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  1. out of the parks I’ve visited this season (Thorpe, Chessie and Lego) I’d say that Chessie have been the best but honestly those queues are insane!! I was there on Saturday and we decided to get an early lunch to avoid the carnage so went into Burger Kitchen at approx 11.45 - all tables cornered off and I asked the young girl what was going on - apparently they were short staffed! We were in there a good 20 mins waiting so I dread to think what it would have been like later. Also - the fish finger buns they sell are pretty dry and disgusting. Then at the end of the day we were h
  2. This happened on my last visit and the place was heaving - also I feel a Rumba fast track is completely pointless because the merge point is usually where the queue tends to end. Fast track for Nemesis backing up to Rumba is crazy - I’ve seen it almost hitting the benches in the smoking area - the FT for that is also the RAP line which probably made it longer. I will never understand people paying for ultimate fast track on busy days when it makes more sense to go on an off peak day where you would almost certainly get more in for a fraction of the cost.
  3. Not heard but seen - last Sunday 2 adults going the completely wrong way on Coastguard HQ - I don’t know how they managed it but they then tried to turn around and kept crashing the boat into the edge - assume they were attempting a 3 point turn but it went horribly wrong 🤣
  4. I would just go with no expectations honestly - that way you won’t be disappointed. It’s not half term this week so may be slightly quieter. Dont get me started on the social distancing (or lack thereof). I completely understand that we as individuals need to adhere to the measures in place but it just makes zero sense to have people in queues on top of each other and then once you get to the ride you cant possibly sit next to the person that’s been breathing down your neck while you wait. At Legoland on Sunday we were waiting to go on the pirate ship and no one was keeping a di
  5. This thread is just brilliant - I’ve been reading through it again and nearly spat my Pepsi out 😂
  6. I seriously question whether they have actually reduced visitor numbers - I went today and left at 1.30pm. Colossus shut until after filming for This Morning, Tidal Wave not running (although in this weather I doubt it would be popular) and samurai has scaffolding around it. We managed 2 rides on TWD purely because at the start of the day there was no queue, then went to Saw, teacups, had an early lunch, did Stealth then left. The queues were massive - even the dodgems have a gigantic queue. I honestly felt so bad for the people in the queue for Storm Surge - I wouldn’t queue more than 5 m
  7. Han30


    Yes you can but be prepared for a long queue for bag searches
  8. I guess that makes sense - I’ve never seen them all joined us so it looked a bit bizarre!
  9. My friends partner got food from there on Sunday and it looked absolutely vile - apparently it didn’t taste much better than either. Also - what is up with Tiny Truckers? I was on the jumbos with my friends little boy and was thinking wtf then walked past it and all the trucks are stuck together 🤣 - it looks bizarre
  10. I love the new colourful elephants and the soundtrack but realistically you can’t polish a turd and the ride is pretty ancient now. Kind of gutted that it is in a more open area now - I used to like sneaking onto it on quiet days without getting shameful looks when it was behind Rameses. Back in 2019 I dragged my niece and her friend on it because it had no queue. Yes I’m sad but I like to pretend I’m back at Disneyland on their Flying Dumbo ride 🤣 Years ago I once queued FORTY FIVE minutes because my niece who was little (she’s now 17) desperately wanted to go on it - I lost th
  11. I did a Weds the other week and the coasters were on 2 trains. Got loads of rides in - the only real queue was for Saw. We managed to get front row on Stealth, Swarm and Colossus which was a bonus plus rush was running both swings
  12. Not really much help but I’ve been today and had one of the best days there in a long time - staff were lovely, social distancing far better than Thorpe in my opinion and it just looks like it’s had a lot of TLC. We don’t often venture into the zoo areas but really enjoyed seeing the animals. The only downside which isn’t the parks fault is that we had to eat outside but once restrictions are lifted that is sorted. Also flying jumbos is much prettier with the repaint and new music 🙌
  13. Han30


    There were 2 pods off on Weds with engineers working on it - no idea what’s up with it but it didn’t look too healthy.
  14. I had my mask on and my hood so tight that I could only just see out of it the second time - still hurt but it woke me up better than caffeine does!
  15. Got 2 front row rides on Stealth on Weds - didn’t even notice the lights because it was raining and I was bracing myself for a facial exfoliation 👀
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