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  1. Han30

    Rumba Rapids

    Are my eyes playing up or is that a middle handle thing (as opposed to the daft ones at the side of the seats) - much prefer the wheel in the middle - got a damn good bump on Rumba last week and cracked my arm which bloody hurt
  2. Han30

    TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    I’ve not been to a meet this year due to personal reasons but just want to say thanks to Ryan (and Paige) for the meets I attended last year - both myself and Roodie enjoyed the ones we attended and as was the case when Peaj ran the meets, they were always great fun. Best of luck to Matt in running forthcoming meet ups - when I’m up to it I’ll try to get to some meet ups as you guys here are a great bunch of people and I kind of miss everyone
  3. Han30

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    That’s quite pricey though the pop badge would prob sell on eBay for £500 👌
  4. Han30

    2018 General Discussion

    Not long till Fright Nights and hopefully Saw Alive will be open today unless it ends up floating off in the rain 😶😶
  5. Han30

    Fear on a Ride

    Yup rides tend to look so much scarier or intimidating than they actually are. With the exception of Detonator which just fools you into thinking it’s quite tame. Years ago I swore I would never ride Oblivion and my first trip to Towers back in 2013 I’d done the big rides fine, forced myself on Blivvy and actually cried up the lift hill - but now it’s one of my fave coasters. Was worth crying like a baby 👀 and grabbing my friends hand to face the fear!
  6. Han30

    Fear on a Ride

    Ah that makes sense - honestly once you overcome this fear (and you will) you’ll probably wish you’d done it sooner - but it’s never too late - I was 32 when I faced the big coasters at Thorpe and I’m gutted I used to be the one holding the bags when I could have been enjoying the rides. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and take things at a pace that you are comfortable with but at the same time you have to push yourself a little bit to overcome the fear - it’s not easy but it’s worth it!
  7. Han30

    Fear on a Ride

    You can do it - I’d recommend Inferno before Colossus but whatever way works for you - just go for it 👌 might be worth taking some paracetamol as Colossus can be rough depending where you sit. I always carry headache tabs to theme parks as they charge about £500000 for a pack
  8. Han30


    Christ don’t go giving them ideas!
  9. Han30


    Yesterday they only had VR on the rear 3/4 rows - we were in row 4 and the VR packs on the restraint had completely gone. Dispatches were still quite slow as the ride batcher was asking everyone if they wanted to ride with VR then assigning them rows accordingly. I like that they’ve bought back the on ride photo point and it’s kind of funny to see pics of people with the VR head sets on. Had an embarrassing moment when my restraint would not open at all and the op was giving me tips over loud speaker on how to get out 😱 - everyone else had got off and I was just sat there feeling stupid- when I got on and pulled the restraint down, the ride host tightened it with this weird key thing and they had to use the key to get me out at the end - awkward when people who are waiting to get on are staring 👀
  10. Han30

    2018 General Discussion

    Not done any lates yet but think I may be going Thursday with my niece - good to hear Saw Alive has opened as my niece @that.girl.soph has an unhealthy obsession with Billy 😂
  11. Han30

    Which past Thorpe ride do you miss the most

    Slammer and Loggers (I say Loggers because I’d be surprised if it makes a splashback at this stage). Slammer for its uniqueness and disorientation and Loggers because flumes are fab and that drop ❣️ Ah also WWH as mentioned by others - such a classic ride
  12. Han30


    I really do hope they scrap the VR - not only does it slow down dispatches but the VR itself is pretty bad quality - the only upside being that if you are wearing the VR you don’t see the manky tunnel. Ive only ever done the VR twice because not only do I have a weird ass phobia of outter space but I feel like it takes away the whole ride experience - I really enjoyed Air but I do love the Galactica soundtrack. If they ditch the VR will they stick with the name Galactica and if so the only real theming is from the VR (ok and the portal).
  13. The fountains weren’t working yesterday either - it’s the best part of the ride 👌
  14. Han30


    I miss the original bat trains - felt a lot smoother and just added to the themeing of the ride. Theres one particular part of the ride which really smacks my back regardless of where I sit (with the Vekoma trains) and it hurts like a bi#%h.
  15. Han30

    Rameses Revenge

    Am I right in thinking RR is 2 years older than Ripsaw? Pretty sure Rameses was installed in 1995 and Ripsaw 1997 (correct me if I’m wrong). I’m surprised Rameses has lasted as long as it has but it’s nice to have it at the park as it’s the only thing that goes upside down and remotely thrilling. I remember the days when the queues would hit over 2 hours (sod that although when it opened I waited 2 hours for my sister and her friend to ride it 😱). Went on this twice today - second time I got so drenched my hair was soaked but at least it was a warm day - last time I went to CWOA the fountains weren’t even on and I was boiling. Really don’t think RR has long left - I personally really like it but it’s pretty ancient for a flatty and today it had several issues where it started a cycle and just stopped pretty much before the ride had actually got going - the ride cycle we got was short but sweet - 4 or 5 flips then getting a soaking though I do miss the days of 2 cycles I hope when it’s time is up that it doesn’t end up SBNO - I hate rides that are just there rotting *cough Loggers* although given the choice between that or a bloody inflatable chuffing game thing a la Ripsaw I think I’d rather just see RR sat there.