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  1. I did a Weds the other week and the coasters were on 2 trains. Got loads of rides in - the only real queue was for Saw. We managed to get front row on Stealth, Swarm and Colossus which was a bonus plus rush was running both swings
  2. Not really much help but I’ve been today and had one of the best days there in a long time - staff were lovely, social distancing far better than Thorpe in my opinion and it just looks like it’s had a lot of TLC. We don’t often venture into the zoo areas but really enjoyed seeing the animals. The only downside which isn’t the parks fault is that we had to eat outside but once restrictions are lifted that is sorted. Also flying jumbos is much prettier with the repaint and new music 🙌
  3. Han30


    There were 2 pods off on Weds with engineers working on it - no idea what’s up with it but it didn’t look too healthy.
  4. I had my mask on and my hood so tight that I could only just see out of it the second time - still hurt but it woke me up better than caffeine does!
  5. Got 2 front row rides on Stealth on Weds - didn’t even notice the lights because it was raining and I was bracing myself for a facial exfoliation 👀
  6. from what I gather, when re-entering the station, a few boats started mounting each other - pic from good old MAP holders FB group - note the boats are empty but there were people in them prior to pic being taken
  7. I know it’s not funny what happened and I’m guessing the people in the boats would have been miffed at the very least but your wording here is just brilliant 🙌🙌
  8. Dragons Fury RAP Queue 😳😳😳😳 jeez that is insane!!!!
  9. Han30


    Only done 2 trips to Thorpe this year and not managed to get on Samurai yet - would have done on last visit but it looked like it was whipping everyone around and I didn’t fancy up-chucking my lunch
  10. I was quite surprised that they have suspended sales of MAPs. Yes the current MAPs are great value when you look at the attractions that you can access, free parking, 20% discount etc (with premium). I hope they don’t bring out a ton of options because I am incapable of making decisions 😂. I could potentially see them dividing the passes to southern/northern attractions possibly. Years ago (2002) when the parks were owned by Tussauds I had an off peak 2 park pass (for Chessie and Thorpe) - still have it somewhere 👀. It was £35 at the time and obviously only for use on off peak days but it
  11. This happened a couple of times yesterday - the train was getting round that final bend in record time which I didn’t notice at first - do you like the German audio on Stealth? I love it 🤣. We got on Stealth 4 times yesterday which was fab!
  12. Just remembered getting stuck in the tunnel just before entering the station in Wickerman - my niece was panicking a little bit but luckily it wasn’t too long. From what I can assume it was a guest action as the train in front was sent fully loaded and there was security at the exit to the ride.
  13. A couple of these I find terrifying - Detonator - I’ve only ridden it 3 times and can’t bring myself to go on it again but getting stuck up there - just 😱😱. I always dread getting stuck or delayed on The Swarms break run - I really struggle with The Swarm these days - it’s the only ride that seriously affects my breathing and by the time I’ve hit the break run the damn vest restraint is so tight. I don’t have any exciting tales - got stuck on Rumba a few years back when all the boats gathered at the bottom of the conveyor lift at the end. I was with someone who worked
  14. I thought the exact same thing about Adventureville - weirdly reminds me of the bubbleworks. Ive not visited adventure island since 2017 and gutted about over the hill - I genuinely enjoyed that ride. Axis looks interesting - is it very intense? I wasn’t a huge fan of Scorpion so not really fussed that it has gone and the last time I rode Dragons Claw I had to go to the toilet to be sick 🤢 . As for Time Machine - did it once - never again 😱 - horrific thing! Great review - was hoping to take my nephews there but I think it’s best to stay away after what yo
  15. None of the effects were working today either. Um this might sound a bit odd but I had a weird moment on swarm where I momentarily went floppy for a few seconds halfway through the ride - anyone else had that happen? I’ve had a couple of occasions where I’ve for a split second lost my vision but I’ve never just flopped about 🤨
  16. 💓💓💓

  17. I still to this day don’t know how I didn’t throw up on XNWO - this was many years before I discovered motion sickness tablets. At least you boffed in the corridor and not on some unsuspecting fellow rider 🤣
  18. I’ve read about and seen a fair few vids on that place. The guy that runs it surely has to be some sort of sadist? There’s a huge waiting list for it and I question why anyone would want to experience what looks like torture 😮
  19. Have you ridden the coaster in any of its formats? I’ve ridden it as XNWO just the once because - motion sickness and rode it as X and TWD many times.
  20. As much as most of us are critical of Merlin, this is really nice to read - nice one Thorpe 👌
  21. My older sister works in retail and someone went into where she works, purchased whatever and then declared she was off home to self isolate as her husband has been tested positive - it’s idiots like that with zero respect or care for others that are making this situation far worse. If the parks open on Saturday I’ll eat both my cats - I mean, that may happen anyway thanks to the selfish gits striping supermarkets bare. Times like this I’m ashamed of how humans behave - pure greed and lack of consideration for others
  22. I think Merlin will only close the UK parks if they are told they have to - would be surprised if they did it voluntarily though I’d be happy to be proved wrong
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