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    Rush and Nemesis Inferno
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    Thorpe Park

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    Thorpe Park and Making Friends.

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  1. Artie


    Now Rush is down again ( ) people kind of rely on Slammer to stay open.
  2. Artie


    Yeah, the capacity's great compared to Rush because whenever I went in 2007 it was always operating on one swing and Slammer Had both paddles going, as it always does!!!
  3. Artie


    Hi guys!Been away for a while in Qatar!!Well, here we can discuss the slightly underated Slammer!I personally think it's a fantastic ride, and now doesn't really breakdown as much as Rush.
  4. I love slammer and rush music
  5. I went yesterday.Samurai - 0Slammer - 4Rush - 4Colossus - 4Nemesis Inferno - 4Detonator - 0Stealth - 2Tidal Wave - 3Vortex - 0X:\ No Way Out - 1All in all a great day at Thorpe Park with great weather!Total Ride Count: 22
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