  2. On my way to take some pics. See two cranes up,must be doing something big 👀 I'll be updating this post with more photos, so keep your eyes peeled. Another tower going up Man alive, it's weird to be looking at this in person
  3. On way my way see how it's all coming along. Caught the lurgy so not sure if I can hang around for long. Still, that's not going to stop me. What's in the box 👀 To be honest, there's not any lifting work taking place today. Just mainly ground work, so nothing too exciting today. That's it for today, can't take many photos as it seems they put more covers up which makes it difficult totake decent photos. Will return next time with a trusty stick to help me out.
  4. Pretty cool how clearly you can see the inversion from Staines Lane. Just walking to the site now to take some pics. 😁 EDIT: Extra track piece going in This part's gonna be so weird but thrilling 🤩 Other piece going in now Slowly but surely Final photo before I post the rest. They positioned originally but then took it back down after. Looks like they're securing it into place now.
  5. Just come back from my walk by thorpe park, here's an update from the site. Contsruction walls avoided me from getting good photos, but here's the best I could get. Station's going up I believe though need to look over the plans to check. Main tower seems to be going up which was ace to see, but might pop into thorpe park next time for better photos.
  6. Wonder what theming if any the ride will have. 🤔 Def need to see this in person, though the walk down on monk's walk is gonna be fun 😅
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