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  1. Han30

    Top 10's

    35?!! If I had the money and wasn’t petrified of planes I’d love to ride every single B&M. Never gonna happen so I just gawk at POVs The ones I’ve done (in order of preference) are - 1) Nemesis 2) Black Mamba 3) Oblivion 4) Baron 5) The Swarm 6) Gactica 7) Nemmy Inferno So 3 inverts, one flyer, 2 dives and a wing. The one I’ve been wanting to ride the most (since it pretty much first opened) is Incredible Hulk but I’d love to do a hyper aswell. 6 years ago I’d ridden none so I’m not doing too bad I guess
  2. Han30

    Top 10's

    Dammit @Mark9 I’m envious of the amount of B&Ms you’ve ridden - how many in total have you done? I’ve done a whopping 7 🤣
  3. Han30

    Logger's Leap

    If Loggers makes a splash back I’ll eat both of my cats
  4. Han30

    Ministry of Sound - getting in

    Last July at MOS they were really strict with ID which I’m sure is the case for all Ministry nights. I saw a bloke who was easily mid 40s get asked for his ID. I was almost 37 when I went and got asked aswell (and I have wrinkles) 👀 Its not worth taking the risk as I’d be very surprised if you get in (even if you look older than your age). At the risk of sounding like an old fart, wait until you hit 18 then you’ll have no problems as long as you have ID
  5. Han30

    Logger's Leap

  6. Han30

    Park Operations

    @JoshuaA yup yesterday the dispatches on Swarm and Colossus were pretty slow - Colossus being the worse - the staff could have done with a rocket stuck somewhere to speed them up a bit. We were on the brake run for what felt like an eternity and I desperately needed paracetamol 😱 I guess at least they were on 2 trains which is good especially as the park wasn’t particularly busy
  7. Yes - totally agree on that one - needs a good clean. Went on DBGT:ROTD:WTF yesterday for the first time this season - in the pre show the girls stood next thought Derren Brown was ACTUALLY there 👀 Still enjoy the VR sections and ending but man have they messed up the middle part - it just makes no sense to the story line and I miss the train/lights on a stick and seeing people’s reactions to it. I remember saying last year that I wish they had an option to skip the pre-show because once you’ve seen it a couple of times it’s kinda boring - just wondering if they could potentially use the 2 batching areas and have one for pre show and one for people to skip it - just an idea 💡
  8. Han30

    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    Went on this yesterday not expecting much and having not watched TWD I thought I’d not “get it” - was pleasantly surprised at how they have changed it from X (which I always found quite boring) - only rode it once so didn’t notice everything but enjoyed it - only part I disliked were the really dark bits in the corridors with those horrible plastic flaps - I could barely see where I was going. We had 2 actors at the exit who weren’t very scary but then I’ve done several Fright Nights. One of them reached out to my nieces face and she accidentally gave him a hi-five 👌
  9. Han30

    Park Music

    Really not liking the new Nemmy Inferno music - I’m not the most observant of people but my niece picked up on it straight away and said “where’s the cool music gone” 🙃
  10. Han30

    Fear on a Ride

    Well said Mr Planenut! It’s important to take things at a pace you are comfortable with - an example of this in my case is that having conquered my fears of the big coasters at Thorpe, it took me 3 years of visiting regularly before I felt able to do both Slammer and Zodiac. What helped me massively was my friend @Flipper who was so supportive (he also got me on Samurai for the first time and Swarm backwards). And as I’ve said before, I was 32 before I conquered my fears so there’s no rush to get out there and face your fears until you are ready - I personally wish I’d done it sooner because in the past I’ve spent so much time being the bag holder!
  11. Han30

    Fear on a Ride

    It’s a shame that you weren’t able to get on some of the rides BUT don’t be disheartened about it. Years ago I was about to go on Vampire and had a panic attack so just walked out of the station. I remember following the construction of Colossus then when it opened I stood for 2 hours waiting for my older sister and her boyfriend to ride it! My first big coaster was Space Mountain (back in 2000)and I think the only reason I went on it was because I couldn’t see the track layout. But in all honesty, coasters look a lot more terrifying than they are in reality. Oblivion looks very intimidating and when I first went to Towers back in 2013, I had done the other coasters fine yet I cried going up the lifthill on Oblivion. I ended up loving it so much - I know it’s easy to say and harder to put into practice but worst case scenario, you go on a coaster and hate it - it’s all over with so quickly you can just say “yup I’ve done it but never again” - since I conquered my fear of rides 5 years ago, there has only been one coaster (out of a fair few) that ive ridden and hated and that was Wild Mouse at BPB. But I’m glad I got to experience it even though I was pooping myself! Youll get there - and I bet that once you take that step (as hard as it is) you will wish you’d done it sooner - the thoughts that go through your head are far worse than what you experience on a coaster but it is difficult to face any fear. I personally am petrified of flying - never been in a plane in my almost 38 years on this planet - I have so many scenarios go through my head just thinking of it. You’ve done Wicker Man so you’re doing better than my younger sister who literally has a panic attack on log flumes and the only coaster she has ridden is Scorpion Express (when it was Runaway Mine Train)!
  12. Han30

    Fear on a Ride

    I was just wondering how you got on - don’t be too hard on yourself - you can face your fear but you have to do it when you’re ready
  13. Han30

    Fear on a Ride

    You can do it! Think positive and just go for it - trust me - Nemesis is worth facing your fear
  14. I miss you so much 😢

  15. Han30

    Fear on a Ride

    Ah - well to be honest, for me I find flat rides a lot scarier than coasters. I flat out refuse to do Detonator ever again and I’m not a massive fan of Rush and Vortex either. I know it’s not easy but you might have to just grit your teeth and go for it. When I took my niece on her first upside down coaster (Pinfari 😱), she freaked out going up the lift hill so I just stayed calm, got her to sing and scream and it worked. Stealth used to scare the 💩 out of me until my 20ish ride on it and the only thing that helped was screaming/swearing on the way up - not very ladylike but it worked. Inferno is a great one to start with - it’s the first one I did at Thorpe and the same with my niece. I remember being scared of the vertical loop going up the lift hill on my first go thinking “sh£&& that’s high” but you really don’t notice it - as in it feels a lot different to how you would expect it to. If you are concerned about motion sickness I can highly recommend cinarazine (Stugeron) - without that stuff I would be so unwell on rides. Obviously you are anxious but if you can get hold of some, Rescue Remedy is really good.. I’ve probably repeated myself from older posts but I’m too lazy to go back and check 👀 so apologies. Finally go with someone who understands your fear and will reassure you but not bully you or pressurise you to do something if you’re not ready. If someone had told me 6 years ago that I’d ride all the coasters at Thorpe, Towers and BPB (plus Efteling and Phantasialand) I would have laughed in their face but I’m glad I took the plunge - it’s just that first step to overcome then I’m sure you’ll be hooked