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  1. Miss you so much 😢

  2. Thorpe Park Merchandise

    A little bit! Got some more pins on Saturday - Roodie and I started collecting them last year and Gawd it’s both addictive and expensive Need to put them on a lanyard which is a nightmare as my OCD takes over as I try to have a lanyard with pins for each park....I now have a few too many TP ones so need to rearrange my others. Yeah I need help. My sister got the Monopoly which looks good but I can’t play that game as it gives me severe anger issues. I didn’t properly look at the other merch except the Top Trumps which I might get at some point. Does DBGT shop have any new interesting stuff? Didn’t go in there on Saturday to have a look
  3. Crowd funding for TPM member

    Matt that is a beautifully written post - Roodie never realised how well liked he was - he had low self confidence which I think he disguised with humour - when he was in hospital I showed him the lovely things that you kind people had said and I know he was touched by the donations that people made. It is hard now knowing he won’t get a chance to make some memories with his 2 boys and it’s heart breaking that they have lost their father. But the donations made will go directly to his boys. He was a lovely guy and would do anything for anyone and was completely selfless - he handled his diagnosis with both dignity and bravery and I feel privileged to have got to know him well. 39 is such a young age to pass away. I wish I was able to write such a lovely post as Matt has but emotions take over and make it difficult but I want to thank you all who met him - he really enjoyed the meets and getting to know people and just having a nice time with people who have similar interests. He felt accepted very early on within the community which is what it’s all about. Xx
  4. Crowd funding for TPM member

    Unbelievably sad 😢
  5. Sad news

    Hi all - it saddens me to say this but Adam (Roodie) has passed away - thank you to those who have donated via the just giving page - hopefully this money will go to his 2 boys and their mum to help at this difficult time x
  6. Crowd funding for TPM member

    Thank you so much for your lovely words and donation
  7. Crowd funding for TPM member

    Thank you 😊 shares of the link are fab for reaching more people Just wanted to say thanks again - I’m not sure if Adam (Roodie) has seen this topic (he knows I’ve posted as I checked with him first) but I’ll let him know people are thinking of him at this difficult time xx
  8. Crowd funding for TPM member

    Hey fellow maniacs - I just wanted a say a huge thank you to people who have taken a look at the link I posted, those who have shared the link and to the people who have kindly made a donation. I’m sure people will understand that no one wants to be in the situation of trying to raise funds to be able do such simple things that we all take for granted - I know that Adam is incredibly touched by the support he has been shown throughout this tough time. Being able to make memories with his 2 lovely boys and of course their mum is something very important to him and with the generosity of people this is looking more and more likely which is wonderful. Once again thank you so much x Hey stranger! Thanks for your response - a share of the link would be fantastic if you could do that (no worries about donating - sharing is just as helpful)! the more shares, the more people we can reach 😋
  9. Hey guys - hope it’s ok to start a new topic here as there was no where else I could find to put this. Many of you will have met @Roodie at various meets over the past 17 months. His first meet was Fright Nights 2016 and the day I first met him. Since then I’ve got to know and spend time with this wonderful member of TPM - the reason I’m posting this is because sadly Adam (Roodie) has recently been diagnosed with incurable cancer and has spent the past 5 weeks in hospital. Adam has 2 young sons (ages just 6 and 4) and is desperate to spend the time that he has making memories with them while at the same time raising money for MacMillan. His illness has forced him to quit work and so financially he is currently unavailable to do much in the way of taking his boys out (and while he recovers from surgery to his spine). His niece today set up a just giving page and it would mean a massive amount if you guys could take a look, share, or make a small donation (every penny counts). Thanks so much for reading this post xx https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hannah-tutt?utm_id=1&utm_term=Ab9bDrkdE
  10. Rant

    I’ve often felt like this in my younger years - giving all I could within friendships etc only to be treated like crud and people just walking away. It used to upset me a lot but now I just think screw it. People can be sh!t holes but don’t let that stop who you are as a person - don’t change for anyone
  11. Random

    Fruit BASTILLES?! 😂
  12. Ride Accidents

    Umm wow - I guess it's going to stop people standing up but jeez - also makes for a rather crappy ORP Its sad when measures like this have to be put in place because a few people can't follow instructions or use basic common sense. Edit - how the hell do you get in the boats?
  13. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Merlin seem intent on ruining Towers - so many peeved people on FB and quite rightly so. 4pm closures for a park the size of AT is daft and staggered opening times this year are ridiculous - seriously Nemmy and Galactica not open until midday?! Nemmy is generally the first ride I head to when I visit and get a few rides in on that to start the day off- I wonder if they are opening that area at midday to get more business for the rollercoaster restaurant?! 🤔
  14. Should Island Beats Come Back in the Future?

    Yes - the space they used for Island beats was small (where big top goes) - but aside from the marquee they don't really have the space (unless you count the dome)
  15. Should Island Beats Come Back in the Future?

    I would prefer just Summer Nights to return but that's mainly based on when I was at Summer Nights one evening when Little Mix were playing Island Beats and there was SO many teenage girls everywhere - and singing their songs 🙃🔫 I'm guessing it wasn't hugely popular - I went to quite a few summer nights back in 2015 and on one occasion when we were picking up our wristbands the lady serving us mentioned that they still had tickets for Pro Green left so my sister and her boyfriend went to watch it while my niece and I rode the coasters. I personally think merging Summer Nights and Island Beats was confusing but that might just be me. I'm assuming they didn't make much money from it either as I'm sure they would have brought it back if it was profitable?