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So after 4 years, my Dell laptop was, quite literally, falling apart!

Posted Image


And I started having loads of issues with Windows Update (probably something to do with crappy Vista!) and I couldn't update iTunes, which led me to removing all Apple software, which I then couldn't download again so my iPhone couldn't be updated o synced or anything either!

But it has now been replaced with this:

Posted Image


For some reason in that photo my walls look pink, but they're not!

So yeah, a vast improvement on my laptop - Windows 7 for a start! It's a Dell Inspiron 660s, Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB hard disk space, NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 1GB graphics card and a 21.5" Full HD LED widescreen monitor ^_^ Stating the rather obvious here but my god, everything looks so much better and crisp and clear!

Stunning desktop background:

Posted Image

Also in reply to Luke - iOS6 does look great!

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Double post eek but that was ages ago! ; 0 Anyway...

Apple's WWDC2012 Keynote has been taking place tonight, with Mac updates, and also the announcement of iOS6!

A new feature which will feature in iOS6 which has particularly stood out to me is an integrated App called "PassBook" This App holds tickets, passes, loyalty cards, and anything else which could possibly be coded with a barcode or similar type of computer-read code.

After thought, this could hugely benefit theme parks! Guests could potentially purchase tickets via an official app, get the barcode appear when they get in the proximity of the attraction, scan at the turnstile and off you go! Certainly an idea for the future for Theme Parks and attractions.

What a great idea of an App from Apple! :D

Posted Image

Agreed defiantly better than Google Wallet, not restricted to the limited NFC connectivity plus I always use my iPhone for BA flights and Starbucks card so if its easier to get to the better.

Hello redesign.

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