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  1. Han30

    The Swarm

    Random but I can barely ride Swarm these days which is naff as it is my second fave coaster there - I literally have to breath at certain points because other parts of the ride I actually can’t breath on (sounds weird I know) - I don’t think the vest restraints help the situation. I’ve also greyed out a couple of times which I’d rather have happen than stop breathing 😂 - if I do ride it I have to go left hand side and near to the front but even then it’s not a pleasant experience. I get the same thing happen (but to a lesser extent) on both Nemesis and Nemesis Inferno but have found that keeping my legs completely out straight weirdly helps with the breathing. Samurai can affect my breathing if it spins quite a bit - it’s literally rides where my legs hang - am absolutely fine on everything else so I know it isn’t anxiety related as my GP suggested. It’s kind of frustrating as it has only been an issue for the past 2 or so years
  2. This one was from back in March in the batching area for DBGT a group of 4 lads in front of us (complete pain in the butt all of them) were moaning about waiting - they had RAP so hadnt even waited the full 75ish minutes. When the people in the other batching area went through they then tried go through but were stopped - their response? “THATS RACIST” - I laughed out loud, as did the people who were nearby - they then started getting lippy with the poor ride host who moved them to the other batching area (meaning they’d have to wait longer) - when we were called through it was like karma when their faces dropped
  3. When I first saw BounceZilla my immediate thought was “dear God that looks awful” - awful in that it’s at a theme park where you don’t expect bouncy castles. That said, as previously mentioned it is in a space which would otherwise be empty and although I highly doubt anyone would travel to Thorpe purely to go on it, it does give something extra other than rides and the pile of cack that is DBGT. Yes it seems popular and I would rather them have something like BounceZilla there than another bloody hang man challenge thing - it’s also something that kids can do who may not be tall enough for the larger rides so it gives them something else. But looking at the bigger picture, there are no new attractions (as in rides) this year, Logger confirmed as not returning but still rotting behind bamboo fencing and Slammer is still sat there SBNO. It doesn’t reflect well IMO. I just hope they don’t turn BounceZilla into a fright night maze with actors in it with chainsaws because frankly that would for sure kill me off!
  4. Han30


    It’s bizarre - the same has happened to me where I’ve gone on and it’s just meandered around not doing much but later on it will give a few decent flips and spins - I know it has different settings but unsure why it would go from one extreme to another 🤷‍♂️
  5. Han30


    Was watching Samurai today just after necking half a ton of pizza and pasta and the cycle looked so bad I think I could have easily gone on it and kept my lunch inside - weirdly the next cycle was more intense so I’m glad I didn’t make that decision. Just thought it odd that there was a noticeable difference in the 2 cycles or I need to go to Specsavers
  6. Miss you xx

  7. Had no intention of going on this but got persuaded by @Marc - cheers by the way! People seemed to enjoy it but honestly it looks so daft having a big ol bouncy castle shoved in a theme park. Onto the thing itself - by the end of it I felt like I was a contestant on Gladiators - the inflatable stairs at the end were a joke - I got to the top and fell completely backwards off of it and had a mini break/breakdown. This thing is tiring - I felt like I was dying halfway through and I was struggling to breath and needed my asthma inhaler after. Then my legs were numb and both my niece and I felt faint - thankfully eating our weight in pizza pasta helped with that. I recently did a 2 hour 6 mile power walk and wasn’t as tired as I was on that bouncy hell hole! I wouldn’t do it again but it was kinda fun in between struggling to breath and younger kids seemed to love it. I guess it’s better than nothing 👀
  8. I would suggest drinking plenty of water because I know from my own experience that dehydration can lead to migraine. I always without fail take headache pills to parks because I usually get one. Could it be motion sickness related? If so I can’t recommend Cinnarazine highly enough (you can get it over the counter called Stugeron 15). If none of the above are sounding any good then I’d avoid Zodiac, Saw and Colossus, - the latter 2 have crazy head banging moments which I’m sure have killed off some of my brain cells in the past
  9. I’ve been a few times by myself when my ex worked at the park - felt really self conscious at first but then thought “sod it” - people are too busy to probably even notice if you’re by yourself (though going on Loggers (RIP) alone can be a tad embarrassing. Join in the discussions here and get to some meets - I’ve made some amazing mates through this site and at meet ups. I first went to meets aged 32 and my age never felt like an issue (maybe cos I’m a big kid) - I’ve not been to a meet up for a while for personal reasons but hope to get back to it soon. The guys and girls here are lovely and very welcoming
  10. I need to get to a meet soon as I miss you guys! I may bump into you on Saturday as I’m likely going to be at TP with my niece and her friend. If it’s too busy/loud, you’ll probably find me propped up in the smoking area by Inferno talking to myself 🤐 Have a fab day
  11. I had Merlin Membership (standard) when it first came out and it was really handy as I wasn’t able to fork out a lump sum in one go. I’m guessing in the past, people signed up for it (which was meant to be minimum 12 months) and maybe cancelled after a couple of months of lots of park trips They never had the sign up fee before so I’m thinking perhaps this is to deter it happening again? I do think it’s a great idea for people on a budget - especially families who can’t afford to whack out a few hundred quid on passes in one go
  12. I know he can’t see this but happy birthday to Roodie who would’ve been 40 today ?
  13. Happy 40th sweetie xx I miss you so much xx

  14. Christ - I’m not on Twitter so only just seen these - it’s like a 12 year old has been given the reigns over their account ?
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