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  1. Han30

    Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Been reading the Facebook post about the child that has run away and hoping he is found safe and soon. The parents must be worried sick but from what I gather, Chessington have done everything they can. Regarding the actors, when I went to Howloween last year I saw a couple of them that looked pretty terrifying and if I was a kid I’d probably 💩. For Chessingtons target of families I don’t think scaring kids to tears is a good step. Fun scary is ok but if a kid is visibly terrified then back off.
  2. That’s the best part 👌👌👌
  3. Han30

    Rumba Rapids

    Agree with you - also I’ve never got hugely wet (sometimes not even a drip of water on me) on Rumba and it’s closed due to being a seasonal attraction. Why the hell do they decide to keep Tidal Wave open when really to enjoy TW it has to be really hot 🤔
  4. Tulley VIP is great - I was lucky enough last year that @Roodie got us both VIP passes which mean zero queuing and being able to get on things multiple times - though last year we only did chop shop once (which last year I was kind of ok with) and this year it traumatised me so I think you are brave @MattyMoo going through it 4 times - I think it would finish me off! @Stuntman707 - I used to be ok with chainsaws until a couple of years ago and the fact it was obvious that I was terrified (and at the front) this year didn’t help but if you show fear to scare actors they love it and will just target you more 😱 definitely go in it but make some other poor sod go in front if you can 🤣 That actor with the knitted outfit on made me laugh and reminded me (I don’t know why) of a character from The Mighty Boosh. Also I didn’t realise until I just saw that pic that it has knitted boobs 😂.
  5. I saw you as we were waiting to go into Creepy Cottage but we were with the peasants in the main queue 😂 The woman on the stilts fascinates me - how the hell does she not fall over?! The 3 nurses were really interacting with guests in the queue for Covern. And I love the Frankenstein guy. Just the way the actors are with guests is brilliant and such a laugh
  6. Went to Tulleys on Saturday and despite the rain it was fab. Chop Shop had me screaming and crying then I burst into tears at the exit - the actors in there are bloody terrifying and as much as I nearly 💩 myself, it did what it is meant to do and be scary. I’ve never screamed in a horror maze before or been so terrified (I thought Sub Species last year was bad when I burst into tears after the maze but this one I was crying throughout most of it 👀😱) Haunted Hayride is still my absolute favourite - so unique and fun but also quite scary in places. Didnt bother with the hooded maze as they do nothing for me other than make me struggle to breath and sweat profusely. Really enjoyed The Colony and Coven aswell. The others are good but stand out ones for me would be Chop Shop (even though I don’t think I could do it ever again), Haunted Hayride, Colony and Covern. I like the fact that they are all free flow and all are decent length mazes - something that Thorpe could do with taking note of. The roaming actors are brilliant - great with guests and really adds to the atmosphere. When I was sat having a coffee there were a group of girls behind us and one of the clowns went up to them - one of the girls was terrified of clowns and he turned round and was having some great banter with the group - though when he said to the girl that was scared “don’t look under your bed tonight....I’m gonna make a sweater out of your skin” she started crying 👀 but the actor was fab and ended up making her laugh. Finally Circus of Horrors - wow - I’ve never seen them live before and wasn’t expecting much but the show was brilliant - really well put together and hugely entertaining - if I’d had time I would have happily paid to go and see the show again. I know some people were understandably disappointed that it was hinted that there would be a new maze but I personally think Circus of Horrors is perfect for Tulleys and it gives more variety than adding another maze - a new maze would be nice but I would personally prefer them to have Circus return and totally retheme a current maze - such as the clowns one which I think is one of the weakest. Ive not done a huge amount of Halloween attractions - literally Tulleys, Howloween, fright nights and Scarefest but Tulleys stands head and shoulders above the others in terms of theming, acting and variety of mazes and attractions. Finally, staff at Tulleys were so friendly - the only slight downside to the evening was the rain but that can’t be helped.
  7. Han30

    2018 General Discussion

    That might explain the awful stench I walked into when waiting to put my bag in on Stealth - I’ve never held my breath for so long it was THAT bad 😷
  8. Han30

    On ride photos

    Think you just go to the picsolve website where there will be a place to enter the photo code (which will be on your receipt) - or you can get the picsolve app and put in the code on that
  9. Wow I’m slow didn’t even notice that 😱 - that’s pretty bad considering what they are charging for each FT package. Maybe it’s to push people to fork out £150 which I personally think is a downright greedy price
  10. They’re charging £150 for ultimate??!! Jeez. Totally agree with you - would be good if they did individual FT for the mazes but I guess this way makes them more ££££
  11. Han30

    On ride photos

    £10 for one and I think 2 for £15. And you get a code to download the picture.
  12. Han30

    2018 General Discussion

    That’s a good deal but only gives you 30 mins to ram as much food down your neck as is humanly possible - then potentially see it again shortly after 😱
  13. I’ve seen - it’s daylight robbery 😵