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  1. Oh if I lived that close to the park I'd be nipping there to ride Valhalla at any opportunity! Hopefully going back to BPB next year for when Icon opens and will then try out Revolution - I'm not a huge fan of backwards rides but it's one to add to the list! @rob666 how do you not hold on on Steeplechase??!!! Although my balance isn't great to be honest which could explain a lot - as for wild mouse, you're braver than me - I held on for my life on that thing! Infusion rattled not just my teeth but everything 😱 My head hurt so much after that thing I was googling odd symptoms which is never good. Infusion looks nice with the colour scheme and the fountains etc - just the head banging was damn painful! I never did the ghost train - is it worth it?
  2. Come along! If you are free and can make it you will have a great time - it can be nerve wracking going to your first meet but you'll feel like part of the group in no time - it's one of the best things I did and have met lots of lovely people from here
  3. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    You come across some strange people @planenut! Someone who breathes through their eyes and another who screams via their t*ts 😂
  4. Stealth

    Question is.....have you counted your Stealth rides?! This year I've ridden it...twice 👀

    I'm on a FB which is for residents of the town I live in and someone ran into a chuffing clown the other night while out walking their dog - apparantly there has also been a lot of sightings of red balloons tied to drains (I'm guessing due to IT being in the cinemas and/or people have too much time on their hands) Well I'm not sure how the person didn't soil their pants but instead took a pic of the clown - and this is about 5 mins from my flat 😱. I'm not a fan of clowns but I'm ok with them at fright nights etc because you expect it, but I swear if I come across one on my travels I will either have a heart attack, a panic attack or have brown trousers. Doesn't help that the nights are drawing in and I often nip up to the shop early evening when it's dark
  6. Myself and @roodie should be able to make it - We've voted for Saturday but if it turns out to be on the Sunday we might be able to make it 🤓
  7. General Discussion

    I remember circus world and riding The Juggler and being surprised that I didn't puke. Can't remember for the life of me whether I went on the clown coaster as it's going back a long time. But original Bubbleworks was fantastic, as was the original Vampire. I remember going on Bubbleworks, possibly the year in opened or the year after and getting a bottle of Prof Burps fizzy drink (it was pretty much Panda Pops with theming!) those were the days
  8. General Discussion

    Yeah the water was pretty skanky last time I visited 😷
  9. General Discussion

    Apologies if this has been mentioned but does anyone know why Chessie have got rid of the rectangular pond thing between Toadies and Tiny Truckers. It's currently sectioned off but I took a pic of it because I'm nosy....
  10. Top 10's

    Will update top 10 soon but Taron is my new number one - rode 3 times this evening - front row, back row and in the middle - absolutely love it
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    Is containment returning?
  12. Colossus

    I've only ridden Colossus once this season - since 2013 I've maybe ridden it approx 40ish times per season. That one ride on it this year was beyond painful - my head got an almighty head bashing coming out of the vertical loop and its put me off riding again this season at least. Has Colosssus been on one train operation all season?
  13. Future Of Chessington

    It will be interesting to see how this development turns out - I hope they do a good job but hey this is Chessington and they don't get nearly enough investment. I really like dragon falls but over the past few years it's just looked really bare and not great. Shame about Peeking Heights though it never appeared to be very popular - anyone know what the throughput is on that thing? I'm thinking very low. I can honestly say I found it pretty terrifying - stopping at the top on a fairly windy day was enough for me
  14. Stealth

    Ooh ouch! Think it was last year when I rode Stealth front row and thought I'd been stung on the lip just after the launch but assume it must have been a fly as there was no sting there - but it hurt a lot 😱