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  1. Should Island Beats Come Back in the Future?

    Yes - the space they used for Island beats was small (where big top goes) - but aside from the marquee they don't really have the space (unless you count the dome)
  2. Should Island Beats Come Back in the Future?

    I would prefer just Summer Nights to return but that's mainly based on when I was at Summer Nights one evening when Little Mix were playing Island Beats and there was SO many teenage girls everywhere - and singing their songs 🙃🔫 I'm guessing it wasn't hugely popular - I went to quite a few summer nights back in 2015 and on one occasion when we were picking up our wristbands the lady serving us mentioned that they still had tickets for Pro Green left so my sister and her boyfriend went to watch it while my niece and I rode the coasters. I personally think merging Summer Nights and Island Beats was confusing but that might just be me. I'm assuming they didn't make much money from it either as I'm sure they would have brought it back if it was profitable?
  3. Park Operations

    Yeah I think you might be right sadly - Summer Nights were great while they lasted yet they scrapped them so I can't see why they'd introduce something similar - would be fab if they did but not holding my breath
  4. Wish a Member a Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday @MarkC 😜
  5. Park Count - 2017

    I hate winter and have done before I got into theme parks but anyway, reflecting back on this year I've done a lot more than I usually would - less visits to Thorpe but 3 new parks visited (2 abroad) Thorpe Park X 9 Chessie X 4 Legoland X 1 Alton Towers X 3 Adventure Island X 1 BPB X 1 Efteling X 2 Phantasialand X 2 Tulleys X 1 Total 24 Next year will be the usual Merlin stuff - Thorpe and CWOA are fairly close to me and would love to go back to BPB as I really enjoyed it there plus with ICON opening next year (and my love for Valhalla) I'm hoping it will be possible. Also Towers for SW8. I would love to go back to Phantasialand and Efteling but in terms of European parks, Europa is one I would love to visit but I have a huge fear of flying 😫. Edit - forgot to add Tulleys 👻
  6. Favourite Coaster Launches

    Fave launch is Tarons 2nd launch - the sound it makes just adds to it ❤️
  7. Fright Nights 2017

    Came across an utter idiot woman while outside Saw Alive while waiting at disabled entrance on Sunday - she barged past us with a pushchair and was told she couldn't park it outside - she expected the staff to watch her baby while she went in then when they said they couldn't she wanted to take the baby INTO the maze and kicked off when she was told that wasn't possible - I was gobsmacked at the stupidity - she said "he's only a baby innit he's not gonna know what's happening" 😳😳 < that was my face hearing that. She then starts saying she was going to complain and I just felt sorry for the staff having to deal with that level of stupidity from guests. Yes it's a baby but if she'd dropped the poor sod after a jump scare she'd be the one probably looking for compensation 😶
  8. I went to my first Scarefest last week - already done Fright Nights since 2013, and did Tulleys a few weeks ago. Totally agree with you about The Welcoming. As for Sub Species - that's the only scare maze that has truly terrified me to the point that I ran out and burst into tears whilst having an asthma attack and bad anxiety - I'd probably do it again in the future despite it being fricking terrifying - but it achieved for me an actual scare - the dude with the chainsaw at the end was bloody terrifying 😱
  9. Is that the one where they "scan" you for odd symptoms (for photo) - if so I've never seen that open and I rode DBGT for the first time last September - I would be surprised if they ditched that after just 2 months but who knows 🤔
  10. Scarefest

    Went to my first Scarefest on Thursday and was really impressed with how the park was decorated. We did all the mazes with the exception of the kids one (myself and @Roodie are nearing 40 so gave that one a miss) There was no queue for the mazes though we did do them early - TOTT was pretty good but I didn't find it particularly scary - but the length of the maze and the actors was worth it. Then we headed to Sub Species which was the one I was anxious about - had pretty bad anxiety during my time at Towers so before the mazes I took a couple of anxiety meds - genuinely thought I would be fine as I've done all of Thorpes mazes this year plus Tulleys (and at Tulleys myself and @roodie went through creepy cottage, the cellar and chop shop on our own as it was quiet). I can honestly say (and maybe I'm being a wimp) that Sub Species is the only maze that has really affected me - I'm not exaggerating when I say that I ran out of that maze, stopped and burst into tears whilst battling both a panic attack and asthma attack. And when I say burst into tears I was pretty much howling (thank god we went through early and there was not many people outside 😂) From the moment the video at the beginning finished I was edgy then it just got worse getting pulled through a door in complete darkness - I found this maze scary because you are deliberately separated from the people you are with and isolated in darkness - at one point I just stopped, could see naff all and started panicking/swearing then an actor appeared and pushed me forwards. But the icing on the cake was when having met up with Roodie towards the end of the maze we headed to the exit - the actor at the end knew I was bricking it - he looked me square in the eyes, I knew what was going to happen - he smirked a little then chased me out with his chuffing chainsaw. I've been chased with a chainsaw before but that actor was good and the build up towards it had made me bloody edgy. In that respect Sub Species is fantastic as it achieved (for me anyway) what a scare maze should do - genuinely don't know if I could do that one again as I felt so vulnerable in there - although maybe it was worse as my anxiety hadn't been great that day. Definitely worth doing and I'm glad I did it but I was pretty surprised at my reaction and felt a bit silly afterwards 👀 The other maze we did after (mine tours) was good - and the actors in there were brilliant I'm not sure what to say about The Welcoming - when we got there we were handed what I initially thought was a pair of pants (it was a hood 😂). What they have done with that area is amazing and the maze itself is brilliantly themed and it's a decent length - but the hooded section just felt a bit meh - having done the hooded maze at Tulleys a couple of weeks ago (and never done a hooded one before then) I actually found it less scary and more sweaty(!). The Welcoming was good and it had some good jumpy moments but it felt like it could have been better though I don't know how (if that makes sense) - the ending just sort of didn't feel complete - so it kind of felt like this big build up....to not a lot. Definitely worth doing but not particularly scary
  11. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    I've read a few complaints online about creepy caves - I didn't realise when I did my recent post that it is a recommended age 10 plus attraction - in all honestly I think it should be older than 10 even though I'm sure there will be 10 year olds out there who would be ok with it but for the majority they should probably have a recommendation of 13+ I was gutted when they got rid of the maze behind Vampire as I loved that one but caves is a pretty solid attraction and it's nice to see the park have a maze that caters for slightly older guests - the issue I think is they need to make it clearer to people
  12. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    Thorpe Park last Saturday - 2 lads behind us and one (I'm assuming as I didn't see) points to Rush and says to his friend "ah yeah mate that's just like Ripsaw at Towers innit" - I'm just hoping they were pointing at Rush and not Storm Surge as that is an even more stupid comparison
  13. New for 2018

    Yeah I forgot about that 👀 Damn there was me getting my hopes up that we'd have a worlds first soap opera themed maze - Coronation Street The Maze 🙃
  14. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Did Creepy Caves Unearthed yesterday and I think they are going to get a fair few complaints - not because it is bad but because it's a family park and I believe the attraction is too much for young ones - I would say they should have an age recommendation rather than a 'bat' rating (I think TOT woods is one bar - caves is 3) I wasn't expecting much even though Curse is pretty good - we went in along with a mum and dad and their kids and 2 girls that looked about 10-12 who were by themselves. Its actually pretty good, has a story line, the length of the attraction is surprisingly quite long. There are some really dark areas inside and a good few jump scares. From the start the 2 girls didn't like being at the back so I let them go in front of us and once the maze started it was pretty much screaming from the kids all the way through, at one point everyone was just huddled into a group clearly scared so we went ahead and sort of lead the way - at the end I could see the kids were terrified - one of the younger ones got carried through pretty much the whole attraction by I'm assuming her dad, and the 2 girls that went in by themselves looked close to tears. Because this is a paid attraction I can see people wanting a refund because there really is no warning about the nature of what is inside - I personally didn't find it scary (jumped a few times) but for their target audience of families, in particular those with very young kids in my opinion it isn't suitable. I have a 13 year old niece who I think would be fine with it but there's no way I would even consider taking my 7 year old nephew in it. The odd thing is that you don't have the usual safety speech by a staff member warning you of things such as smoke effect etc etc - instead you have an actor who asks what you are scared of and sort of jokes that you'll be put in a small dark room with spiders before taking you into the attraction - and because it is done in a light hearted manner, it doesn't really prepare you for what is inside. I would recommend if any of you are going to CWOA to try it out as it's interesting to see what they've done inside and it's actually a good attraction - but in terms of taking little ones in there - I'd say give it a miss
  15. New for 2018

    Well the IAC stuff is on sale so maybe they are going to get rid of it? I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has. VR on The Swarm would be a terrible idea IMO - they've already slowed down the throughputs on GalacticAir (and that's when the VR actually works) and it would make the near misses on Swarm damn pointless and ruin the ride.