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Taking the kids to thorpe park in the summer hols, would love to join them on some rides, but I am a size 24 in jeans, weight is all in my chunky legs 🙈 wear 20 tops.

I'm not too proud to try test seats, but not all rides have them.  Just wondered if anyone else has been who is similar in size?

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My late boyfriend was a larger guy and he was able to ride stealth, Saw, Swarm and Inferno - inferno has bigger seats in certain rows and all the big coasters have tester seats outside but I’ve heard that they aren’t always accurate but they were accurate for my partner.  Colossus I would swerve as it is pinchy regardless and I’ve seen a fair few guests unable to fit - my nieces dad didn’t fit and he wasn’t actually too big when he tried (but he is pretty tall) In all honesty it’s a rough ride and will give you a headache.


The only other rides that I can think of that may potentially be an issue is possibly Vortex (I know some ladies who are big up top shall we say struggle but you may be fine with it). Not sure on Samurai but both vortex and samurai have test seats outside the entrance which is handy 🙌

Rush is just a lap bar, Zodiac has no restraints and the water rides (Tidal Wave, Rumba, Depth charge and storm surge should all be absolutely fine)


The other 2 coasters are lap bars so again shouldn’t be an issue at all.

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