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Favourite ride

Found 2 results

  1. I have seen other forums do this when I have snooped over, and I have seen top 10 best coasters on here, so lets talk about the worst coasters we have been on. It doesn't have to be a top 10 as per say, just one particular coaster you hate with a passion and say why you hate it. The one coaster I hate is Space Mountain in DLP, the last time I went on it I felt like my head had been violated and I had a bad migraine for about 3 hours afterwards. Yeah its not one I'm going to go on again. SO what's yours!
  2. Tom

    TPM Awards 2014

    **AWARDS ARE NOW CLOSED, RESULTS TO BE RELEASED SOON** Another year another season, and that means another TPM forum awards! After the success of previous years, we will keep much the same format although we’ve gone high tech by using SurveyMonkey! Due to our new(ish) awards badges we will make sure people can treasure their awards forever and have them on display for everyone to see! These are the award categories PARK AWARDS • Best UK Park • Best International Park • Best UK Coaster • Best International Coaster • Best UK Flat Ride • Best UK Water Ride • Best UK Dark Ride • Best New Attraction for 2014 • Best Themed UK Experience • Best Themed International Experience • Worst UK Ride • Most Uncomfortable Ride • Most Disappointing Merlin Moment in 2014 • Best looking New Attraction for 2015 • Best Manufacturer In the case of international parks and coasters we realise that some members may not have ridden many international coasters or been to many international parks. If this is the case for you, feel free to vote for a park you would love to visit or a coaster you would love to ride. FORUM AWARDS • Best Member • Best Administrator • Best Moderator • Most Knowledgeable Member • Funniest Member • Biggest Fanboy/girl • Sexiest Male • Sexiest Female • Best New Member • Best Quality Posts • Most Dedicated • Most Sarcastic Member • Best Official TPM Meet • Storm Surge Award • Most Likely To Be Banned In 2015 For the new member nominees, they need to have signed up after January 1st, 2014 – Here's a link The Storm Surge Award - Vote for the member who you think reminds you of Storm Surge or should be awarded a Storm Surge for their efforts in TPM. VOTING We have moved up in the world and now I’ve opted to use SurveyMonkey instead of having to manually collate all the awards Remember to only put one thing for each answer and make it clear who/what it is; please use forum names and not real names You do not need to vote for every category if you don’t want to EDIT - NOW CLOSED Voting closes on 20th December 2014 at 8pm. Votes after 20th December 2014 at 8pm will not be counted. PM me (Tommy) if you send your survey in more than once
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