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  1. Definitely agree about lack of fun/relaxing rides - when I’m at Thorpe after I’ve eaten I’m very limited as to what I can go on due to pretty bad motion sickness (which I take meds for). Chessington have the animals and sea life and more gentle rides which are perfect when digesting food! I know this is a post about Thorpe but going back to Chessie I recently took my younger sister and my 3 eldest nephews over the course of the past 3 weekends and they loved it - yes it helped that they are 8, 7 and 5 years old but even my niece and I enjoyed it - and we usually just do the coasters/Rameses/log flume. One day we did Toadies Crazy Cars 3 times and still had a fab time. Chessie is just more relaxed and for me at this point in time, a nicer atmosphere than Thorpe. Heck I even enjoyed Howloween last year more than Fright Nights. @Mer I’ll go with you if you want!
  2. This ^^^ the park needs investment even if just to tidy up areas initially - when you look at parks like Paultons in terms of cleanliness and upkeep, it puts Thorpe to shame. The loos were walk on which is rare! - plus there was both hand soap AND toilet roll which is a bonus at Thorpe (and Chessie to be fair)
  3. Can’t really add to everything that’s been said already but what sticks for me is the whole sense of half arsed-ness. Abanding Big Top but changing it to a show which although was ok, is nowhere near as good as maze form. SBNO rides - never a good look even if they do shove bamboo fencing around them. Half done paint jobs - either finish the job or don’t start. It feels like Thorpe is a bit lost in what sort of park they are - 2013 (when I started visiting regularly) it was known as the nations thrill capital - fast forward a year and its “an island like no other” - shove in Angry Birds Land and appeal to younger audiences/families - great idea but then they remove the carousel and have Loggers SBNO for 4 seasons. Add to that the height increase for X which is now The Walking Dead and they’ve spited a fair few younger guests who can no longer ride it. I think I’ve visited Thorpe 5 times this season - and on one of those times the only thing I went on was the toilet - queue management even to get in was horrendous and once inside it wasn’t much better. Can honestly say I’ve had more enjoyable visits to Chessie this year - Chessie has gone through some naff times but seems to be on the up which is great whereas Thorpe feels quite stale - hopefully they can turn it around because it has such potential and the rides (most) are brilliant
  4. Han30

    2019 Season

    It looks as garish in real life as well as pictures!
  5. People who sit down on a coaster and don’t bother to pull down their restraint - stop being a lazy git - the hosts are there to check your restraints, not close them. Rudeness towards staff when they are just doing their job. One I’ve seen a lot recently - people who take bags on rides when there are clearly bag rooms/boxes - I mean really - you think it’s a good idea to go on Rameses with a small handbag? - are you an actual idiot? I honestly don’t know how some people survive in this world when basic common sense goes out of the window. People who drop things on rides and can’t wait until the end of the day and give zero turds about other people and the delays it could cause.
  6. I hope they do a Halloween show again this year - thought last years was really good
  7. I used to watch this just for the footage from Chessie - although who doesn’t like B&B
  8. Yup me too - I don’t bother with DBGT - the only time I will ride it if I’m with someone’s who’s yet to realise how s###t it is
  9. Han30


    I have heard the same from 2 other people 😂
  10. It does but that could mean anything ?
  11. A pin would be better than a pop!
  12. Han30

    2019 Season

    I agree about limiting the carer to plus 1 instead of 3. I’m grateful that the system is there at all and it creams my corn when people take the mick and brings loads of people with them - saw it happen on Galactica - 7 people which took up 2 rows when they only should have had one. As for people getting angry at staff for writing a time - that’s the whole point of the thing - I’ve never questioned it and on a couple of occasions they’ve written a time which is actually longer than the main queue but they are doing their job. The whole point is that you get a ride done and then wait until the next time slot to go on the next ride - use this time to sit down, get a drink or get some space if you need it. People with RAP who get abusive towards staff should have it removed - can’t stand people who are rude and entitled and the more they do it and get away with it the more it will happen - I think that should also apply to MAP holders who are rude or aggressive aswell - remove the pass. staff need more support and not have to deal with guests being like that when they are just doing their job
  13. Oh God I hope not but hey just look at Angry Turds land. Well I can’t sleep so been googling acronyms and the following 2 are perfect - Failure Expected And Received Future Events Already Ruined I hate feeling so negative about Fright Nights because I usually really look forward to it but last year was awful - so my expectations for this year are pretty much zero meaning that I might be pleasantly surprised
  14. The inconsistency irks me at Thorpe - it’s like they can’t be bothered to complete a job or do it properly so it ends up half arsed - a few years ago some of the fencing on Colossus was painted - but only one side - do they think people are blind. It just doesn’t come across great - like Infernos exit - either paint it or don’t. Anyone got any idea how long Loggers will be left rotting for? Can’t see Thorpe getting a coaster for at least a couple of years but I might be wrong. Whilst I agree that money should be spent on operational rides, I wish they’d sort out Slammer - it’s just sitting there doing nothing and has been for 2 years - fine if you never knew it was there but they just chuck a sign up for TWD Living Nightmare instead. And god I hate those bamboo fencing panels. “Well here’s a ride that isn’t open anymore, let’s disguise it with some flimsy crap bamboo” - it feels cheap - maybe I’m being harsh
  15. Han30

    2019 Season

    The amount of RAP users is huge and I agree with requiring both a doctors note and blue badge/PIP etc. I would imagine it would be harder to forge a PIP letter than a GP one but then I’m sure people would find a way round it. The issue with just getting a GP letter is that pretty much anyone can go to their doctor and say they find queuing hard, pay £20 odd quid and get RAP when they may not need it at all - thus making RAP queues bigger and longer for those who struggle. With me because I don’t get the higher rate mobility of PIP due to my problems being on the mental side, I needed a GP letter - my doc knows me very well and wrote one for me no questions asked. As I’ve said before, I only started using RAP 2 years ago as I didn’t think I would qualify for it plus my anxiety wasn’t as bad back then. There are a lot of issues with RAP which make me understand why some of the GP get annoyed with. For example I’ve seen people taking well over 3 helpers onto rides when it should be maximum of 3. Also it’s pretty common for ride hosts to either not sign the RAP card or sign it without putting a time on it - the new system at Thorpe with the scanners is hit and miss and in most cases they don’t bother scanning the RAP card at all. Ive personally witnessed a woman in the RAP queue for Colossus (when the RAP was at the ride exit) - she got her card signed (was also wearing the wristband) and then buggered off while 4 people went on the ride! The system is messed up in that I’m sure there are loads of people getting RAP when they don’t need it, and those that abuse the system - I’ve also seen someone take off a RAP wristband and give it to someone else - another guest witnessed it and reported it to staff and they dealt with it well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Merlin change their policy to just one helper which I believe is what BPB have. A lot of people believe RAP to be free fast track but when it’s done properly it’s virtual queuing - when staff don’t bother signing the card then it is akin to fast track which is wrong. I think staff need more training on the issue (Thorpe is by far the worst park for not signing cards). It needs to be consistent throughout the park and maybe have more staff because I think a lot of times the staff don’t sign the cards because they are dealing with not just RAP queues, but fast track aswell as the main queue line. I saw a vid on YouTube recently (think it was filmed a couple of years ago) group of young(ish) lads going to Thorpe to get “free fast track” - one had crutches which he didn’t need, they went to guest services, got RAP and boasted about it - the vid has had thousands of views so I’m sure it gave people ideas to do the same thing and the way they said it as free fast track - RAP isn’t free fast track but virtual queuing for those who struggle in large queues. Wow I’ve typed an essay Edit - forgot to mention when I went to Thorpe for the first time this year they did the new photo card - I explained to the young girl that my RAP card expires in June which she saw when I gave it to her but she proceeded to do my photo card and the expiry date is March 2021? I questioned it and she said it’s valid until then and when my RAP card from CWOA runs out to sort it with them.
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