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  1. Tom

    Photo Edits

    Lets just hope the Mail don't get hold of it, or we can expect a lot of articles about Nemesis colliding
  2. I'm glad you were entertained, to me they just sound unprofessional
  3. ^ That didn't exactly work out for them though
  4. Tom


    The magic of the passage of time
  5. The fact that you're visiting despite knowing the closure and will still ask for compensation is just ridiculous in my eyes
  6. ^ Ghostrider at Knott's Berry Farm was closed just for a retracking but no RMC-ification It's likely that you're right, but they aren't the only possibilities
  7. Whilst I can't say that it isn't being built there, the Birmingham Mail won't have a clue where it's actually being built Edit: Further looking down the article it says the hotel will join the Alton Towers Hotel so take what you want from it
  8. Tom

    Wicker Man

    It could just be a family coaster
  9. Here's a good article which summarises a lot of people's feelings on the matter, no doubt!
  10. Tom

    This Or That

    I really don't think that's appropriate
  11. As I'm sure you're aware in your line of work, it costs more to run larger scale attractions such as coasters due to higher staffing and power costs. Which may explain why they prefer to close these attractions
  12. Tom

    The News

    I assumed when opening this thread that it would be about Turkey and not Pokemon Go How depressing
  13. That post was like the definition of spam
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